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That’s great delaware, county, oklahoma, just heading towards and I’d like to talk with you this morning about some real estate. We got some great agents on that property down to hit some really great feedback from the home that we just sold. Excuse me at home that we just showed there in the tulsa area, but I wanted to talk to you about the owasso area. We’ve been looking around up there and we found a there’s a great need for some ages there. But you know on the go back to that one home that we showed it was neat to see such great positive feedback and I got when you work with someone like us, when you were going to probably bounce when you switch an agent around. If you don’t like the current agent, you working with it simple, you just send me a little text and tells, what you’re looking for and we don’t mind the skate pascuzzi said she said:joe just wanted to update you and let you know marissa is amazing. I’m sure you already knew that which I did and also tell you thank you for setting me up with her i. Owasso Real Estate Have two solid:yes, is on houses, just need to figure out which one of my fiance likes more thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend. It was so great. Marissa. Has a lot of homes live there in a while, so she sold homes in owasso, she’s a great agent, great realtor, and it’s it’s really need to have her on her team. She said. Certainly a team player she’s always been there to been. There been there for me, been there for her clients, and you know I’m glad to have her as a part of the property down steam. She’s been with us now for 4 years and years, she’s been real estate, I’m, not sure how long but the quite some time, but help is been right. Some of the policy and procedures on how an agent will approach. You know getting the listings getting listings out how she does it exactly cuz she’s doing it so great. So if you’re interested in your, you have a home there in owasso that you might want to sell or you might want to buy it on my wall, so I’d be glad to. Let me marissa see if she might be the right fit for you. If not, we got some other agents out there. Owasso Real Estate At this point we got perry I’ve got myself, joseph sarah will be license soon and then, like i, said many many more, that’s just off the top of my head, but we have realtors here at the property bounce that that sell homes are list homes on trulia listings on zillow list homes on homes.Com list homes on realtor.Com. You know all over the place. It’s really nice I mean we don’t have to mess with listing trees, but you know you think about it. We kind of do list trees if you list of vacant land and if it’s in owasso weather, be in the rogers county side of tulsa county side, south tulsa, so we don’t care. We would be glad to show you that home there in owasso.

We another thing that great about owasso. Is it sin in the owasso public schools they have gosh i, don’t have any difference. Was great I’ve never heard about one of the other, like one more than the other with with the great schools there, and you know, if you want to live on the rogers county side is that taxes are so much cheaper. So take a look at it. I mean if you want to look at some real estate in owosso or anywhere there in tulsa, county or anywhere, basically, that the greater Owasso Real Estate tulsa association of realtors mls system expands to which could be glenpool. Sand springs tulsa, broken, arrow, bixby, north, tulsa, south, tulsa, midtown, brookside, owasso, claremore, collinsville skiatook, any of those we we’ve got a place. You know we have. You know it is it’s great how we can list things and and save you money and save a lot of people money. So you know if you’re looking for real estate, if you’re not looking for you know if you’re not looking for real estate, you know if maybe they’ll, give you some of that equity. Instead of giving it to the other agent. I mean we love. Having referrals over here, we’ve got great title:companies were working with. You know it’s just a flat fee listing service here with property bounsweet. You know we’re only going to charge you that $895 versus that 3% that you usually pay with those traditional realtors working less for them know you’re, actually probably working more, but you know so that’s why I pay that percentage I mean. How are you going to work that much harder to sell my home, and you are my friend and 50000 extra $1,500 based off at 3% i, hear that’s my question for everybody out. Owasso Real Estate There is just why:why pay more money? Why do it I mean i, really, don’t see the advantage in it? I don’t see why anyone I mean it’s your equity. Why not keep it I mean probably bounces been around since 2016 we’ve been in the area. You know for quite some time and then we’re really glad to be a part of this group going to be out of the home and garden. Show your pretty soon be a member of the home builders association here pretty soon, and then we can extend out to all of those builders in the area and end in get those signs out there. So maybe, if your builder or your developer, please give us a call to work with any builder will work with that any seller, and we still you know it’s at 895.

