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Serena hit on 72 right here and then I’m going to stop in and listen to some tunes. We’re cruising down the cherokee, turnpike I think we’re about miles 7 but see where we are here now we’re about my late. So my labor headed eastbound on the turnpike headed towards jay I’m, super excited about where we’re going to be able to do here and we’re we’re going to be able to go. We’ve traveled all the way over here, too jay we’re going to travel here to dre to work at the y store going to sling some chicken going to make some chicken and I’m super excited we’re going to do some phone in chicken, especially on sundays I’d, like to start offering for the churches and i. Everybody else out there that might be in need. Owasso Real Estate I mean you do a good bone-in chicken, with some mashed taters and gravy I’m telling you you’re going to enjoy that you’re going to like it, and you can just like what we have to offer. You like we’re going to be able to bring for you and would like to get some macaroni would like to do. Some other things but I’d like to talk to you is not necessarily about the wine store right now, it’s more about owasso real estate, and it’s about his company that we form call property, bounce and property mounts to be able to balance your home right off of there and keep that equity.

So, Owasso Real Estate if you’re interested in selling your home you’re interested in saving some money, then why not reach out to probably about to see what we might be able to do for you. Harvest was a great one, but we didn’t get to use that name to someone else already had that company. But you know right here in oklahoma, if you’re looking to save money, especially in the wausau area, you know reach out to property balance and see what we can do for you I’m, so glad that that dadgum dog is getting off of my lap and sitting over there on the console where it belongs. Owasso Real Estate We’ve we’ve definitely got some land for sale in owosso. We definitely got some homes that were listing there in owasso and I’m super excited the ecstatic and excited about what we’re going to be able to bring to you. If you are an agent and reach out to us, we have agents in the area. We have a lot of leads in the area. So if your agent reach out to us and see what property bounce might be able to do for you, it’s a it’s. A big-time deal being able to save money on real estate at the big time deal being able to make things happen, we going to have a huge target on her back, but that’s fine if you’ve got some real estate in owasso and you’d like to know what it’s worth reach out to us. When we going to charge you a flat fee, I can save you lots of money over that those traditional realtors that are charging at 3% commission at the end of the day, you’re not going to know you’re not going to work. What else is spelled out in spell that right there you’re going to get the flyers you going to get the full support. You’re going to get the broker hotline in the end, it’s going to be easy. It’s going to be easy to know, ask whatever questions you might have all the answers, but I can guarantee guarantee you were going to find it. So if you’re there in oklahoma, if you’re there in owasso, please reach out to us, see what we can do for you to see how we can help you we’re here to save you some money. We are passionate about selling real estate and we’re passionate about saving people money, but man, if, if, if you’re in owasso I encourage you to stay in the washer I do not drive to the east. We are getting hammered with rain over here and I’ve got semis I like I’m just trying to stay ahead of these stinkin semis that are driving so fast. It really worries me, there’s a lot of water out here on the road and i. Owasso Real Estate Don’t want you to hydroplane so if you’re there in a while, so please stay, but please stay at the house and it make things make things work for you there in owasso make things work right there, where you are stay at home and see what you can get done, I’m going to try to kick up the speed here a little bit, but man I did i. Just do not want to be behind this stupid semi, but he wants to drive 80 miles an hour and it’s hard for rain and i. Just don’t feel like that’s a really safe thing for him to do, but you just never know with these semi drivers and what they’re going to be able to do but I’m going to kick it on up here and to about 75 and see if we can stay in front of this guy and tell you a little bit more about what we’re going to do in owasso to help you save money on real estate. So if you’re looking for an agent you looking for some agents or a realtor, you know I need to look no further. I, probably sweetheart have so many realtors that are here for you. We have so many realtors that are going to be able to help you out not to be able to save you, some money they’re going to look at what is out there for you and, like i, said, if you’re, if you’re a buyer and you want to buy a home, please hook up with us, we’re not going to charge you a dime to find you a home to do that work.

