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I’m telling you we’re on the number 82 right now these are not fun. These are not easy. I’m headed south out of j bass lake uchi, there’s a needle barn over there. I like old barns, old barns are neat. They don’t. You know, i, wouldn’t wonder if they have any old barns in owasso and are in the owasso area. It’s sure is a nice place to be able to headed to the store to south, getting ready to pass by colcord and head on down to the jersey turnpike going to go west on the cherokee turnpike in edwards tulsa owasso, Owasso Real Estate if you’re familiar with it, is north of tulsa in tulsa county but, and you can actually have and wants to address and go to an attend, phenomenal owasso schools-oh wow, living right there in rogers county, where you can save money on taxes, you can save money and pawn on everything that you may do. We certainly have the right people in mind.

Owasso Real Estate We certainly have the right mine said at what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to save people money, and we want to bring that to you. If you want to see how we can help you get through those times, and you know save that money did that home, so there’s a lot to selling a home, and you know it’s a complicated process and we’re here did you know, walk you through it. Only, the best way to sell home, but also the best time to sell a home in the best time is now that reason being you know, Owasso Real Estate we could save you. You know 3% over what you were going to pay with any other realtor, so I mean at $895, fee, 8 or 9 * fee is there to like I said help us? How are the employees that we need to be able to make it work? We’ve got noah host of services and things that we can offer you for for a very affordable price. So if you know you’re headed that way and you going to make it happen, I would say to you know what, if you’re on top of the world, if you’re not on top of the world, and why wanna try. You know ny drive, because why not I mean here? We don’t really get to exist in the search for so long, so why mess with all the other stuff? Why mess with any of that I encourage you and ask you to be able to help be able to help, see us through this and be able to make this work? Owasso Real Estate You know we like homes in owasso and we are currently offering up homes for sale in owasso, and we will list your home for a flat fee, but only $895 additional realtors about your personal realtors that they’re going to charge you in percentage will feel like. We have to go off that we don’t feel like we have to or need to go off of, that we want to feel more of a franchise and have some partners property. Bounce partner and real estate broker.

Owasso Real Estate Ask how you can become a property, been a partner and see how we do things and see how things work. We are definitely on top of her game and we are out there to try to help you make things work. I am certainly a big fan of real estate I’m, a big fan of the multi listing service and everything it has to offer, and we can take your home there in owasso. You know we’ll take some pictures of it. Owasso Real Estate We’re going to do it matter for video, which is really need and I upload that that really cuts down on tire, kickers and cuts down in the open houses, and it really cuts to the chase about. Let’s just pull back at the moment. Everybody’s want to see puppies. You know if, if you can put it on zillow, you can put on trulia, and so you don’t need some help. You know either way we can save you money, selling your home and it doesn’t have to be in wasco people. Ask me all the time you’re talking so much about a while. So is that the only place you can sell and I say? No, it’s not just that we’re far from the parking lot, so we’re actually right now, I’m coming through colcord, which is a great little city. Small town is not a city in delaware, county, southern, delaware county, that I’ve had it on down to little kansas, which is another great little town in the oklahoma arrested or if you maybe need some help, need some guidance or you don’t need guidance. Owasso Real Estate So you know when you just need to get multi listing service. I mean, like i, said it’s only $895 fee, so I’ll reach out to see what we can do to help you and I’d love to be able to help. You sell your home specially. There is enough owasso. So if you happen to be running the right direction and you want to make things work and why not I mean I would say this is a easy thing to do. It’s obviously a large expanse. You know when you’re selling your home and you pay that 3% commission fees-and you know we’re not going to punish you for having a bigger house yo. You got to pay the matter for video, but other than that. Like I said. Why not, why not have someone that we can make work and it make this thing happen. We got plenty of people want to get people out there right now and that are working for property bounce that are working to get through things like that and, like I said, we want to save you that money there’s a flat feet, that you got to pay versus a realtor commission and a commission-based realtor fees.

Owasso Real Estate Really it’s it’s that it’s that simple you’re going to charge a percentage of your home. So we’re not out here to punish you, because you have a $500,000 home over a hundred, giving you the same services, and so it’s going to be pushed out there. It’s going to be, you know easy for you to be able to make things happen. It’s going to be easy for you to be able to tip the favor tip the scales in your favor ask for when it comes to your home, equity I’ve, been you know through this I mean through the thick and thin and I’ve been able to make sure that things are brushed through and make sure that things happen either I just found out about a good buddy got in trouble last night. Owasso Real Estate That could happen. I feel so sorry for him, and you know what kind of what it’s like, as a store and I hope things like i, said, work out the way they’re going to and were able to make things happen for able to continue on the right path towards equity freedom, and that is property bounce if you have on their law. So what are you looking to? Owasso Real Estate Maybe buy a home in a while, so I would encourage you to call property manager and see how they might be able to help you. You just never know what a person can do and you know don’t be afraid. It’s not that complicated and the complicated there are complicated steps, but the process is which simplified and were there for you. You know, call that broker red line and talk to me talk to one of my broker’s would be glad to help you through this process was glad to see you too this process and hopefully be able to make things work for you, like i, said you are a real estate agent. You are a realtor, please reach out to us and then see about being a property bounce parker, and maybe we can help you sell some of your home. Currently we listen while. So we also a list south of owasso there in tulsa county, anywhere that the greater association of tulsa realtors looks is where we look for tulsa association of realtors in which is a f. You know, like i, said it’s really neat and I’m super excited to be able to bring that to you also, and even though I’m very, very excited that you can have that and that you can be there, and you know I’d like to be there for you through the end and to be able to make things work because, Owasso Real Estate like I said, you know having those people and having your having people on your side is, he knows a big is a big focus of ours and we want to.

Owasso Real Estate We are very passionate about where we are and what we’re doing and where we’re going, and we want to make sure that you understand that you can save money not only on your home in owasso, like I said you can save money anywhere in the county of tulsa. As long as you know, it has to do with the greater tulsa association of realtors. We are definitely a good crowd, will definitely need people, and you know I can help you I’ve got about 9 minutes into this I’m pulled over here at this gas station emergency fuel shut down, that’s cool, but it’s crazy. When you look around and see what these people can do, you know I wonder if a little town like this could ever grow to the size of a wausau right here in south, delaware county, you know, let me know i, don’t see why it wouldn’t, but I guess we’re just not coming through here. If you are interested in making it work and interested make it happen. Owasso Real Estate Please reach out to us your property bounce in the would be glad to tell you what we can get going on help. You sell your real estate there and also it’s a super, easy and super simple to do