Owasso Real Estate | Going the Distance

Heading north from the creek turnpike now headed to up to old school bagel, to grab some breakfast in a pull in here at the quiktrip and give me a monster energy drink, trying to get me through the day or at least get my day. Jump-started I am very excited to be meeting with thrive. Today we had a lot of great things coming out, and hopefully they want. She just done where we can go around and advertise and market to some people in the for sale by owner space. I am very excited about what we’ve been able to do in this market and not only did real estate market in tulsa that the real estate market in Owasso Real Estate it has been, you know, basically ran by the traditional realtors and when I say that I mean they have the majority of the business there in owasso. So don’t be discouraged that doesn’t mean that you can’t save money because property bounces here to save you money, probably bounce, is a flat fee listing service. We’re not going to charge you either traditional 3% like you would pay with most realtors. You are going to only paying $895 and that $895 is going to go towards the matterport video you’re, going to get a free matter for video, which is a virtual 3d tour of your home I cut down an open houses. It helps you with all kinds of different things as far as lead generation, not lead generation, but it will help you with lead generation to the point of people can see your home people going to tell you to tell about your home in because now the neighbors want to see how your homes decorated against theirs, and you know people can see people can see where you are, and it also helps a lot of things princeton’s, knowing what the inside looks like for one and then another thing is just an open houses. If you know people open houses, are there to get people into your home. Do there to make things coming back to you there we had to take a short pause. There went to the quiktrip had to get some fuel. So now we’re headed over to old school to try to get a little bit of work done and see what would not be able to make it happen. It’s been a long day already so I’m going to keep pushing through and see how many of these we can get done. I’m going to turn north on yale and talk to you about some real estate in owosso, we’ve been listing homes in owasso for quite some time when I say quite some time. It’s been, you know. Since 2017 we’ve been members of the greater tulsa association of realtors, we have brokers and agents here that have been agents for years and broker for years, and I’ve personally have over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and experience with owosso I’ve resided there in the side inside the city. Limits of owasso and I have a brother that currently lives in owasso, and he has some real estate there in the neat thing about his real estate is he’s on the rogers county side, so his taxes are cheaper and the schools are the same. So it’s actually a little life hack, i, guess where you can save a little money and still get the same, services you’re going to still have the have any. You have a different sheriff over there. But you know it’s. The good sheriff rogers county is a great county in owasso is a great town to own real estate in if you’re, an investor I’ve encouraged you to reach out to us as well and see what we can do for you. We have been working through property, bounce and working through the real estate transactions for quite some time. We definitely need to get with you and see how we might be able to help you and how we might be able to help. You is saving you money and helping you sell your home. We are currently working with for sale by owners were currently working with people that aren’t for sale by owners and listing those homes for small feet. On the most you’re going to pay with us to lift the home is $895. This is not about making a huge difference in actually the real estate agent lives and we were just trying to transform the real estate industry to make it easier for everyone in zillow, trulia, realtor.Com homes.Com all does people have, you know, really helped out and really helped to shape the way we are going to be able to grow the real estate industry in it. You know, a lot of things have changed. A lot of things are easier now, a lot of things you know aren’t so hard and that’s what I’d like to reach out to you and say why not so I’d like to come to you and talk to you a little bit about interest rate and when I say this, this doesn’t mean that the smallest grow out here in the crowd is going to grow up to challenge lebron james in a game of one-on-one. You know there are physical limitations as a human being that we are born with and there’s certain limitations I mean I’m. Obviously never had you know the genius capabilities to come. You know a researcher of the lysosome like stephen hawking, so with that said, as long as you, let me backup, you truly can do anything that you want to do, go anywhere. You want to go, stop anything. You want to stop be in control of your life as long as you maintain your inner stability and your inner self. So I want to talk with you a little bit about Owasso Real Estate and maintaining your inner self.

Owasso Real Estate You know I like to think of it. You know, there’s people out there that you know in this crowd, that have families that are super supportive and they’re behind you and give you the right direction to write, constructive criticism and that’s another thing don’t want to talk about is that you’ve got to be able to be truthful with yourself, but if you can be truthful with yourself maintain your inner self. As I said, it takes a lot, it doesn’t take a help from anyone in the outside rim having the right people in your outside rim is what helps you maintain that inner strength and helps you maintain that internal 14 that is going to push you I can guarantee you push you to whatever goals you might have so with that said, you’re there’s people out here in this crowd that have family that support you that give you constructive criticism, you’re able to take it. Like you know, that’s the you know, there’s there’s very few people out there and honestly i, wasn’t free clothes, free clothes and be hard-pressed to find anyone that had a better raising an idea, but with that said, there’s people out there that have had all the support and that’s where I’ve been really fortunate. Owasso Real Estate That’s what I want you to know is when you know people look at me and you know yes, I’ve been successful. Yes, you know. If you judge me off of money or you judge me off of real estate. Are you judge me off of this or that, then you know yeah, it’s you know. I guess I’m successful, but what I want you to understand is I n jim carrey want set. It I wish everyone out there to be rich and famous to realize just for a day to realize that that’s not the answer. Owasso Real Estate I think it would take longer than today, because you know tony robbins and talked about mastering your internal self and it’s kind of what I want to talk to you about and I didn’t know I’m jumping around here, but we’re going to get to talking about owasso real estate here in a minute, but maintaining your inner self is is something that you have to do in order to meet where you want to go in order to get where you want to go. So what I want to talk to you about how I got off of my internal strength and how I got back on it and now I stay there and with you get to know, I got to a point and in basically I focused on the external things. Are the external things out there that give you joy that give you the sense of stability, whether it’s a you know your girlfriend, your boyfriend? Maybe a you, know a new car. Owasso Real Estate You know you know it could be as simple as money in the bank to eat food to be able to eat out. I mean everybody has external influences that are you know that that help them that give them that joy, that, given that stability, so when you’re buying a real estate there in awhile, so weird I want you to see that this will play into it. So if the internal fortitude in the inside of you like I said, is what we’re looking for to get you there. So the external stuff is the things that make you feel good make. You feel happy, whether it’s your you know, you’re eating, and you get your belly full of whether it’s you know some of its alcohol. Some people get into drugs and that’s what I want you to do is a cutie and see, and hopefully that you can understand that that’s external influences that are give you that happiness and what I’m saying is all on robin williams. You can master the external world and its game from tony robbins and not match your internal world. That’s very hard to do very few people make it might take, for instance, Owasso Real Estate professional players. They get up and get all these millions of dollars. They do this and I do that, will guess what they run out of it, because the next thing you know they’re, not thinking about that colonel self. For not thinking about that internal fortitude and mastering internal side. It’s the external things several times and back. It took a lot of that and it really took brakey me all the way down to where I wanted to give up. I really did and if I didn’t have children tony would have been tough. Not to do don’t want you guys to know that you never know what you see on the inside somebody, but don’t ever quit. If you get down to that, that’s all I can tell you is keep it as long as you are doing things for the right reasons. Doing the right thing doing the right thing for the right reasons, because you know the road to hell is paved with good intentions and what I mean by that is not to get religious on anyone here. But that your mind can change thing. You can think you’re going to the right way. You think you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons, on trees or not, and that’s when, when that happens, and when you can’t see that is when you don’t have your when you don’t have your internal self so back to owasso real estate. This is another one that I had to edit about owasso real estate