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Owasso Real Estate So I’m sitting here this morning, looking facebook and seeing all these people the backdrop events it’s already 50 of them, the day. Headlight property bounce. A lot of these people live in the owasso area, someone reach out to him and see if there’s something that we could facilitate, help facilitate the sale of their real estate there in owasso suzanne conaway lance shroyer on we just had multiple friends come out and ask about property bounce. What it’s all about? It’s been really fun to explain. It explain to them know how much can I sell property bounce works and see them get so excited, but it it’s kind of interesting was that how irritated a lot of them get to Owasso Real Estate you know that have sold houses in the past. It’s it’s it’s kind of liberating for him, and then they definitely irritated I had one friend. But. They share the story that he had sold at home for Owasso Real Estate right at $325,000. Then he don’t want when you. When did the math on that you figured it would have saved him. You know close to 9000, if not more than $9,000, but closing with this I mean he was. He was literally sick to stomach so I told her next time you want well I’m selling is gone by the wayside, so super excited and to use to use all of these platforms facebook one of them being gone to get out there to get property bounce out there, especially to the owasso. Very other people are in the wausau area to let them know that we are currently taking listings and selling real estate in owosso I’m, so fired up and happy to be able to help all of these people and and hopefully they’ll be saving thousands before we know it. I figure out maybe take a drive up there and talk with some of these people and you know showing their comparative market analysis. You know explain to him the difference between a comparative market analysis in an appraisal when you’re buying something in the owasso area or selling something in the owasso area. There’s a difference in what you’re going to need it. If you just wanted to sell your house or kind of want to know what it’s worth, you have comparative market analysis, a lot of real estate agents charge for it we heard properly. Downstem will be glad to do one for you to let you know what your house is worth. The difference between that appraisal is the person signing in the person doing it comparative market analysis should be done by real estate brokers in real estate agents to have experience in the real estate field. Obviously they sell homes in that area, so they would have the geographical competency to be able to complete a comparative market Owasso Real Estate analysis. That’s where they’re going to pull together some black kind comparables. That would compare to your subject your subject property and then we just basically put them out of bottom and we go down and compare square footage versus your bill versus location. You know corner lot size of the lot, how many rooms, how many bathrooms has it been updated, or just hundreds of things that go in to looking at it? We have systems at pool automatic, comparative market analysis myself being appraiser in the past. I have a black top my agent, so I teach all of my agents. You know how to look deeper, not just pull the comparative market analysis off of what mls gives you actually look at it and see, what’s comparable, see, what’s not comparable to make sure you give them Owasso Real Estate a good representation of what the house is worth it because you know not hiring, not knowing what the prices house is at howard prices, houses that can make a huge difference in the industry. So that’s why we offer a comparative market analysis there on once your considering selling your home and want to find out what it’s worth would be glad to do that now, once you go to sell the home or you’re buying a home, then you know what the person’s getting a mortgage, then in most cases, are required to get an upright, especially if it’s over $250,000 in one appraisal as it’s up to you, it’s way more in-depth to go into. You know how the title is owned. You know how, if you know, if there is a loan and now on it, if there’s not alone, you know they go in there. Owasso Real Estate Other things that they check his horse at pics I mean they do actual physical inspections. Were the cma you’re just pulling the day that you’re, just taking the day of the appraisal like i, said, there’s a it is a lot more costly lot more work to it. I mean they’re, actually physically, measuring your home for the square footage, and then they essentially two to arrive at value they’re, taking they’re, using the same process that we use. That I explained to the cma to just basically make a comparison between the subject, which would be your property if you’re trying to sell or the property you’re buying. And then you don’t compare that to everything out there to recently sold different leaders have different requirements. Some of them want homes within 6 months and more than one homes within 12 months. When I stayed home today they will be homes that have sold within 6 months or 12 months. We look in the owasso area. You know for the owasso real estate that is sold in the last 6 to 12 months, and they would pull that in and put that into the appraisal and use that those comparable value in the net appraiser. You know he signs off on that, and that is something that the mortgage underwriter in the mortgage lender. That’s actually winning the money is going to be used to establish an email to make sure that they that they’re learning on an asset that it has value of you or at least comparable value of what the sales price was. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate So when filling a real estate there in owasso I mean you, you probably going to need both being as an appraiser in the past and only an appraisal management company in the past I do understand, have relationships all kinds of breads are so we’ve worked, get discounted rates with appraisers and excuse me appraisal management companies around around the nation, but with that said, sometimes the lenders will only let you order from certain appraisal management company. No need to worry about. All of that. That’s why you had property bounce. That’s why we’re here to take all the worry out of that? You know what weeks are not your traditional realtor in ross, not your traditional flat, c flat fee realtor, because we do offer service. There is someone here to answer those questions for you or someone here for support. I, guess that’s the main thing that I like to stress. If you’re looking to sell your home in owasso, we’re looking to sell real estate in there, and then you were real estate in the owasso area, I would say. Definitely you know that you’re going to have the support of the having this poor, the property amounts team is going to put you leaps and bounds ahead. You know of of the other people and let’s face it, we’re competing to sell your home against the other people out there that want to sell your. So the marketing is a big thing and then then you’ll see what property bounce I mean. We have to go back to making your it’s back to being competitive when marking against other people. That’s why you want to use¬† Owasso Real Estate property bounce when selling a real estate there tomorrow. So we have not only all the professional photos of pliers that you know, then thousands of agents that we will send out your listing to over our networks. We also have I’m telling you that matter for video really sets your house apart and allows people to see inside there, and you know, and when were giving it to you. It’s not something. You know any most of the other realtors after that. I found actually don’t know any of them to give it to you, they’re going to charge you up front, and you know they’re going to charge you for it and, like i, said that you’re going to have your always going to have your with property bounce things going to help facilitate the sale of your real estate there in owasso, and you know, and it honestly it works anywhere to be in tulsa. It can be on the tulsa county or the rogers county side there in owasso the city of wausau bit. If you know, if you, if you don’t, you want to buy on some routes in anywhere in oklahoma, right now, probably bounce his license in oklahoma and we’re glad to show you any property there in oklahoma in tulsa, verdigris owasso, of course, collinsville it’s just to the north of the wall, so you have north tulsa there to the west and we have you in full. So you got broken arrow, bixby, south, tulsa area, jinx area property sales in list property everywhere in oklahoma. So if you’re looking for something, especially in that wausau area, then you’re going to want to reach out to a property down to agent and let them find that perfect home for you home house residence, whatever you like to call it wherever you’d like to be probably bounce, is going to have all of those listings right there for you to see. So why go around and run around and talk to all these different agents give us a call we’ll get you with the property. Bounce agent will match you with a property bounce agent that can show you homes and he’ll. Save time save your time. At the end of the day, hopefully show you how to be able to communicate enough through email and with without having to drive out there, that we can narrow it down to just a few houses that you’re certainly interested in. So we’re not wasting your time finding that new home. So once again, if you’re looking for real estate in owasso anything there in a watt, the greater wausau area greater tulsa area on the underside of 169, we will show it would love to show it would love to list your house for rent your house by your house sell your house. It has to do with a home property. Bounce is interested¬†Owasso Real Estate