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You know I said:i was going to do. 3738 I can’t know that property bouncy would use them to save some money. I mean hibben plus give them tires plus it’s another tire place. They have those in a while. So I wonder if jason white ever been to owasso a great university of oklahoma I am a sooners fan myself. It’s kind of raised that way and in love oklahoma football. If you’re ready a realtor or a real estate agent, tulsa area website, we have the property there in owasso that we’re lifting soon andit’s going to be phenomenal to be able to have them come together, and you know speedy’s, towing and recovery. Owasso Real Estate That’s another place that you know is going to need some homes you know, is going to have homes to sell and have homes to market, I’m very excited about whistler and their billboard, how they’ve grown in this great city and what they’re doing for this great city yeah. You know I hope that the people in tulsa and I hope that the people in oklahoma to cross the great nation of america can understand what property bounce is doing for them and understand how well property bounce is put together. We’re saving people in owasso thousands of dollars in collectively, I can’t wait until we get that million more. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate That million dollar mark, something that I like for everybody to be a part ofso. If you can help us get to that goal, if you can help us save you some money than please reach out, tell us what we can do for you or we’re ready to get something sold ready to get some things moved. If you’re interested am I going to work, then I’d say you know what go. Let’s get some things done so, when working through property bouncing when working to the issues that we came up with, would realize that everyone needs help everyone. The problem is:is everyone won’t take, help and everyone’s afraid to admit it? Owasso Real Estate And that was the hardest thing for me, but once I realize that it’s need to be able to go out of hand and help someone through the process save them some money in the process, and it is just it’s been very rewarding for us here at property, bounce we’ve been listing homes in wausau for some time and we are very pump being wants that we could hourglass collision repair. They have a home equity line of credit. They actually don’t but I wonder if you know if you have to do home equity line of credit. If you had sold it. Has never been an issue, it’s really never been, but I say it’s never been an issue. It’s never been warranted. I, don’t i, don’t feel, but you know whatever everybody else’s decisions, but back to property about selling real estate is never been so easy. Owasso Real Estate We are redefining reimagining real estate and what real estate is to you and how do you sell real estate listing service that only charges $895 to let your own versus the traditional real to charge? You 3%, if you have a home off of peoria, maybe I’m there off of utica, that’s not in owasso, but we can still listed I want i, want you to understand and I hope that you understand it. We can lift it home anywhere in oklahoma right now. We are just currently members of the greater tulsa association of realtors.

Owasso Real Estate So if there’s anything that we can do for you or any way that we can go to be able to reach out to you and he don’t have an indenture share with you, what we have will be expanding into the oklahoma city market very, very soon. Now that we’re getting things hammer down and done so I mean got to get excited about where this is going to lead and what this is going to do for us and-and you know, and what it’s already done for me internally. This is a great great program and it’s it’s kind of scary, how good it is and the amount of money and saving people, but it isn’t that in that token, like it’s really neat what we’re doing and how we’re helping. Owasso Real Estate So many people, if you ever told me that you know we could def help this many people i, would have never believed it to be honest with you. I would have never believed it, but we certainly aren’t helping people all over and we’ve been able to say people, thousands, not only there in owasso, but in in sand springs in tulsa, bartlesville, downtown tulsa association of realtors listing service anywhere that you can list a home on guitar is what they call it. Owasso Real Estate We will be able to save you some money and when I say that you’re the best way to figure out what is your traditional if you’re going to charge you when using 3%, because that’s usually what a lot of people do, I’m going to charge, 895 so I’m going to take that 3%, 295 you’re saving, 5105 bucks on a $300,000 home, and you can do that. You know how we can do that with him. You know that the proof’s in the pudding and and the secrets in the secret sauce and will show you to put him that we can’t tell you the secret spot myself around and we we like me when I say putting it sets money and i, probably bounce, and that’s us we’re here to save you money for your work. For you not the other way around. Owasso Real Estate I’ve done a lot of people and a lot of agents, and you know they weren’t so ecstatic first when they saw how easy it was going to be, it’s all cheap. The fees were and they realize man I’ll send you want. You know people are trying to jump ship people wanting to move around and do other things and I’m so excited about that in the culture and everything that we have to offer.

Owasso Real Estate You know if you currently have for sale, we have a home that you would like to buy. You know any owasso area or not in the owasso area. You reach out to property bouncy how much we can save you time if you’re buying at home. I’m going to let that seller pay that fee and I think you’ll be you’ll. Be surprised, pleasantly surprised at the amount of money we can save. You and I mean it’s been a very, very cool experience to be able to be there for all of them and then, like i, said I want to make sure that you think you understand where we’re coming from. You understand your property bounce that we are here for you and we want to do great things for you, I’m at property bounce. We are very static and very excited to have so many great things for you. Owasso Real Estate I’ve never been able to truly know that and have this much passion in something it’s a it’s just so easy to get excited about. You know, $895, are you kidding me is what a lot of people say and then, when we come out and they get the service, you won’t believe. You won’t believe how I’m so glad to be here. Glad to be part of the team. We’re glad-and we want you on if you’re interested in selling homes, if you’re interested in listing homes, it’s definitely obviously it’s a it’s a different structure, different pattern and and in a lot less work so much more fun to listen, probably bounce we’re going to do all the work for you, you don’t need to go to all the classes and that’s with all the bs. What we really want you to do is let us help you.

Owasso Real Estate Let us help you it’s going to be so much easier to be an agent for us, then the other brokers that I’ve had the pleasure of working man. I work with one that sold houses there in a while, so and disorganized is what she was, and we don’t have that here, probably bounce. We got everything together, we’ve got everything put together and we’ve got everything saved. We were very top it where this is and what it’s going to do for us and I’m happy I’m happy to be able to show you guys where we’re coming from and happy to be there for you, I’m, getting ready to exit pine street got a new listing up here at 524, east tecumseh. It’s a phenomenal little craftsman homes been very, very nicely done great taste where to get that key up here and be able to get people into those key boxes, Owasso Real Estate get people in those houses built to show those houses and I’m, not I’m, so pumped ecstatic about where this is going to lead us. What we going to be able to do, saving people, 3% I mean 3%. It’s just unreal. When you figure you know even a smaller home almost at end, it’s just insane how much cheaper it is much easier. It is and in what we can do, for you know the greater tulsa area and what we can do for the owasso very I’d say it’s really exciting:to be able to put money back in people’s pockets and let them keep that money. I challenge you to define the company:that’s going to really work that hard for you and put the prophet back in your pocket, not their own. So if you’re looking to buy a home in owasso, looking to sell a home listed home need a home, please reach out to someone here pronounce. We are a new answer. Phones, 24/7! So please give us a call we’ll get some on the horn will get that brokerage out and we’re going to we’re going to get you done and get you taken care of. Get your house sold for you Owasso Real Estate