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Owasso real estate also use property balance to help sell your home or by your next home. Owosso is a beautiful north of tulsa oklahoma. It is growing extremely fast it it’s in oklahoma, so you get all four seasons spring which is we are now entering, is beautiful everything and then you get the summer and it’s steve, but it’s still nice, so great winters are falls, absolutely gorgeous all the leaves change color in the winter. Sometimes we get snow, which is really pretty face every once in awhile, but it’s not bad, but owasso gets those lovely features like the rest of well tulsa., oklahoma city, the main part of oklahoma. The real estate in owasso is growing by selling a property through property. Bounce will help you keep your home equity by allowing you to keep keep that money only paying a flat rate for a full-service flat rate real estate company. So we list your home for an awesome 895. Instead of the 3% of what your home is worth, you still pay the 3% to the buyer agent, which is normal, but you don’t you don’t pay that to the listing agent property balance gives you a agent that will come out to owosso and list your home and help you find or real estate in owasso, full service comes with an agent and get your own agent. You get professional photos, you get the matter for video, which gives you a virtual tour of your home. That way shuts down on people can view the video and it cuts down on the traffic coming into your home, which I know a lot of people. Kind of not comfortable with I mean having random strangers coming to your home is never a good feeling, but they can go online and see the tour of your home in owasso and see if they’re truly interested before they schedule a a viewing of your home with their with their agent or one of our properties, bounce agents. That makes it very convenient. So you clean your house, less really keep it up last, which is a huge huge inconvenience when listing your home. But you do it, get your home ready for the matter, what video and we come out and shoot shoot the video and we put it online. People can run through it online and they see it the way they should just clean and picked up, because not everyone has enough time in the mornings. To you know, keep everything put away, put away things sweep your floors, make sure the animals are out of the way. I mean it’s just a mess socially with kids. It’s just it’s really hard with the family to have your house already all always show ready so we’d strongly. We strongly believe in the matterport video way of real estate. We also print professional flyers, but you’re awesome to have you pass out. You can have them in your home for one people come and look. We will help you through the whole listing process unless you’re listed. Then we help you through here we help you with the pricing of used to listing. We help you with negotiations. We have honda the closing as well, so we just make it a very seamless and easy process, there’s a lot that goes into real estate, but we still feel like we can help the home seller save on that 3%. On the listing side. I think we can allow you to save that money and property balance when you list your home in owasso real estate in owasso real estate in tulsa, wherever in the tulsa metro mls area, that’s what property bounces! If we are covering that area, we plan to grow he’s a more. We also contract support, which everyone needs. If you’ve never bought or sold at home, then it can be complicated, but we are over there with you. So why so is growing? Has a great school big school I have a lot of restaurants. They have anything you can find at a big city like tulsa. They have in owasso just not to the extreme. It’s not as big not near as big, but it is growing. They have job opportunities between here and tulsa, so you don’t have to commute all the way into tulsa when you live in owasso owasso. Real estate, it’s an easy drive. Wherever you’re coming from you get on 169 to head to owosso owosso real estate, you can get all sides of the sizes of lots you can buy land surrounding in you get more for your money in owasso source square footage. As far as pricing you pay less, then you wouldn’t tulsa or jenks or bixby. Owasso real estate is very competitively priced and then he have property bounce that how’s that even more so I strongly encourage you to check out owasso real estate. Get online checkout owasso check out property balance. Give us a call anytime or number is 833 tiebout, which is 833-726-8623. Our website is property bounce.Com. We are here to help you anytime day or night. We don’t really have office hours, so you just help whenever we can or whatever her clients. Dudas it’s a beautiful day in oklahoma to beautiful day in owasso, you should come check out some owasso real estate. You should help call property bounce to help you list list. Your owasso real estate have a client and I need to contact to see if she’s ready to list her home, but she is excited to move in chile and we have a lot of clients here in owasso that are anxiously awaiting to list with us they’re ready to save their money. How many churches in owasso there’s baylor medical? It’s now, maybe st. John’s I believe bought them out for saint francis I’m, not sure which one but one of the main hospitals here till crest, not sure which hospital is in owasso, but I used to be bailey, not baylor, bailey medical and it’s a nice size new facility fairly new, considering in owasso cici’s you get to.

They also has the tree and berry farm, which is my favorite part of the law. So he can go and pick out your own christmas tree I know in the winter time for right before christmas day open up in november, then in the spring can go pick, berries so or maybe that’s so actually I think that’s in the summer. You can go pick berries on that same form, but it’s quite an adventure and they have hayrides and take you by each plant that has a different types of christmas trees. Purple, it’s really cool. It’s a great family, outing I have not tried the berry picking, but we will this summer as long as it’s not too hot, but owasso real estate is the place to be check it out with property, bounce or happy to help you anytime, you’re. Even slightly considering listing your home, you should definitely give property bounce a call, 833, key, banks or 833-726-8623. We are happy to help you like easy, by helping with the listing process and whatnot listing through closing there by your side. Com