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Real Estate Re-Imagined:

Working in real estate for many years and also buying and selling many homes along the way, we saw the need to provide a way to list a home for a much lower fee allowing our clients to keep their home equity. With technology being at the tips of our fingers all of the time, it makes our job much easier to list, market, and sell a home so why should we charge our clients so much.


Flat Fee:

Not only do we charge less, but we also provide many services that traditional agencies do not have or charge extra for. Everything on our list of services is included in the flat fee of $895 which can be paid over the course of 6 months unless the home is sold sooner. We take great pride in going above and beyond for our clients.

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With over 20 years of real estate experience, Joe Hendren sets the bar for excellence in his field. Joe uses his expansive and diverse knowledge base of insurance appraisal and mortgage to provide an all encompassing and seamless experience for his clientele. His priority is to put his clients first as he reinvents the platform of how real estate transactions take place. Most clients, in any field, would appreciate an 80% savings!

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