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Owasso Real Estate is it amazing concept, property bounce, your flat rate listing real estate company, will take care of you charge 895 flat fee instead of the 3%, which is a huge savings. The more your house is worth the more you’re saving, it’s incredible. If you’re saving your home, equity and owosso real estate, you can do that contact property bounce and we will what’s your home, sell it, but you keep that home equity and put it into something else. You want furniture for your new home, a sentence for your new home today, 20 p.M. The date is the 28th of february. Temperature is 63 degrees, it’s overcast and we are tired of rain we’ve gotten so has owasso oklahoma. What’s a real estate is amazing the ground’s wet it’s overcast. It’s blah. We need sunshine. We need a lot of sunshine. I’m, passing by the little links golf course owasso has a lot of. It has butts that call. It has a golf course contra what it’s called, though it’s a really nice one, but I’m, passing by the little links in broken, arrow, oklahoma about to get on 169 or actually the pre, turnpike and heading to tulsa, with one of my girlfriend the great place they do not have one of those in a while. So I do have many other restaurants of your liking. They do not have a kia, which is one of my favorites close to the kids school atmosphere. I like it a lot. You should try it. Let’s see what else we can talk about. Owasso Real Estate centrally located in oklahoma, which is located in the united states of america, is a great country to live in. Oklahoma is a growing. City has many things that the big city has, but the small-town feel has a huge, a great school, owasso high school start preschools in willie. The population of losses are at 24000 people, just a great number. It’s north of tulsa oklahoma. You get more for your square footage more for your dollar in square footage. Sorry, this weather has me willowcroft he’s not not functioning us on all cylinders. Yet we love owasso real estate. You should contact property. Bounce property balance is flat rate listing 83% savings, which is phenomenal, who wouldn’t want to save 83%? Who wouldn’t want to say that the chunk of money chunk of money-and we are happy to do it for clients or happy? We would love to help them find their next home. . I’d like to help our people i. Owasso Real Estate Do everything from cma comparative market analysis help them figure out what they want to list their home for two helping them figure out? What needs to be done to the car off there before they list it? We offer it’s ready to take our model for camera, which is phenomenal virtual tour and we put it on mls. We put it on all or websites.Com. I will also put it on facebook, so people can go on and take a virtual tour of your home, so you don’t have to have them in your home unless they’re extremely serious to see it and possibly want to put an offer on it because they just go to our website or mls and the matterport video. Owasso Real Estate We also provide the professional still shots for your flyers. We do home showings, we are walking through the whole listing process. We walk, you introduce you to title companies, closing companies inspectors get with a traditional real estate company. You were going to get that and much more with property bounce we provide at all. Just at the flat rate, see we save you. So much money makes me happy thinking about saving these people money. You know i. Rather, people keep their money than gift 6% total to a realtor or two two different realtor, so doesn’t matter I’m. The listing process is not difficult and we realize that and I realtors want to take care of our clients. So that’s probably property bounces, all about where reinventing real estate one day at a time. Some people aren’t going to like it, but it’s okay. Owasso Real Estate Most of those are going to be realtors, but it’s okay, because we’re going to do it, anyways, what’s fair and what’s right for the client and their families, we have families of our own being owners. We have families, we have sick. The to the my partner and i. Have six children combined I have four and we realize the value of the dollar and we realize how we can contribute and help other families keep their home. Equity say that home equity put it towards something that they can utilize, instead of paying it to a realtor seller, very excited to help many more families. Besides the ones we we have helped. So far, Owasso Real Estate do you like to contact us? Our number is 833 bounce bounce, u, n, c, e 833-726-8623. We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions concerns. Please give us a call texas, actually can’t text. I will give you a cell phone. So once you call the 833 he bounced. You can also visit us on our website, which is property, bounce.Com property bounce.Com. You can also email us. It info at property bounce.Com. We will respond quickly and help you with whatever real estate needs you, whether that is this car needs to get the heck out of my way seriously. They can help you and make it smooth. I can help you or happy to help you need to visit owasso, realestate.Com and check it out, see the different types of residential communities. They have check out their school check out. The restaurants have a target who doesn’t need a target and walmart hey. They have some things that I’ve used them so check them out anything. You can imagine it’s great to check out owasso real estate check out property bounce.Com.

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