You know what it said. Owasso Real Estate Some brand her side, let you I’ll have you give us in parameters in some guidelines to kind of what you’re looking for and what you want to see and I will send you some emails. You get your chance to look at all of them, we’ve narrowed down and then so, I’m very excited and and and happy and humbled to be a part of this team and to be a part of what we’re going to be able to do for you. So if you’re encouraged you, if you’re in tulsa, if you’re not in tulsa to reach out to us either way, we definitely want to save you some money. We want to be able to get you guess you out of whatever it is. You might be in, like I said, if you’re in a pickle, if you’re not in a pickle, if you got you know some equity in your home, if you don’t have much equity in your home, either way we’re going to be able to give you a lot more service at a at a lot better rate. So you know I probably amounts we’re only going to charge $895 versus at 3% commission. The 3% commission is ludacris. How much you got to know how much you got to pay and, and what kills me is like, what’s the difference between a $300,000 home in a $200,000 home like what more you doing for me and why am I paying you that extra money? Owasso Real Estate Well, that that would be the question answer. Traditional realtor, I i, never figured it out myself other than they just want to line their pockets, and you know I guess if people allowed food and that’s it maybe you know people just haven’t had the opportunity before, but now you do have that opportunity. If you’re, probably bounce, you only got to pay an $895 fee and that’s just crazy. The amount of money. That’s going to save you because, based off of a $200,000 home, it’s going to save you over $5,000, just paying at 895. Be so please, if you either way if you live in owosso or want to live in a while. So probably bounce is the agent for you.

We’ve got the ethics, we’ve got the integrity and we have everything put together and streamlined, are toolbox Owasso Real Estate and streamline the process and filled up the toolbox with the tools. You know that the internet has to offer now if it is easier to get things done in life down. You know you don’t have that answer machine. You got to go check when you get home, you got it right there on your cell phone. You know you got internet, you got instant access everything, so it is super easy for us to do our job and it’s made it more affordable. So I challenge you to ask yourself why? Owasso Real Estate Why are you not doing this I mean? Why would you not come up with an idea in a way to make this happen? Well, I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you why, because maybe I think it’s because you possibly haven’t known, maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to be able to. You, know, sell your home and say that kind of money I mean we’re talking about an $895 fee versus 3% commission I mean that is huge. They think so I mean there’s really no reason for a person to want to give that equity. So if you’re, if you’re there a while, so if you think you might have a home, you want to sell, you think you might have at home, you want to buy. You know that I encourage you to reach out to one of our agents and see what we might be able to do for you hear properly balanced, we’ve been on the forefront of saving people, money, saving people money for days and days and decades. So that’s what we want to do. We want to save people money for decades to come and save them thousands. So if you have that owasso home you’re looking for in owasso home, please reach out to see what we can do for you in and don’t hesitate to ask questions and ask questions of your current real estate agent. So you know what can you do for me? Why not use these guys if they’re giving me all of this?

Why not? Owasso Real Estate Why is that i? Don’t know, that’s a question for them to answer and see why they’re charging you that much more but I’ll tell you right Now:i’m a property manager going to pay $895, it’s a flat fee that matter if your home is worth a million or $100,890, and you going to get the same service either way. We really don’t care who you are as far as if you’re famous or if you got a bunch of money. You know cuz you’re, not making any more from you and so what we’re doing, if we’re putting every client first for treating everyone equally and then when were we’re going to help we’re going to be able to help so many people save so much money, I challenge you till the next time. You are an agent to ask to see to ascertain exactly what you’re going to get and that way. You’ll know I mean there’s really no reason to pay all of that money if you don’t have to in my book. So if you see a reason-and you really want to give it away, then obviously that’s your prerogative and that’s whatever you want to do. I mean it’s your money, you do what you want with it, but if you’d like to save it, if you’d like to have that after tax money, that’s the thing. It’s a lot more money than you think when you think about after-tax money on something like this I mean a $10,000.

Savings would Owasso Real Estate probably make you take you to 1718 to make it. So how long does it take you to make that 70 $18,000 then pay taxes on it? Take you don’t pay your fica on that pay. Your state taxes pay your federal taxes, I mean there’s so many deductions, I mean you’re. Lucky I’ve had to keep 60% of it. So you know you’re going to have to add $200,000 to what you were paying them. 30 60%. You know what you kept 60% your money. You need to make $10,000 to make up that $6,000. You gave away to that agent. So please come over check us out, give us a call interview and see what we can do here in owosso. We’ve got so many agents that are you going to go to work for you here to put those printers together and make sure we can find you that right, owasso home, don’t give your Owasso Real Estate money away, save it with property bounce I’m telling you. There is no reason when you’re getting full service you’re, getting everything that you’re going to expect that you’ve ever expect from a traditional traditional agent and then some for less money. So please wake up there on the top reach out to probably about to see how we can save you money on your owasso, home warehouse