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Does it’s always exciting, coming over here we’re starting over number one going to erase those 65 and starting over once? That means we need to get you a hundred and five, which is going to be great. We going to be able to do that this week and I’m super pumped. It’s really nice to come over here to thrive. It’s very refreshing, can I get the batteries recharged and a little bit of celebration, and you know it’s a short celebration which is great because yo oftentimes, you know, celebrate too long. If you lose your, you lose your focus on the end, you lose your focus on the prize and then you on the prizes. Owasso Real Estate You know it’s. It’s kind of like the old cliche of life is a journey not a destination and i. Think that’s. You know, honestly what what thrive and what what this is done for me, as it’s made me realize that my business, if i, want it to be if I wanted to stay alive, the same as me that I have to continue to live it as in and work at it as it’s a journey. You know you never really get there because someone else is always coming after you, and especially once you get to a point there your you’re doing things and you’re doing things right. You doing things different. You know people people are haters and people don’t like it.

You know so that you know you can’t. The issue is:if you lose on that, then you lose focus on. You know what you’re looking for in and it’s kind of I guess. It’s goes back to the tony robbins saying if you know maintaining your inner self in your anal, your inter mental stability, I guess you know to keep you on focus in the night to celebrate again, Owasso Real Estate I guess, looking at all the external forces in the external life, you know, that’s all pleasure, it’s all things and that you get the things that you do and you know, and in keeping that internal engine ride and keeping that internal engine focus. Is it allows you to know you don’t need the extra stuff cuz you realize it and it’s truly about the internal being, even though it is also giving you the external being. So it’s like. It’s so easy to see once once, you’re internally strong, so I have to tell you if you’re looking for real estate in owasso area, I mean please reach out to property, mount see what we can do for you. We’ve been working for years in that area and in real estate and amber, changing things up for making things different or we’re, certainly a changing the game, the name of the game and how it’s played-and you know, Owasso Real Estate I’m excited to be able to tell you about it. We’re flat fee listing service, and you know we we list homes in owasso and we buy homes in a while. So when I say that we we’re not in the business of buying homes in the business of helping you buy homes and that’s something that we don’t charge for wii charging $895 flat fee to list your home, which includes all the service you’re going to get plus your matterport camera, and that there is is, is a major savings. It’s a major savings for you and anna, and what are the quays to is 3% your home equity, minus the $895 fee so say you’re, home and wash those were 300,000 and you’re talking about saving $8,105 me. That is a very, very, very large number, and you know what could you do with that? Could you buy a product back cuz, you get a you know a rifle. It is what it is that you want. Do you want that gym membership? You want that you do for your children with that. Think of how many christmas is, you can pay for with $9,000, you know whatever the figure was he a t. 989 would be $8,105, that’s right scratch that just not that all of it, Owasso Real Estate but they encourage you to please think ahead and see. You know it before you hire that realtor before you sign on that dotted line, ask what you’re getting and i. Why and what are you doing for me to justify that extra thousands of dollars? I mean 3% equates to a lot of money when you get there, look at it saved and I mean I’m telling you like it. It’s it’s unreal. How much you can do with that kind of money. I mean and you’ve already worked, your tail off you by blood, sweat and tears to make that happen, blood, sweat and tears to pay off that equity to make those payments every month to reduce that principle, and it’s crazy just because you can’t see it in your bank, account doesn’t mean it’s not on your machine and iron. The right realtor could could keep your balance sheet where it needs to be. Owasso Real Estate You can make the difference in buying a home or not buying at home, and it’s like I ran into a guy. He was there in owasso and he got transferred about 9 months. No, it wasn’t is about 90 months after he was so frustrated because he came in and then of course, this breaks down and that breaks down-and you know it’s disheartening. You know when you move in and you all this money and you’re so excited you put pride into it. You mow your yard and fix your. You know your hot water heater and you do all these things, and so I can see it so easy and then it’s not easy. You thinking man, you know why am I doing this? Why I’m not reading at home, so I can call my landlord in and I’ll tell you. The reason is for the equity.

