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Owasso Real Estate Good morning I’m coming to you on a tuesday morning about 8:07 we are headed southbound on sheridan road passing 95th street and I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the property bouncing this new company we have we are launching it with a flat fee real estate company we charge you a flat fee to list your home that includes but not limited to your phone mls listing placement on zillow.Com placement on trulia.Com as well as realtor.Com we are here to help you sell at home or also going to give me a free matter for video professional photos all the flowers you might need a Owasso Real Estate sign in the yard to keep box to get that thing going and we’re going to reach out and market to every one of the agents that we have in tulsa mls area so I encourage you if you own real estate in owasso to please reach out the bus here at property bounce and see how Owasso Real Estate we might be able to help you we have beenby your side through the thick and through the thin man in the real estate industry for 20 plus years we just started property bounce in 2016 and I’m proud to announce that we’ve listed several home and we are bringing savings to everyone around tulsa not just your owasso customers but if you do have real estate in owasso and you do would like to reach at home to buy owasso guess what we’re not even going to charge you that 894 we’re going to get with you look at some parameters get over you know look over everything that you have going on and see how we might be able to help you what that means for you huge savings we’re not going to charge you anything like I said to drive you around look at the homes give you all the sweet of tools that we have that is going to help us help you find your next dream home dream home there in owasso so if you’re looking to sell home you looking to buy a home please reach out to property bounce and see what we can do for you we have been working with the gopher years I’ve been saving people money for years I’m proud to be a sponsor of everyone out there I’m proud to be a sponsor of tulsa I’m proud to be a sponsor of a while and anyone that might be in the market for real estate I’m cruising here eastbound on 101st street and there’s a red mustang in front of me he’s going to go ahead and change lanes at south side but the Owasso Real Estate eastbound lanes I’m going to go ahead and see I just wonder sometimes where these people going at least they’re wearing their seatbelt it looks like he’s not going to turn south like I am he’s going to go ahead and go east pulling up to stop at the stoplight here at 101st and memorial and then we’re going to turn east and go south on memorial towards 108th street once we get to 108th street south we are going to turn left and cruise on over to a guy’s office or to an office owned or leased by ameritech and then at that point I’m going to go on in there and talk to a guy named marcus michael happens to be looking for real estate in owasso but another thing about marcus michael is he has a charger for my computer laptop these chargers are so expensive at all knock me off of my feet when I saw how much it was going to be it was something like $160 for a charger for a computer how does that even make sense I don’t know but you got to have it so what are you do you buy it so or you go down here and find someone that’ll let you use one I’m hoping I can find one that work off of amazon or somewhere cheaper than having to spend the money that best buy once but if we can make this work with marcus then I’ll be glad to have that happen than other knee things while I’m down here I’m going to talk to him about the real estate in owasso he’s looking to possibly sale possibly by and I’m very excited to be able to help him through this process he has wanted to be a homeowner for quite some time or been a homeowner I’m not sure we’re going to figure that out today and sit down and talk with him and see what we might be able to do it’s really need being a part of property bounce because it allows us a chance it allows us an opportunity to tell what we’re about to show people what we’re doing and to be able to help people out I’m very excited and very proud of what we come up with and how we’ve helped people save thousands it’s unbelievable the amount of money that you’re going to make by only paying in the flat or keeps use me not make their money you’re going to keep on playing that flat fee to sell your real estate versus that traditional commission-based real estate agent we your property mounts are going to be able to list you were waso home for only $895 so that’s when it sells it cost you $895,000 you 3% which equate to thousands and thousands of dollars of your home equity going out the window I challenge you to challenge the status quo and look at where you are with your equity and Owasso Real Estate look at where you are and what you may be able to do with that extra money in your home if you have if you don’t know what your homes were there in a while so I encourage you to go ahead and reach out to us and see how much we can save you see how much that home is worth will do a free comparative market analysis which will show you watch your home’s worth and give you a really good idea of how much money you can save by going with property mount I’m very excited and ecstatic almost I guess you could say to be able to be a part of this community I’m ecstatic to be able to own part of this community on pieces of real estate here just like other people and that’s why I saw a need for your owasso home to be sold at a more affordable price so that’s why we came up and where we came up with property bounce I love to tell you a little Owasso Real Estate more about it if you just have a few seconds to listen and of course marcus we have the charger that guy’s got it all he’s always on top of it knows what’s going on man I really appreciate and wish that I could work with that dude more often especially if he’s there at the property now he’s a guy that you know it’s going to always take care of things you can always do things right and look for he’s always and that’s what we’re looking for here probably about sand in tulsa is to four guys that want to do things in guys that are going to do thing above board we would certainly want to make sure that the name gets out there we certainly make sure that people are able to use us and know and have the confidence that it’s going to sale don’t have the confidence that you chose the right company you’re using the right people and we’re going to be there Owasso Real Estate for the long haul we want you to know that we are a company that sells real estate we are a flat fee base real estate company that’s offering homes in owasso for sale we have currently listing homes there in owasso for quite some time and we want to let you know that we want to sell your home in a while so we want to move your real estate so if you’ve got any questions if you have any concerns I can see why a guy would have a lot of questions you know why can you do it for this why can you do it for that well that’s what I’d like to encourage you to click on that link up there reach out to us and we’ll see how we can help you we have been here for a while we’re going to stay or not going anywhere and we want to make sure that you have everything that you need to make this work and if you are a property bounce fan if you are a person that is in the running and wants to make it happen with property bounce or wants to make it happen as far as your home selling and reach out and give us a call and see what we can do for you you never know how much money you might be able to say maybe you were an agent and you want to talk to go into work for us you know that’s great reaching out to us see what we can do for you we’ll see if it’s a great fit maybe it is maybe it isn’t but you’ll never know until you try so if you would reach out to his see what we can do what we have to offer and see if it’s the right fit for you having real estate here in owosso has always been a great thing I mean who doesn’t want to own real estate in a town like this I mean you have phenomenal school districts in the neat thing is is if you want to live on the rogers county side of owasso then you don’t have to pay a dime when it comes to selling your I’m sorry when it comes to buying real estate but the thing about being on the rogers county side is you still get the owasso public schools and you pay less on your taxes because rogers county has it lower tax rate so if you are interested in reaching out or interested in finding a home selling a home selling some real Owasso Real Estate estate there in owasso please reach out to property bounce and see how much money we can save you today I have just left there with marcus talking to him he was super excited he left us a you know he he left me with a lot of great ideas and a lot of great things that we can do and we are certainly going to start publishing articles and start doing different things to make it work and to make our website get to the top that’s what we want to do it really want to work hard and we want people to see whenever you are selling real estate property bounces the team property bouncer is the people and property bounce are the ones that you want to use to save you money we will save you more money than Owasso Real Estate anyone out there an intern give you more service in anyone out there so it’s kind of a no-brainer if you’re asking me when it comes down to it and what we can do so please if you are interested in selling at home there in owasso please reach out to property bounce and let us know what we might be able to do for you I can certainly certainly save you a lot of money I can guarantee you that when you’re on the sale of your home you’re going to be able to keep a lot of your equity that you wouldn’t had you chose to cellular owasso real estate with a traditional realtor rather than property bounce¬†Owasso Real Estate