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Owasso Real Estate Toes funny I was sitting here with my partner sarah, and she thought it would be hilarious for me to do i. Guess the podcast or start talking into my phone and mcneeley i. Think that we are there network mcneely south. We were talking about selling real estate in owasso and she is really funny because she she gets nervous and she doesn’t want to talk on it and I’m trying to talk to sarah about real estate in owasso. Owasso Real Estate She wants me to the auctioneer voice and I tried to explain to her that when an auctioneer, the people aren’t even going to be able to write down what I say so you’re not going to work. Owasso Real Estate So if I was selling real estate in owasso, I would start real, slow and I would say a hundred thousand. Owasso Real Estate Would you give 200 100,000? Would you give 200,000 for a piece of property in owasso, a piece of real estate I’m talking residential, not commercial? If you want to home I have something in owasso. Why wouldn’t he was probably about so if I was doing the option, their back to that I would start out. 100,000 now. Owasso Real Estate Would you give methe thing is if I was selling a car, it would be totally different. I wouldn’t be working with property bounce. If I was selling the car I was working for a car auction, so cuz I’m, not selling cars and selling houses. It just basically slows the chant down. So when you’re selling a real estate in this goes for anywhere in the nation anywhere in america, not necessarily owasso could be the earliest. They could be in claremore to be in tulsa and broken arrow at the beach tulsa county rogers county owasso, public schools, you just never know, but the thing is. Is you got to slow down the chant if you’re selling a larger ticket item I got this a car 1 million? Now? Would you give me 1 million 1 so, and you can ask, did you do it? Which means did you bid? So all of that is what transforms into an auctioneer chant when he starts to sell something like a lower ticket item like a car, and that would sound more like it. I got time to get to get through through through, like a dynamite couple going to lay down and eat. Do you want it see? So all of that you just speed it up, and it’s the tempo and man talking about really makes me just excited and so ecstatic about property about to just get so passionate when I talk about property last night, immobile tempo, because we are going to have that tampa or going to have the momentum and it is going to get going, anyone that would want to sell real estate in owasso. How crazy would they be to use anyone besides, property bounce I mean the traditional real estate agent, the traditional platform as needed to evolve for years? Why is it not evolved because of money? It’s that simple. Why would you want to give away a listing and make less money? You wouldn’t? So that’s why we’re going to create the momentum with property in right when I get here’s what’s funny is right when I get on a roll sarah’s going to interrupt me, because she is not necessarily worried about me getting these articles on there. She just wants to laugh at my voice, so I just don’t get it like. Sometimes I guess I’m, obviously just going to have to do these. He there she goes again. She just she has no patience at all, so I would not use the slow chant of 100,000. Would you give me 200,000 if it was sarah palin real estate in the washer right now, but guess who is property bounce? If you want real estate in owasso, you that you’re buying, if you’re selling, if you’re renting it doesn’t matter commercial, residential, bank, atlanta, new construction, you, name, it, we list it. If you have the need to sell your home, your real estate were licensed and we want to do it in the tire and state of oklahoma property bounces there for you. We have relationships with mortgage companies, insurance companies, inspection companies, you name it. We’ve got them all. To use property bounce you’re going to save money. It’s going to be easy. Why mess with the traditional realtors are? You will just wanting to reward your neighbor or your friend’s wife or passing the test? Not me I would rather keep that harder inequity that I’ve paid off year after year after year after year. That interest is expensive. Owasso Real Estate Next time you look at your mortgage payment, see how much of a ghost that is, your hard-earned principle that you’re getting away when you choose to use a traditional realtor using property bounces going to save you that money every time specially in the wausau area as I said it doesn’t matter if you’re on the rogers county side, tulsa county side, which school district, do you want to be in I’m telling you where the property bounce agent we are working for you, our main focus is to give our client an easy way to their home home affordability and keeping that equity property bounce in a while. So another thing, and that’s what reminds me of sarah just talking about saying that they’re going to love this video, because she said it was blah blah blah all the other way. And what that translates to me is the passion and that’s the thing. Complacency kills the passion we are not complacent. At property done at property rights were going to sell your real estate back to naming she says we need to scratch that out. We don’t need to mention him harvest, how many dimensions property bounce, because if you’re looking to buy a home in owasso, it has to be with robert about to save that money, but looking for a name would finally ended up at property, bounce and i, like probably about sarah, didn’t the first and I think that’s because she’s more of a traditional type person and me i, like the property down so I’m, more forward-thinking.