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It’s crazy as I sit here and I like my son, he sitting here taking a bath and he’s 15 months old right now and it’s like he doesn’t have any clue. What real estate means, what matterport means you would have lost so mean, but, as I said, there’s like a innocent face that just doesn’t know he’s just has had the time hasn’t been enlightened, hasn’t been educated. That’s the way, I feel honestly a lot of the people out there not even think. That’s it honestly. I think this is something that the public is wanted and tells a need for it. Just hasn’t been out there and you know it hasn’t been mainstream. Owasso Real Estate That’s what we’re trying to do here properly. Lance is be mainstream with it and show these people in owasso not only waso but all over tulsa that own a piece of real estate I mean quite frankly, anyone that owns a piece of real estate. You can save money with property bounce unless you’re homes less than $30,000 and if it’s less than $30,000-and we can listen for two hundred bucks bottom line under $50-that’s what it cost us pretty much to come out and do the matterport we’re going to do the rest of the listing stuff for you to get it we’re going to get that done. There’s no sense and it’s charging. You $1,000, sell your your home.

That’s $30,000 I mean that’s kind of a threshold, so anything under 30000 bucks right now, Owasso Real Estate let’s shoot for 2:50. So we, like i, said we were members of the mls in the greater tulsa association realtors, which extends basically to the tulsa metropolis in an outside which to include but not limited to wausau claremore, bigsby, broken, arrow, sand, springs haha. You named it! Well, not you name it, but essentially, if it’s just around here, like i, said jenks, bixby, south, tulsa, sand, springs, owasso, north, tulsa, turley, sperry, i, believe skiatook is it and I will call in few layers and then certainly owasso tell him. If it’s something that interest, you ask you to reach out to property bounce, to see how we might be able to help you, we got that matter for cameron. Owasso Real Estate He would be glad to use like I said it’s only 200. You know. If you less than that $30,000 deal, then we’ll figure something out for you will come on out and get it list it up, but for those of you, certainly for those of you that are that are up there in the higher range around the $150,000. I know:you’ve already got negotiated rates, I mean you’re getting like 1%, but are you truly getting the service that you need? Are you happy with what you got? I mean I understand that a lot of you probably are, but one thing I’d like to say is make sure you know that you’re getting that you’re getting what you want like that matter is something guys it’s going to it’s going to help sell your property is going to really give me that competitive advantage, so people can actually see what’s up in the home and then they’re going to want to see it they’re going to let him know, and it’s it it’s something.

That’s certainly an asset that as far as I know, Owasso Real Estate only property agents are are doing on every home. So if it’s something that would interest you, if you got home you like to sell you got home, you like to buy, you know, I would be glad to show you what it’s all about, glad to come and talk to you. No questions asked nothing in front of doesn’t cost anything for consultation, be glad to talk with you about your house, full of cma account to go to the cops and see if we can possibly help you list that home realtors I mean they’re out there. I’m not saying that, there’s anything that you guys are doing wrong. I think that it’s time to reimagine things I mean you know, let’s face it, we don’t have to take pictures and sit around and wait. You know for the film developed and go to the basket black room. Now we can, you know we can take them. We can view them. If we don’t like them, we can edit them, probably before you even able to make it to the bathroom and and what about cost of that mean I can’t read his dad and how much the cost is went down. Owasso Real Estate You know what is far, as you know, developing the film dying to feel him know that what a great way to make things you know better i, love technology. If it’s, why we’re bringing the new technology is, one of the main things were doing here, probably bounces we’re bringing the main technology to technology that you haven’t seen technology the people usually have to wait for and are setting the bar or setting the bar above standard above the bar and that’s how I probably bounce operates mean. We want to make sure that you’re taken care of. We want to make sure that you’re confident and you know that you made the right choice from the get-go and that’s why we encourage you to come out interview. It’s like we’re applying for a job. This is our job interview and that’s the way we look at it. Owasso Real Estate We want to be able to wasn’t going to be able to understand what your needs are and we want to help you with those needs. If you’ve got a home in owasso and you like for us to come out and look, let us know if you haven’t home anywhere else other than a while, so it doesn’t matter we’d like to look at that house too. We got agents, we’ve got realtors, we’ve got real estate agents that are willing to come out immediately and it’s not just limited to will.