So if you’re going to do all of that-and you put it all the time and effort-why not put in a little Owasso Real Estate more effort in hiring a realtor and and saving some money, I mean we’re talking about the listing service. We’re not talking about the sailing side. You know what you’re going to pay 3% to ever brings that bar to your home I mean I’ve done at work. They were going to put the contract together. They gathered all this after going to drive them around or going to show him your home and so I understand that you’re going to pay that 3% of the selling realtor know how they might be able to help you it’s it’s, it’s wonderful. What we’ve been able to do for for customer! So far, I mean it’s just nice to be able to be passionate about something and be able to enjoy what you’re doing I’ve wanted. I wanted to change, to make a change and I wanted to be able to do. You know what kind of pull factor come on and open this up to everyone out there and it’s nice to be able to do it. Things are working out, Owasso Real Estate I mean it. 3% savings is huge for you know, for not only did you know necessarily someone in owasso, but for someone anywhere I mean you can be in walnut creek. You know, and I mean you don’t have to be in owosso to get that $895 fee i, like you, you’re, going to get that $895 fee wherever you are you’re going to get all these services included, plus the matterport. Now, if you don’t know what that is, is a 3d virtual really cuts down? What I’ve seen in my past experience on open houses, you can see in there they could.

They can actually go inside your home virtually and not be there. So you don’t have all these people rummaging through your home. You don’t have a bunch of tire kickers coming around just now. Owasso Real Estate Well, I want to see the neighbor’s house, you know you know if a person is going to call and schedule 7, especially if it got the matterport and that’s another thing, as you know that someone super interested in your home. If, if, if they’ve seen that matter, what video you’re going to know, I ain’t going to see that amazing, it’s an amazing tool and and I’m just so proud to be able to have it I’m, not everybody does I’m in the fact that we can do it on every single time that we last it’s just you know it’s it’s. It is really awesome. You know that that that we can do that. Like i, really I know that we’re going be able to help people save money. I know they were going to be able to use this, and you know 222 everyone’s advantage I mean it’s just so neat to have it and be able to showcase those owasso homes and I mean, like i, Said:i’m super excited to be able to bring this product to you. I mean I’ve, wanted you forever until I’m at sarah and and finally got someone that not only believed in it but got behind it and believed in me, and that’s what’s so amazing about her and having her as a partner, and she exudes what property bounce is, which is believing believing it and when we believe in our product we believe in our service and we believe in you-and you know all Owasso Real Estate that you’ve done for your. You know for your home and all you’ve done to your home to tell sell it. So you know we ask I mean you know, please you know reach out to us. You know we want to be there for you, I’m, going to help you out and we want to get that home listed. So you know if you’re interested in buying a home if you’re interested in selling your home, if it’s in owasso, if it’s not a while, so you know please reach out to us, we love to do a comparative market analysis on it and give you an idea what we think you’re home might bring it’s going to be super easy. You know the systems and that’s the thing I have to do this. While we were able to do this because we save so much money like we have been able, you know in so much time with with the internet and the development of the tools. I can. Owasso Real Estate Thank you.

Thank you to all the people out there in the real estate industry that have helped put this together. Owasso Real Estate You know, without your tools we couldn’t have done. This means I’m selling these owasso homes is honestly never been easier in something that I’m super stoked about I’m very excited to be able to bring this, and you know not only to owasso but the whole greater association of tulsa realtors, greater tulsa association of realtors, going to have a lot of real estate agents out there that that need to show homes and want to show homes. Do you know what we have those listings and we have a lot of listings in? We would love nothing more than to be able to show it to you to show your home and be there for you and then we’re going to have three listings by next wednesday. So it’s going to be awesome to be able to push forward with this and, like I said we’ll have the key box is out there and, as you can see those homes we want to want you guys to see him. We want you to be able to to know what’s going on and you know we’re super excited for any of the savings were going to be able to bring to you, and you know we want to be there.

Owasso Real Estate We want to be there for you. We want to to to be able to help you out, and you know, however, it may be, but the but certainly saving money like I said we’re only going to charge $895 to sell that home. So so, please, you know, give us a call. I know it might sound too good to be true, but I can assure you if you’ll sit down interview, there’s a link there. We can fill out some information and I’ll be glad to get back with you and come sit down with you. Have a cup of coffee, maybe a pancake, you know whatever, Owasso Real Estate whatever whatever you’d like I mean you know, I’ll come to you, you can come to your office at either way. If you, if you, if you’re interested in selling your owasso home, if you’re interested in knowing more about property bounce, please give us a call