¬†Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate You know I like to see things new I really like that. So that’s why I really want to sell real estate in the raw so because I want to help you wash your community but I buy real estate. I want to help him sell real estate, and that’s why we come up with property bounce. It’s tough to come up with a name. Names are tough, aren’t they sarah i, hope things are so tough, but I’m telling you, sir, once once we figure it out and we agreed on property balance I’m telling you. We have never been more happy with the name, because why would you use anyone? I mean it’s such anyone else. It’s such a great ring to the name property mounts trying to buy real estate anywhere I want to stress we’re not just in the wausau area, where in the greater tulsa area, where in sand springs were in berryhill anywhere in oklahoma claremore verdigris, sand, springs, sperry sky to collinsville anywhere. That has an mls, that’s greater tulsa area. Owasso Real Estate We are in that now we have plans to expand to all 50 states, hopefully sooner than later, but as this point, if you’re looking for real estate in the owasso area, we are there for you or also anywhere in the greater tulsa area. That doesn’t mean we can’t represent you as a buyer’s agent anywhere in oklahoma. We just can’t list anywhere else in oklahoma at this particular time soon we will be members of numerous mls systems. Owasso Real Estate Across, the nation and clients will be able to use property balance soon, not only in the state of oklahoma, but across america cuz. Let’s face it, property bounce is going to help, make america great again great again. Isn’t it great that probably bounce came out and we’re changing all of these things for a while, so real estate I mean if you’re looking for a home, maybe even a mobile home, a trailer house trailer, some people called, we sell those that is a piece of real estate. It has title it’s something that you have to go through the abstract company to get close. So it’s something you would need a professional. You would need a professional real estate broker or real estate agent for that matter, Owasso Real Estate and why don’t use property bounce to get that sold property bounce is professional, probably bounce is passion. Probably bounce is everything that you might has been needing or looking for in the real estate industry. If you happen to be an agent that wanted to go to work for probably bounce, you might ask yourself:why would I give away their commission well because of the suite of tools that property bounce offers you’re not going to be alone, you’re not going to be stuck to google and the internet and waiting on hold with the real estate commission? Who will not give you an answer because they don’t want the liability you’re going to have someone to contact you going to have a broker in house with an open door policy? That’s not trying to steal your leads! It’s not trying to make a percentage off of you. This broker is here for you and part of the team. So if you’re an agent wanting to work for someone and be a part of a team, if you’re a team player, let me rephrase that then we would like to talk to you about working for property pounds. Team players are what we have to have your property bounce Owasso Real Estate being an individual means that you can’t look outside the box in your only thinking about your views, wow, your views may be the best. It’s always great, to entertain the thought of another cuz. You never know what you might be missing, or maybe something you didn’t see. Your property balance. We pride ourselves and having a great team of people that love to share the information and knowledge that we have over the hundreds of years of combined experience of our agents. We’re not here to try to keep all of our listings in house and not give them to you or not hand them out or hinder your progression. We want you to succeed just as we want america to speed, just as we want current property owners to succeed. Imagine having an extra having an extra 3% of that home equity to buy that home to buy that new home to buy that furniture to not have to pay property mortgage insurance. That money could be used for so many things. Another thing I’d like for you to think about it when you’re buying a home or looking for a home is when using a property bounce agent. Wouldn’t you think that buying a house it was listed to property bounce. They might have a little more room for negotiations if they’re not paying that full 3% on sale, $300,000 at home. That would save them close to $9,000 over 8,000, even after they paid the property. Bounce feat, I’m sure that that seller wouldn’t mind using a little bit of that money, they’re saving to go ahead and help meet in the middle to facilitate that transaction. Just another thought if you’re thinking about selling weed by using property balance, it puts the steering wheel back at your aunt’s¬†Owasso Real Estate