In fact, Owasso Real Estate if, if you want to do more of the work, then then let us know to help you in whatever way we can, and if that means you know listing your house for smaller feel, like I said we need to talk about it. We want to be able to help you sell your homes in owasso help you sell that real estate. We have the agents on staff, you know so we’re able to make things work. You know I mean it’s not that hard. When you have this many agents on staff to make things happen to me, we’re going to be able to send a guy out there that day get your place listed. I mean it’s raining so hard out here. I hope that these podcasts are going to be able to be heard, but if it you know otherwise, Owasso Real Estate I mean if they’re not i, don’t know what I’m going to do, because you know I’m not going to look at my number. Actually, you know. I shouldn’t have said that, because women have to do is just need more time at a later date, I got to do a couple hours later, then I’ll do 12 more when it’s not raining, but hopefully this will drowned out. The rain be talking this close to it. It’s your test driving through all this rain, good thing, I’m not had it all the way to owosso, just headed to tulsa, go to the triton fight center. There try to get a little jiu-jitsu in my day and sure makes the rest of the day go great in georgia, jitsu and george it’s either in owasso.

There’s a state trooper going to left of center. How crazy is that? What he sure needs to pay attention, but I bet he doesn’t live in owasso being all the way over here in delaware county, but even in delaware county. Owasso Real Estate You know we don’t list here and there is no multi listing service, but you know if you’re moving into a place where there is an mls. You know it’s something about:maybe they want to get in there and help you out. Maybe they want, and you know what I can find I think I’m going to go to oklahoma city see what we can find there and I get an office opened up there. It’s going to be nice man. If we can just give me the builder there, possibly make some things working to make a phone call to chad randall. Today he does some building there in oklahoma city, this great guy and great friend of mine from way back-and you know-maybe he’s never lived in owasso, but he certainly been to a while so and he’s dealt with. Realtors he’s dealt with agents, you know real estate agents across the state and you always dealt with investors and that’s another thing that we offer is investment properties, your property down, so it really doesn’t matter what kind of property looking for anything you might be looking for property balance is going to be there to help you be there to help facilitate the transaction. Owasso Real Estate So if, if there’s something that you’re looking for somebody that you you want, a fine I would encourage you to reach out to properly balance and see what we might be able to find for you. You know when k was over marissa’s are they were able to talk and narrow it down? I was sopranos in the mls system, or she only had to go look at 6 homes and out of those 6 ohms, two of them. She really liked so they’re going to send back the other going to go back out and talk with the and I think they’re going to schedule a second showing on two of those houses here pretty soon. So we’re super excited to be able to help these people out here have been able to the shores wright properties in and get those access. The one that. She’s really interested in is vacant, so that kind of makes that makes it nice we got it. I got to get a tile guy on that one to see if he wants to price out. Owasso Real Estate You know what it’s going to cost to get some things taken out.

So I’m super excited about. Owasso Real Estate You know where things are leaving with the property mounts there in owasso and and especially this transaction. That marissa’s looks like she’s facilitating well I mean i, know what you sent over to supreme lending there with alfredo madrid and he’s going to he’s going to help out with the things listed, is a good guy. Supreme lending is a good company. We also work with gateway mortgage I mean we work with a lot of mortgage company. We try to stay with the titan title:they’re great company they’re in town. It’s been working hard too kind of a new company with man. Owasso Real Estate I’m really proud of the way. I’m really excited about the way that they keep things together the same day they seem very just like probably bouncing very interested in their clients needs and they been able to meet them. So super excited for her. We have in store for you there in owasso area, so stay tuned will be getting back with you soon and bring it back. Another podcast talk a little bit, but I was also the schools there and everything that they have to offer there, and you know the money they can save. You Owasso Real Estate