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Owasso Real Estate List your property for sale, all the bells and whistles matterport camera ready to use. We try to keep up with you clown shoes. What you want someone to come in there rocky mountains, going to have something for it, especially so, if you’re looking for that real estate, look no further than property bounce property balance has been around founded. Last year we was numerous properties, lots of happy clients are in the owasso area. We have focused evenly wasvary to sell real estate to help people here, keep directly. We love you all so very. Without selling real estate me wants., weatherby, homes apartments, mobile homes, trailers, the bit is a piece of real estate vacant land, commercial property bounce will list it. If you have a need for mls services, probably bounce is a cheap way to go. We’re not trying to take all of your commission. Excuse me when I try to take all of your equity for trying to help you keep that equity. So you can spend it on what you want. Spend it on that next time, you’ll find that next home out there. Let us help you negotiate. Let us help you find that home there in Owasso Real Estate owasso that you looking for everything about the guy in the concrete truck i, see this guy in the red ford mustang. He is going to. You got a big dick guys looking for real, estate or thought about real estate, owasso and I hope that he knows about property. Bounce. Yes, I’ll, be glad to tell him that even save thousands presents on a Owasso Real Estate $200,000 loan at 3%, commission b6000, so you’re going to pay 3% of the listing side 3% of the buying side. This would be with your traditional realty as a tool as a rule to use me see your pan at 6% on a $200,000 home. That’s $12,000, coming out of your pocket. If you were to use property bounce in that same scenario because she 6895. So what could you do? $5,100, that’s a lot I know just recently in the news congressman paul ryan was doug and that lady that made a statement that she was excited that her paycheck, including an extra dollar fifty in her paycheck and what she was going to be able to do with this paycheck that extra dollar fifty for the 52 weeks was going to pay for a costco membership. When was going to turn around saver, even more money and I have to think man. This lady was ecstatic about saving $52. How ecstatic what you’ve been about saving 5100 washer wish. You would hurt a property bounce I bet she wishes. Probably bounce have been in her area. The last time she bought herself, who wouldn’t want to say that much money, so you’re, probably asking yourself. Why is it so simple? How can we do that? Well, you know it’s nothing that we’ve done. Women done anything fancy the internet, as everyone knows who has caused everything to evolve more economically, more efficient and we’re just trying to make a fair profit all while biting exceptional service at a fair price. So there’s really no catch to it. That’s crazy about it. It’s been tried used for we here at property. Bounce just want to make sure that everyone  Owasso Real Estate has an equal opportunity and access to mls without paying through the nose when you pay through the nose. We don’t want to leave you high and dry real estate to be a scary thing and the closing in the paperwork. By the time you get to the closing table. If a person is getting mortgage, all that title work, you signed thousands of things that they don’t explain to. You could explain to you yeah. If you ask you want to show up 3 days early, so I can most people do they just read through it when you’re probably bounce it weird to answer those questions for you, whatever question might have and help hold your hand, so speaking assistant to the selling process, we want you to be as involved as you want to be. If you want to sit back and tip your tea and wait for the emails to tell you when the showings going to happen, or that sounds great, do you like it? A daily phone call sounds good call. Your agent as many times as you want they can here she’d, be happy to tell you that the current status of the market got to where things are going. The view looking to buy that home we’re going to sell that home call a local property bounce agent and see how they can help come out. Now. Please, interview, us one thing I can tell you, is we’re not going to be at work? Zero property bounce? We want, sell your property, we want to monitor your property and we want to do it in a professional, efficient, portable, a so once again when you’re in owasso. Next time you choose to do while so looking at real estate. Think property maps know that property bounce is here for you, the owosso. If we list home sale homes by holmes and rent homes in wausau in owosso, on both sides, tall skinny side to side and really anywhere any part of 169, we don’t want this transactions being unpleasant. We would love for it to be a seamless, i, probably bounce, working on systems, checks and balances to make sure nothing if things don’t fall through the crack. That you were a real estate there in a while, so it’s properly marketed with all of the right people out there and soul timely manner, so you can get on with your life, get on with what you have going on get on with looking for that new home now exciting. Is that what else can you do with an extra money or save it going to take that 5003? What down on the next ounce leave that equity in there maybe buy some furniture? Some window treatments list goes on and on I can think of a lot of things. Owasso Real Estate

I can do $5,000, especially selling, and buying real estate during kwanzaa Owasso Real Estate