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Down to you again here we’re trying to get to 45 today, actually we’re not going to get 2:45 today we’re going to pass that 50, mark I might head over 25 new recordings today we’re looking to help out looking to ride the stuff for the site map for looking to show you guys are too hopefully educate, know more about real estate to me. But the thing is what I’m concentrating on owasso and I just saw a need. Billboard said battles are won within and how you know it couldn’t be any more. Owasso Real Estate If you can’t master your internal self, then you’re not going to be able to handle the external there’s a guy by the name of robin williams. That I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t agree that he mastered the external world. The mastering the internal world. Your world is a big thing. You know I’m not sure how that’s going to lead into anything and property. Bounce has to do but like mastermind turning world memes doing things right doing things, because it’s not because society is because of the great job. Society is done to keep this business churning into network or not necessarily network, but to to market and to create that one and that, even though it’s always want sometimes I feel for annie I heard a guy say one time that he wants experience. I’m, sorry, I’m a luxury once experience soon becomes a necessity and it goes into that point of you know been wanting and eat, and societies done. A great job of creating interning wants and needs which is is honestly is is is helping you internally, but it’s fault, since it is helping you in that false sense that you’ve mastered that internal feeling, and it’s like searching for the internal feeling in so it’s like you’re reaching for external things to satisfy the internal being in and I guess what I’m getting at is, if you don’t master that internal being.

Owasso Real Estate If you can’t win that fight within yourself, then it’s it’s going to be impossible. I’m telling I’m telling you I will step out. There are things that are impossible in life and it’s going to be impossible to be completely content and happy. If you don’t master that internal world and then turn himself in and that’s the thing with the external world I’m not going to say it damn near impossible to master the outside world without mastering your internal self in your in the world, but it has been done. But if you look around you’ll see where you’re sometimes people end up kurt cobain. Owasso Real Estate Another great example, you know you’re not saying all this I’m not saying that I’ll ever master, my external world or the external world better than robin, williams or kirk, but i, know, and that’s the thing about mastering your internal world and that’s what that billboard brought back is a lot of wars are won with in yourselves and i. Think it speaks a lot to mastering your internal world and if you can match your internal world, then all of a sudden, the external world has the greatest thing about mastering your internal world. Owasso Real Estate It’s so like, then the extra was so much more enjoyable. So with all that said, if you’re looking for a while, so you’re looking for real estate in owasso, looking around anywhere around owosso I’m, going to reach out to a property bounce agent, you know we can show you any of those houses there in a while. So we can show you houses outside of the wall, so like a tulsa, greater the greater greater tulsa association of realtors controls, the mls better than control I think that they manage the mls greater tulsa area, which includes but not limited to jinx bigsby, broken, arrow, tulsa, south, tulsa, north, tulsa, brookside peoria area, which is the brookside area. You know, you’ve got the 15:30, which some people call cherry street, and you know the mls extends all the way up into a wall so which goes into collinsville, which actually believe it or not. Owasso Real Estate

You can actually have a collinsville address and be in owasso public schools. You can have a rogers county address and be in owasso public schools. If going back to the mls and where they cover the cover of wausau, they cover collinsville. They cover sky to kid. It’s included. I! Owasso Real Estate Guess these areas are included in the room, that’s what I’m, trying to say:verdigris turley north pole to south tulsa, jenks, broken, arrow, bixby I just want to make sure that you understand and that at what I’m putting out here that people understand that if you list with property bounce we’re not just working at owasso, we’re working in all of yours were actually license to do business in the entire state of oklahoma. So we are only at this point today which is getting ready to change license and when I say licensed, signed up and members. Owasso Real Estate That would be if they would have put a members of the greater tulsa association of realtors. We all of our agents are realtors. All of our agents are in agent. You can reach out to them. Like I said, if you, if you’re happy with one engine, if you’re not happy with one age of the things I say before you sell your home in owasso is interview agent. Not only do you need to interview the property? If so, what does it cost? How much is it going to cost me and how much are you going to be willing to negotiate your commission to make a cell with her it? Probably bounce was already done. We figured out what it’s going to cost for us to make a nominal profit and still be able to market and facilitate the sale of your transaction in a professional equitable way, while using integrity and honesty.

The transparency is where it’s at I mean there’s been it’s been so many years that the only option, the only way to make something happen, is took to pay that 3% commission. In the end. It’s just. It seems ludicrous to me if you know, if you, if you’re talking about the average home i, believe in don’t quote me on this, but I believe the average home sales price of tulsa homes that sold over the last year’s around 277 e5570 275,000-let you know so, given that I mean just take a hundred $50,000 home I mean that’s $4,500, you can have fennel listing commission. Owasso Real Estate What property mounts you don’t? Actually we do that other 25 grand? What is at 2:50 750 or talk at $5,250 is going to cost you to sell 975,000, just a listing another $5,250 to the person that brought the person and did the work and drove the people around and showed at home and sell them for you. So my question is:is why why would you dare? Oh, my goodness, why would you dare give away that 3% commission, which is your precious equity, that you work years and years? Owasso Real Estate You know why living in owasso to nnm and not even working in a while, so maybe working and it’s like you’re the one that’s been responsible for you’re, the one that had the bed. Why in the world do we have sit around and let these people when i, say these people i, don’t mean anything to a sense of my fit in?

My thought is:why would you want to give away your equity equity is what you have I mean:there’s a lot of people out there that have a lot more money than it’s, not that big of a deal at the end of the day I die. Owasso Real Estate If I can walk across the street and get the same cup of coffee recorder less, you know I’m going to do it because you know what quarter saved is about $0.50 made in today’s world. You know cuz you’re, paying less taxes on that on the sales tax. And, if you’re like most tax, paying americans like your your tax brackets, what I’m getting at is it took you a dollar to get that $0.60, so paying a dollar 20 on one side of the corner going across the street and paying $0.60 i. Think about it! It’s not that $0.60 cup of coffee only took a dollar of your gross time. Bet a dollar and $0.20 cup of coffee cook, $2 of your gross time to cross the street to get a different cup of coffee there in owasso. Owasso Real Estate Would you not walk across the street or pick up the phone? It’s not even that he’s like I said it’s not that hard. We will come to you, so why would you not want to pick up the phone? Let us come to you and save that money, you’re, getting better service, you’re. Being you getting more service, you’re, getting more things that are going to help, sell your property for less money. I know it sounds crazy and it sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not. It is truly a win-win situation for every owasso resident that owns their own home. So please reach out to us. If we can save you some money and property balance, we would love to come sit down and talk with you