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Certainly started creating a buzz now:we’ve got to I had an agent reach out to me, insurance agent, tyler mccall, and he’s heard that I was riding homes in owosso. He was so ecstatic riding homes selling homes in wausau, and he was super static about it and and where to meet with me, so we’re having lunch today and it’s kind of crazy. Owasso Real Estate You wouldn’t believe the amount of insurance guys that have homes there in owasso and even if they don’t have homes like they do with real estate. All of the time this goes back to when I’m talking about you know how we’re going to make things happen and how we’re going to make things work, their property bounce and do some fishing, and you know, and it’s partnering with those those guys that are great those guys that do i t better than good. You know not the guys, just looking for a paycheck in and that’s anything is tyler’s. Definitely one of those guys. You know he’s following up on things that you know he’s. Definitely no make sure that is fine since you’re taking care of me-and you know that he’s the type that if you know if something gets slipped up or something doesn’t get paid he’s going to, let cancel I mean tyler’s as worried about your business as you are, so it is kind of nice. Having a guy like that that that that you can work within that that that that you know you can count on that, you can make a phone call. Let me know he’s going to do the rides. You know he’s going to give you the best deal. He can he’s not going to sit there and try to you know you know raise rates or you know any of the other load jumbo that you sometimes deal with everything around people, that you can’t trust. But you know another good thing is those it’s not a sir leaving tyler. Owasso Real Estate You know, I was talking to you. The best insurance agency I got over there and he was talking about selling a home in owasso and it wasn’t i, wouldn’t i. Don’t know if it really wasn’t a guy that worked at best insurance agency was a guy that got insurance there and he had bought a home in a while. So he said he would use them. So that’s another company that will probably reach out to you too kind of have. You know you want to have more than one opinion on stuff like that, where you can get to where you can post things. So we working with both of them I mean on you, know:finding insurance for people for their homes, weather, be single story. Second story, that’s one of the things that that that they will look into it. As you know they were they want to know. You know what is it? Is it 8-foot ceilings? Do you have 10 foot ceilings? Do you have wood floors? You have tile 40 of concrete for sea of carpet under so many different brand, or is it go into finding the replacement cost for a home? And then that’s what’s nice about having all of it right there cuz I mean like i, said with vendors. Owasso Real Estate Lres is another great vendor that we work with an appraiser. So when you got everybody right there close to being right there in the office, if i, if the insurance guy needs to know some information for size or you don’t have pictures of a numerous things that you might need, it’s like. We have the appraisal right there. We have that information that form, so it doesn’t hold of that closing and we’re not sitting around waiting on evidence of insurance. We can close one it’s no with with tyler and hopefully with the best insurance agent. You know, I’m sleeping with everybody that we’re going to work with me. You are going to be a priority to us into the. If that makes sense at all because I didn’t you want to say if it makes sense wrong, like i, would hope so I may be a priority if I’m absolutely the answer you should and but it’s just not the way it is with the with other companies out there, but with property bounce you’re going to definitely get you can get more than what you pay for I mean not a problem like I said we’re here to we’re going to do the job. We’re not here to see how big of a check we can get, and that’s that’s one of the things that I’d like for you know. I wish everybody could see. Is you know when you’re, when you’re trying to ask when you’re buying a home there in owasso were even selling a home by using a property manager using a real estate company, my property, bouncer brokerage or one of our agents? You’re, going to see that you know it’s easy I guess I mean i, don’t know how else to put it. You know it’s like real estate. You know the actual. No one wants to take. No one wants to step up and she’ll take that task. I’m like we’re in the room you know at at lres or i, was in the room and I’ll raise. You know on a on a big-time board meeting and super cool. You know to see all of that at, but you would see all of these task list and it all come up and who’s going to raise her hand who’s going to do when I look at you I see. You know it starts with the real like they are, the ones that have the direct contact with the borrower, they’re, the ones that have the relationship with the bar or the ones that all up. So my thing is, is who like, when you have this relationship of the borrower like I like? Why? Wouldn’t you be the one? That’s responsible, that’s willing to step up and say:hey I got it all, take that and I’ll make sure that task gets done, I’ll, follow it to the end and be responsible for it. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate When I look at it, gosh they’re, the ones making the most money I mean you’re, making I’m paying. Out of my transaction I’m, paying more to you than paying to anyone right, I mean I’m, paying a $5 fee and paying the $3 closing fee I’m, paying 6% commission to this real estate agent and they’re, not the ones I call when I have a problem. That’s the time. How many times have you heard this I will ask the title company? Oh well, that’s in the maury show me they didn’t get it together. Owasso Real Estate Well, is it because you forgot to get it because I didn’t get together is because you didn’t follow up on it and and that’s where the disconnect is and that’s why we’re able to offer homes for sale in owasso, so affordable is because of the efficiency and how quick we can close things, and so that’s why I’m encourage you if you’re, if you’re going to buy a home in a while, so if you can buy at home, you don’t go anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in a while, so it can be in rogers county. It could be in tulsa county, which obviously you could be in owasso to be in either of those county water tax savings, and we can talk about it later, but you know it doesn’t matter if you want something in sand springs, if you want some in a while. So if you want something in broken arrow, if you want something at bixby, if you want something to jinx, if you want something very huge, the list goes on and on and on property bounce agents have access to a plethora of of of leads. Not only leaves their pleasure of home to show you and that’s why we can sort through these. We can sort through all of these, for you and save you there for save you, the work I mean you have to go, I mean as work for so long I mean if he knows like you, going out to work, trying to make money. Owasso Real Estate Trying to you know and i, don’t care if you like me, goes to your mortgage or do you like most americans goes to your mortgage until you’re, using all this effort and working so hard to pay this mortgage down this person’s out here as a traditional, you know as a real estate agent are. They are your best interest in mind. You know, and you have to answer that question anything is worth it I guess what it boils down to. Is that they’re making you you put all of this working shouldn’t? They be working to save you money shouldn’t they be working to help your equity grow. I! Think so I mean that’s what I mean if I hire a trainer I’m hiring that trainer to make me healthier to make me to get me into shape, to make me better I’m, not hiring a trainer to try to so they can see how much fat they can put on me, or you know it’s just it’s just hard to figure out how the real estate industry is got. It is, and it has it had. A game-changer hasn’t had vast changes. Were changes made to it to help or develop its client I mean. So that’s why, when you’re looking for real estate in the wash, so you know using a company like property, bounces is a no-brainer I mean it makes it so simple to see what out there. That makes you so simple. You know to do. Go see those homes I mean we’re going to set it up or going to email. You, like you know you can communicate as much as much as you want, or as little as you want. You know. If, if you have kids they’re in school at owasso, are you looking for you know didn’t, then? Obviously you would have a need and if your renting a home right now-that’s that’s, that’s understood. You know, and especially, if you’re renting one in a while, so and then reach out to us. You never know what you can afford. Owasso Real Estate Interest rates are still historically low. Yeah, the housing market is slow down for sure has, but you know, interest rates are still low, I mean so one of a quarter of a point I mean you’re talking about six points when they talk about points and it’s the same quarter, points of quarter percentage, and so it’s like even talk about a quarter of a point on $100,000, that’s $250 a year doesn’t have a quick order, a point, and it’s so say when I’m court appointed by a $240 a month me if you got a 200000 home, you say that we were already going to give you an extra 5000. So it’s not like you couldn’t buy that point down to even below that, so probably about something that I could buy a home in owasso. You can even use that money. However, you want, he will take that 6%. It’s yours, it’s not ours. Owasso Real Estate It’s yours, you’re, the one! That’s work for it. Either one deserves it. You paid 895 bucks, which is what it cost us and you know what to get everything together and then we’re going to go from there