Also. Let me tell you that you can get a home in sand springs, you can get a home bixby, you can get a home in jenks. Owasso Real Estate That means they’re all over the place that you can. We can show you and this matter for video. This discounted rate that you’re getting that you know not to discounted rate with the full service rate for the 895. That’s something that it’s not that we’re just only offering that and in a while, so we’re offering that everywhere. If you live in bixby cool beans, man, you get the 895 you full service, where no questions asked we’re not going to charge you that extra money when I going to make you do that we’re going to help you out where your for you know probably bounce. What’s up buddy my little man, why she’s sitting over there in the tub and he’s looking at me thinking what in the world are you doing? You can talk into your phone daddy’s i, don’t know that yeah because I don’t know I just taking a bath and I’m enjoying everything. He said that I hope he sells some real estate hope you sell some real estate in owasso. He said, and he knows my son knows what that matter for camera. What it’s going to do it’s going to change the industry there in a while. So it’s going to change the industry in tulsa, going to change in rogers county, going to change the engine all across the nation. Owasso Real Estate I’m super excited to have sarah on board. With me, super excited had my sister marissa marissa on board with us here proper amount of got a couple more asians there and in many more coming we got a lot of people that are wanted to help us out, and we appreciate that man we we are looking for the cream-of-the-crop or looking for the great, not too good looking for the greatest of the grape and that will help facilitate a relationship that look out for the best interest of the buyer and not just their paycheck. My little buddy keeps hollering dad, know, i, think it’s a dog I’m, not sure, but he sure loves to play in the water. You know I wonder when we go to sell this home. You know using property about how much money is going to say this. Just insane the amount of money that says I mean five bedrooms:1 2, 3, 4 and 1/2 baths. You know the movie room next to two extra rooms. Owasso Real Estate Bonus rooms got a monsters, pool at grotto, I mean i, think we’re talkin way up in the 750, so giving yourself $700,000 it’s going to save $20,105. My sons are there. You can hear him talk in the background. He loves it. He knows what the matterport is going to offer. He knows that this people in owasso to be super excited to be able to use it and I’m excited that he’s excited they’re, so I didn’t and and then we’re just going to be able to help the community as a whole I mean with interest rates rising. You know you could use a little extra money to put down. You can buy a point down. You can have that to put in the bank as a cushion. Maybe you get you some more furniture.

It was all kinds of things that we could do with that money Owasso Real Estate and to be able to help us help us grow or help you grow and that’s what we’re looking for is we want. You I mean you’re, the one that spent all that time and money. You know of yours paying down that principle and paying those interest payments and I’ll be darned for pete’s sake. If you got to give it all away, and so that’s what I say to you like, if you got home, you want to sell it, why don’t you just go ahead and use private equity, there’s no reason to get rid of it that I can see. Property has been around for a while. We’ve had experience over hundreds of years with our agent, so we got the you know the best for you. We definitely have it serviced and i. Think you’re going to say it second to none. Owasso Real Estate You can read some of the reviews on google and it’ll. Tell you and you’ll see that it’s a big deal and how good are services and how are the people there in owasso love is so if you got a house there in owasso, you have a home, you got something you want to sale. So if you want to buy some, if you want to rent some, if you want to waste it really doesn’t matter. You’re, probably bounce were here to help you out we’re here to make sure that you can sell your home for the right price, the price that works for you and then still be able to keep your equity. That mean that’s 3%. That’s a lot of money, I’m hoping I’ll be in there in a while. So we’re hoping that you can, you know-and you know we’re going to be there-look at it is if we’re partnering up. So we can. Let me know when I add my old benz. Owasso Real Estate So if there’s something that property pounds to do for you and your washer area, if there’s something that we could do for you with matterport, even if you’re, not in that owasso area, if you want a piece of real estate anywhere in the county, then we weave and anywhere that says services by the greater tulsa association of realtors, and you need in my last reach out to us we’d love to help. You would love to see what we can do for you would love to show you kind of what property bounces all about come out meet. Owasso Real Estate

The team can I see how we do. Owasso Real Estate Things were going to be there for you, 24/7 we’re going to be there for you, 365 anytime. You need something reach out, give us a call will be there and we want to be there to help you if we want to be there to make sure that things are good, make sure things are right and you know we want to reinvest like I said we want you to be able to reinvest that thing. You do you’re the one. That’s taking the time, you’re the one that kept going to work early, want to step down as principal payments, keep that equity the property bounce and a flat, but they’re flat rate. Listen to you, you can’t go wrong