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To talk about owasso oklahoma today Owasso Real Estate We love Owasso Real Estate I’m on my way to get my hair done at your hair and then I’m pretty sure. Why so does not have a cheer haran, but one day they will, because it’s growing guys, who also is the place to be I’m, going to lighten my hair going back blonde because I think selling homes in a while. So it’s going to be done better being a blonde through property, bounce property bounces your flat rate listing real estate service, at least your home. Instead of 3%, we lost it for a flat 895, which includes all the amenities that you get through a typical traditional real estate agency. + more. We include the professional photos. We include the matterport video, which is the virtual tour, so anyone can take a two or three or home at any time day or night. You don’t have to keep your home clean, constantly cuz. They can literally go and take a tour of your home and anytime, but the great thing about that is that on the video it’s always clean. It’s always clean. Everybody loves a clean house, but let’s face it in reality: family, the children, with jobs with sports with social life. No one wants to focus on cleaning their house. So that’s why the matterport video is so crucial because people see it when it’s clean just that one time you don’t have to clean it every day you don’t have to clean it, prepare it for realtors to bring buy to look at your house just because they think they might be interested know. You want people in your home that are truly interested they’re. Truly, they seen it and they want to get a closer look because they are truly thinking about buying your house, especially in owasso oklahoma, so they’re going to call property, bounce and I got to go to property, bounce.Com and they’re. Going to look at your video we’re going to feature your home on facebook on instagram on our website. Your video is going to be on mls.Com. It’s going to be on zillow.Com, going to be on trulia.Com going to be on, realtors.Com could be on facebook instagram. It’s there. People have access to it. They can see your home and its prime. You don’t have to rush around get your home ready every morning in owasso oklahoma, when you’re trying to sell or buy in real estate in owasso. Also real estate is growing like crazy and the matter. What video is going to make your life easier property bounce is going to make your life easier processes and procedures out of selling your home. We make it easy with salt, the same time as saving your money, you’re, saving your home equity, so that you can go and buy new furniture for your new home. You can go and put a down payment on a car at your home equity cma of your home I love. Seeing my butt. The value of your home. He could say the equity that can buy you a brand new car I’m here who wants? Who? Would you rather give that money to keep it for yourself or give it to your realtor? That’s listing your home I feel like it’s a no-brainer. You want to keep that money. You have things that you want to buy weather. That’s an Owasso Real Estate oklahoma! If that’s wherever! If you don’t trip, take a trip, take a cruise, save it, invest it. Property bounce is helping. You save your home equity. Save that money, keep it for yourself. Realtors have other ways to make money. They can make it on the vine side that 3% the other 3%. You don’t need to be paying 6% to a real estate agent, I’m sitting here at the stoplight, watching a not sure what kind of contraption this is. But it’s rolling over the payment is quite impressive. How about they do that a lot in Owasso Real Estate oklahoma, cuz I have a lot of road construction on 169 progressive not moving through the stoplight. Also does have stop lights. I just great the town I grew up in did not have any stop lights. Cuz, it’s so tiny, but we’re talking about Owasso Real Estate oklahoma, more talking about property, bounce property bounce is going to list your home and help you sell it and save your money. That’s what we’re about save your home equity, making this process easy! That’s what we’re all about! We want to help your family grow and thrive. You don’t need to pay your realtor 6%. You don’t need to pay realtor 3% to list your home. That’s it’s not we’re doing it, though reinventing real estate for everyone. We had the virtual tour. You go online, you look at it if you like it, look at it in the evenings when you’re home, with your family, look at it together, so they can pick out their rooms. You can pick out your room. You could start thinking about what you how this house with fit your family’s lifestyle. That’s better done! Looking looking at it through this matter, port videos only lester home. It’s quite amazing. It’s great technology. We would love to help, help you in awhile so or in tulsa jenks. Wherever you are, we would love to help you list your home, sell it help you find your next home for or about. We want to help you any way possible, but real estate is our expertise. I’m really curious to see what my hair is going to look like that’s going to look better than it does now. Look pretty wretched right now, pretty ratchet! That’s okay! It’s february, 26th, 2018 and nobody’s going to see me until I get out of the car crate thing see. I could be looking at matterport videos right now: virtual tours of homes, post office box to drop my mail off in i, don’t see one down here, but they have them in a little while so oklahoma, though torchy’s tacos owosso does not have a torchy’s tacos yet, but they will.

Owasso Real Estate They will eventually. 40 is based out of fort worth texas and it is awesome, I love, torture, so i, so we’ll have torchy’s. Eventually you should really check out some homes in Owasso Real Estate owosso, real estates really growing get more for your money. Your family would enjoy it. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of everything and i. Think you should check it out. Thank you. Won’t you won’t. You won’t regret. It. I need to see where the new lululemon is cuz I need some new pants hope, I found it found it, but I’m not going to go any right now. I think we talked about gyms in owasso oklahoma, but nice fun and jen asap. We have, they have them all over. Owasso but I’m too lazy to go I’m too busy. Looking at matterport videos in owasso, oklahoma I’m too busy working for property bounce roasting everyone’s homes, 48905 saving 3% on the listing fee. This is a cluster or am I supposed to park. I bet you don’t have angry drivers in owasso. There are angry drivers in tulsa. Let me tell you they are angry and annoying. Not me I’m happy, because you know what, when I sell my home when I lost it, I lost my home when I sell it I’m saving 3% for saving 3%, which my house is worth c 560. So it’s 3% of 560 and don’t know if I can access my calculator but I think I have it right here, but just 3% of 5 $60,000 tickets, how much money I could be saving? Let’s see how to calculate that. Yeah I’m saving calculator is messed up c560 times .03 to 3%. That’s $16,800 people! That’s how much I would be saving not using a traditional realtor cheese property bounce to the wall so go check it out later Owasso Real Estate