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Owasso Real Estate Going to talk to you here in a little bit we’re headed westbound on 61st street headed out to broken arrow to the home of property bound for headed out there to see what we can find and see if we can get some things done we got two men and a truck that’s also they’re great moving service would like to introduce you to and then we’ve also got the fedex people here they’ve they are certainly good at delivering packages but rather than talking about broken arrow in the home office here probably bounce I’d like to say a few words to you on this podcast aboutreal estate in owasso real estate in owasso has been moving ever so slowly and people are still charging 3% commission so what that equates to is a lot of your equity being thrown out the window and you’re at property bounce you’re going to get all of that for a flat fee of Owasso Real Estate 895 bucks so my thing is is if it’s something that you think that you could offer to us something that you think that you want then give us a call if you are interested in selling a home there in owosso or you’re interested in even buying on becoming a homeowner in a while so I would encourage you to reach out to property Owasso Real Estate mount and see how we can help you with your real estate transaction we have numerous agents on staff ready to go to work for you ready to make things happen so either whatever it is that you might be whatever it is you might be looking for I think we’ve got a property bounce agent actually let me rephrase that I know we have a property bounce agent that will work hand-in-hand with you from the cradle to the gravethat transaction making sure it’s opening the clothes making sure that you were taken care of making sure that your questions are answered and you know however and whatever it may be that you need for cruising over here like I said in broken arrow we’re getting ready to pull in here to hinshaw park which is where property about headquarters is located over here at 3101 north hemlock circle it is a great place to call home for property balance we have a lot of people over here we love lot of people over here we’ve been working with for quite some time and you know we got some great Owasso Real Estate neighbors over here magnum construction johnson controls lincoln electric heating and cooling solutions we’ve got accountants over here we’ve got the the broken arrow group which I believe they said insurance actually that’s the air over they sell insurance Owasso Real Estate but you know I don’t know if they sell in owasso I do know that we work in a while so here at the property bounce we are at a flat fee listing serviceswish that you know definitely is is here for you and we’re here to make sure things are done right we appreciate you know you trusting our services and would be happy to static actually would be the better choice of words to be able to show you your home we’ve got really really need deal Owasso Real Estate down here where you can see the creek with a beautiful campus here at the property bouncing and we encourage you to come over and just stop and say hey have a cup of coffee maybe a pancake and see if there’s something that we could do to help you out I have been on your side your property bounce for so long making sure that we are going to be able to bring you the tools that you need to sell your home at an affordable price and it doesn’t matter if you got $100,000 to go in a home or you got $300,000 I’m telling you I’m reaching out to property balance is never going to be a bad decision if I mean a property down to yourwe’ve got all kinds of services that we would like to offer to you and like I said most of them is for a flat fee and take all of them are flat fee as far as our services now when whoever sells your home you’re still going to pay that 3% commission to them Owasso Real Estate cuz that’s what pays that agent that’s what pays the seller’s agent so whether that be a property mount seller’s agent or another agent with another traditional real estate company here in town that’s the only part you’re going to pick him issued on so like I said if you got it on the washer that you’re looking to sell you have it home in a while so that you know you like to buy you like to know more about please reach out to us and see how property bounce can help have a beat your interest I have we made you curious about what you could do and what you can say please don’t get frustrated with the amount of money that you’ve paid out for commissions over the years it’s not anybody’s fault other than the fact that it just hasn’t been available and you know it’s been hard I owe people have been trying to figure it out but it just hasn’t been available in the past and now you have it now you have full-time support from your broker and your agent garrett property mounds in all of the tools that being a realtor allows us and provides us we’re going to use those tools to help sell your home to help market your home and to save you money on a $895 fee it’s crazy to think that a person would want to pay any more than they would have to like I said 894 boxes super super cheap and it’s super affordable because it makes it seem like we don’t cheapen things up for you know we’re not giving you the service is simply not the case not only are we giving you all of the services that you would expect from a traditional realtor we are giving we’re adding stuff to you know what you’re going to get that 3 3d matterport videos when I say free that’s thrown in and included with the $894 listing fee I would challenge you to find it for different real estate agent out there that’s not going to make you pay for that up front here at property bounce we have what we need to make it happen with you. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate That video we’re going to spend the time to make you make it a lot easier for you to sell your home and to be able to keep your equity so if you have some real estate there in owasso that you would like to sell or even you would like to look at please reach out and give us a call I’m headed by baker hughes and then by flight safety international and I’m really excited to show what we can offer these people I am ecstatic about the people that are moving in here if you making things happen and we’re going to be able to definitely help out of the real estate agents in the area where is there something that you’re looking for then please reach out to us and see how we might be able to help you there is house houses and homes available right now for immediate showing in the owasso area ranging all the way from fifty thousand or less all the way up to in excess of a million if so I believe you we have whatever it may be that you might need if it concerns real estate in the wall so we can also show you a few neat things and few tips that that I learned over the years is what counties are in and what school district that’s a major thing one of the great things about owasso even though you’re in a good school district and then I don’t need greg saying is you can actually be on the rogers county side and save money on taxes you can pay a lot less and taxed on the rogers county side then you pay on that tulsa aside and still get the same benefits of the police fire and and the school and save money so there’s so many ways that we want to open up and we want to pull up a kimono and we want to show you what’s going on we want to make sure that we deliver the right product for the right price at the right time and when twins that time no better time than now real estate is booming real estate seasons getting ready to hit and we want to see things move interest rates are still at historically low level so don’t let that scare you away when you Owasso Real Estate hear that maybe they’ve been up a quarter point arena half a point I would like for you to also you know to look into the fact that even if it goes up a quarter of a point we’re going to save you what they would cost three points if you’re not well minus the $895 if you’re not and that traditional realtor commission does it sound too good to be true well we’ve had people say that and what I challenge them to do and encourage them to do is reach out to us and ask why reach out to us and ask how we’re doing it and what we do and compare us apples to apples against the other traditional realtors and see what you’re getting and see what you’re paying for which one do you want how do you want to make it happen I don’t know you tell me I am in the industry to save you money I’m in the industry to make this work and we don’t mind we’re here for you we’ve been here through the long haul we’re going to stay here for the long haul and we want to support you through the end this is a locally-owned company locally ran company right here in tulsa I know it looks a lot bigger than that and it’s going to get a lot bigger than that believe me we are happy to expand we are happy we were looking to Owasso Real Estate currently to put agents in place and put brokers in place in franchise is all across the nation so we’re super excited to see where this is going to go and how this is going to all play out in like I said we know you’re going to be a part we want you to be a part of it we want to be able to help you save money you are client is who we are focused on so if you’ve got that home in owasso that piece of real estate there in owasso that you’ve been thinking about buying thinking about making an offer on or even you thinking about selling please reach out to us and see how much money we can save you especially when we are working on both sides of the transaction what I mean by that is as listing your home and then going and buying you another home we’re going to save you money up front which is going to allow you to either put more money down or do whatever you want to with it I mean let’s face it cash is king so if you’re not going to have to put that money down why not keep it 100 you might need blinds there couldn’t no telling what your house could need there in owasso if you’re going in to buy it so why not take that extra cash that you were cash that you’ve already paid the taxes on and spend that on something that’s going to you know that you want to spend it on don’t give it to that other agent and allow them to spend it on what they want to spend it on it’s your equity why don’t keep it Owasso Real Estate