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Let’s talk about owasso real estate, russell real estate, thriving thriving industry from buying and selling homes to build corporations, businesses moving out there. All kinds of activity is going on out there in owasso oklahoma, which is north of tulsa oklahoma right off the highway 169 property bounce serves many people in owasso, oklahoma, happily help people and sell their homes sell their homes for a flat fee of 895 compared to the 3% which most realtors to charge. Sometimes it’s higher than that so where’s helping you save your home equity, that’s what we do it property bounce and that’s what we like to do and owasso and many people in owasso love us for that. Owasso Real Estate is a growing community. It’s a it’s a pretty community! Of course. It’s at oklahoma which experiences, all four seasons, which is great. It’s never boring. The weather goes from one extreme to the other less than a day. So one day it’s 20 degrees keeps you on your toes. That’s why we like real estate in Owasso Real Estate oklahoma, just north of tulsa oklahoma, it’s growing very quickly. He can get more for your money as far as real estate goes, then you can in oklahoma or bixby. Probably in broken. Arrow also has some great great homes for sale. They have great builders that can build you. A brand new home in property bounce can help. You find your new location just feel free to contact us at any time. Owasso has a great school district, it’s a big school, a very large school in the national championship, which they were very excited about that actually watch the game, a rarity that I watch high school games right now. I am headed to hair appointment. I just ate very delicious, except I dropped it. They do have taco bueno, owasso weight, property belts, love, taco, bueno. Owasso Real Estate They also love to help. You sell your real estate or flat fee of 895 that glutes the the typical things that you get, which is listing on mls listing on zillow, realtors.Com, trulia.Com, professional flyers, with professional photos. We also include matterport video, which is a video of your home and take a tour of your home like you’re walking through. So you don’t need to have that many showings. You don’t need to have that many open houses. You don’t need to prepare all the time, so it takes a lot of the work off of the home home seller. It also takes a lot of the work off of the home buyer not having to waste time to go to open houses. You can literally take a virtual tour through these homes and see if you are interested if you’re interested, then let’s go look at it. If you’re not, let’s not waste our time, but we include that as well as well. Give you a comparative analysis. Comparative market analysis of your home will also help you through the whole process of selling and closing on your home. They have great recommendations for title companies, insurance companies, maintenance, people, inspections. Only we can refer you again. We make this experience extremely easy at property. Value of property loss of real estate is where it’s at it’s growing quickly. I love that we’re, apart of it at property bounce. Also in Owasso Real Estate do you have different restaurants? You have all them, necessities, really and a big city and a small city like Owasso Real Estate which makes it nice, so you don’t have the the traffic like you do in tulsa. 169 is kind of a mess up in the evenings in the morning, so I believe, but that’s just because they’re expecting a lot of a lot of construction going on right now just to but make your drive quicker and easier to owasso I think it’s growing enough to wear a lot of businesses are out there they’re moving out there, so people don’t have to commute to tulsa to work. That’s really. Nice are most people, especially with people with families, have children they’re in school and they don’t want to drive to tulsa I just stick around in a while. So I might save some cash an hour and a half of your time if you work in a while. So so why not build by grow into something a different home? Let us help you through that process. We will make it so easy and efficient. You won’t regret it socially, with their flat rate listing fee. I can save thousands and thousands of dollars by using property balance, and our agents are awesome. They’re on the ball they’re the best like they’re humble they want to help they’re, not just chasing the dollar and they’re basically list to your house promised free and they’re working for your business. Owasso Real Estate They want to show that they can sell your home. They can help you, hopefully by your next home, which is a it’s a comforting, comforting thought they’re, not taking all your money. I got taking your home equity. You can actually afford to sell your home you’re not losing on the end of selling, like it’s just crazy, so saving that 3% on his on the listing side is going to help save a lot of money. If you list through property bounce every sounds, has a website www. Property belts.Com are phone number, is +868-383-372-6863 or 833-3000 t b, o? U n c e, it’s called love to help. You would love to educate you in any way. I never sold the home guide you and we won’t take all your home equity. Owasso Real Estate That’s for sure, which is you know how I feel like you once you make that commitment to someone, if not charging so much money that you gave their trust a lot quicker, especially when we’re offering all, if not more, of the necessities or the the as other real estate agencies do one stop shop, make it happen or happy to help, especially in owasso real estate.

Owasso Real Estate Your business they want to help was a great place to look if you’re looking also is a great place to stay, but if you want to just give us a call for happy to help at property bounce, it’s growing going to be a great great place to raise your family. It’s a small town feel with the big sid city atmosphere, almost you’re, not in owasso. You should really look before it. Price is right. We can help you do that property, though, have a great day¬†Owasso Real Estate