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I was just looking for also, it is in rogers and tulsa counties. It was chartered as a city in 1972 the scenes in the outsiders filmed or shot in owasso. It’s a little tidbit of information about owasso since I’m, not from there I thought. I was look into it a little bit more. It’s considered to be part of green country, the northern suburb of tulsa oklahoma, and it’s known for its green vegetation, its lakes hills and the contrast of the dryer great plains region of central and western oklahoma. It’s also lies and tornado alley, just like tulsa experiences, extreme well, I wouldn’t say:yes, extreme temperature changes.

So, for instance, yesterday it was in the twenties, and today the high is 70 owasso experiences every season to its greatest, which most cities most states don’t charge slowly, but that is the beautiful thing about owasso oklahoma and why you would want to buy real estate in owasso. I, also I think it’s important to know about a while, so that the total square miles consists of 16.31, that’s fairly large forest city and oh, how its ever growing aOwasso real Estatelso. Let’s look into more about owasso. Today, there is, is 11:32 a.M. In owasso on valentine’s day, which is february 14th 2018. The weather is cloudy and 48 degrees. Fahrenheit I think this is also very important to know about owasso the population which I’m sure has changed quite a bit since 2016 in 2016 was 35000 people 35784 people to be exact, which was accounted for in 2016 in owasso oklahoma. There are 520 homes for sale in owasso. If you’re looking for real estate look in a while, so go find the perfect house through property bounce and buy some land or lot or house. You can also find an apartment.

They have quite a few apartments available, but I really think it’s a great investment to buy a home. Let’s look up owasso restaurants, I feel like I need to delve more into that, because it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry, I’m hungry, oh wow. Owasso real Estate Why so even has a sushi bar? It has mexican food. Restaurant has angelini’s pizza owasso is the up-and-coming places to buy property through property bounce. They have hideaway pizza as baja jacks, el tequila, who doesn’t love el tequila ron’s, hamburger delish. They just have such a wide variety of restaurants, it’s just quite impressive, including a waffle house owasso owasso, owasso you’re, winning my heart minute by minute. Let’s see what else so that one star, if you like, lone star, they also have a pho restaurant owasso has a pho. Restaurant can also find a great steak in a while, so apparently I pray for that. But whatever, let’s see you look more into owasso for you high school enrollment, this was again in 2016. I feel like owasso needs to redo their consistent consensus fairly quickly:enrollment 2016 2964 students, it’s a public school, the grades for high school or 11th and 12th. Owasso real Estate This is also important about the high school, the mascot you’re, going to love this. The mascot is bighorn sheep people, corn, sheep. And, if you don’t know what that looks like I suggest you google it because it’s fairly fairly fierce mascot impressive. Honestly, the address for the owasso high school is, 12908, east, 86th, street north owasso oklahoma. So if you like to go visit, I think you should it’s a very large large school. We love also people i, think another great asset to owasso, as they do have several different salons and spas and I need to talk about that. Because I’ve been doing this, video for this recording I am do my hair and if I scream, you know I’ve burnt myself, because I’m curling, my hair i, think many many women in owasso, probably curl their hair fixing yourself up, is very important and i. Think a lot of people in owasso might do that and agree.

Socialists are going school or to the mini businesses in owosso. We’re going to one of their amazing restaurants that we’ve spoken about this morning, so I think they do have a lot of places. Owasso real Estate You can get your hair done, so you don’t have to do your own hair like I’m having to do right now, which is very interesting because I’m not very good at it, but I think it’s not hard hard us you’re not going to have a hard time finding a place to get your hair done. They have an elephant in the room, I bet they do. If they don’t they should they start clay, clark and his brother-in-law about putting an elephant ruin owasso. If I don’t have one but I’m pretty sure they do have one I mean they have a ron’s hamburgers. They should have it’s a staple of the oklahoma I feel like nelson. True. Are there places you can just go in for a quick trim? It places you can go and probably spend all day if you like to do that thing, if you have time to do that also is a place to check out there, spas and salons. Owasso real Estate You can also find appropriate grooming utensils at their target or walmart in owasso at walgreens or cvs. They have those too great place to live great place. To raise your family. You have girls, you’re going to need a lot of spa-like grooming utensils makeup, which also it can be found in can be found in many places in owasso. That’s why I really think it’s important to broaden your horizons and look for real estate in owasso, especially using property bounce. They just go hand-in-hand:you’re saving money on square footage for land homes, etc and you’re, going to save hell of a lot of money, listing your home with property, bounce you’re, going to say that 3% of your home equity, then you’re going to go to owosso and you’re, going to buy an amazing home or property and build an amazing home on for less money that you’ve done. Owasso real Estate

You would find in tulsa, tulsa, proper I looked awesome and you can get more for your money on the wall, so quite impressive. The difference and how much money you can save by buying in owasso quite impressive Owasso real Estate