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Well, here, I am i, find myself at the intersection of 101st street and memorial i. Look around here. There’s a quiktrip, an at&t pharmacy at the phone store, i, don’t see a real estate store, so I wonder if I was looking for property in owosso or real estate in owosso. Where would I find an agent, certainly wouldn’t be at 101st memorial, Owasso Real Estate so I’m going to go ahead and go straight and head on over to mingo and see if there might be something over there. Buying a home in owasso is never been easier, especially if you’re looking for a house or just a piece of real estate is tulsa foam insulation guys they work on commercial and residential stuff. Have a nice dodge pickup, it’s pretty cool, wonder if they take that tudor homes, maybe probably baskin, look up with them and they can be one of our vendors and possibly maybe help us sell some houses in owosso I’ve been looking at real estate in owasso for quite some time. They don’t. They do actually have a holiday in there. There’s a lot of hotels there, a lot of two-story houses, one story, houses, there’s a total lending concepts, which is super cool same day. Approval there over there at park place, which is a mortgage company i, believe owned by a guy named steve steve, doesn’t live on 8077 as far as I know, but I bet you that steve is a smart enough guy that if you were going to go, sell his home, he would certainly use of confidence property about being on the mortgage. He understands and sees how much of those commissions go not back to the person listed it and not pay a flat fee to grow. It’s about to be there in stone creek. That’s a that’s a neighborhood impulsive, it’s not in owasso, but it’s in the tulsa area, which is a great great spot right place to be great place to live. I voted in 2000, but my brother on the other hand and sister-in-law they live in owosso. They have the real estate company there as well that she charges commissions to list i. Don’t think she’s too happy about this property. Bounce I did. But you know it is what it is I’m out there trying to save some people money and if you’re not willing to work and go cell home, show at home, then why should you get paid all that money? I? Owasso Real Estate Don’t think you should so there’s no way. I just couldn’t agree. I couldn’t find any reason to agree with the fact that I should the concept rather I can’t find any reason to agree to the concept of the concept of you’ll pay. High commissions, like there’s just no reason give that activates. So sad after about the school shootings there in florida I see that are great american flags are flying at half staff. I tell you. If there’s you know i, don’t that’s a good thing to about owasso. As you know, we have phenomenal schools here in owosso we have a great greatschools residential schools. Commercial school would be built at school, be built back commercial builder. Not funny thing is:is it if you’re going to use property bounce than you really don’t even have to have you don’t need a builder like we can buy a home, it’s already built by houses? Already built, you know:we’ve got their homes that need to be built, homes that have been built, and the greens that’s another neighborhood. Neighborhoods in tulsa. Owasso Real Estate Actually, that’s what’s crazy. It’s in bixby schools, i, believe they’re broken arrow city services and their address is tulsa. Talk about crazy. Someone didn’t think that through up there in wausau is thing about. It is everywhere that I know of in owasso, unless you’re going to pay for a private school schools called owosso your your city, your address to be a while. So when you going to be serviced by you know owasso city services, such as the fire department and police department, but the only thing that could be different if you could live in a different county which, because owasso actually goes up, the school district actually goes over into rogers county. So I can my brother and sister-in-law. They have a great place there on the east side of owasso and and they’re in rogers county. So their taxes are a lot cheaper, I’m a whole lot cheaper than what they have been would have been if they would have been on the tulsa county side. So you know that’s one thing that having an agent is going to help you help you find help you do is. Is you know find that right home save that money I mean? Not only are we going to save you when you sell your home, Owasso Real Estate I mean we’re not going to charge you anything to go, find you a home, we’re going to charge you a dime, something that we yo. We went. We never even thought thought about it. You know it’s like. Why not why shouldn’t we be paid for the job that we do. You know and that’s why we charged a flat fee. That’s why I figured out the flat fee that fight for you listing service and you’re, going to see those flat fee listing services they popped up around and there’s large tech companies that are trying to make it happen, but they don’t. You got to have the personal you got to have somewhere on the ground, some boots on the ground, pushing it. You know to be able to do something like this, so hopefully we’ll be able to franchise property bounce and take it out to all the different all of the different nope states I mean i. Don’t know why anyone would be able to use property bounce to make money. I, probably not, since you know, like i, said at $894, going to make a huge amount on that back inside the tums if you’re going to sell. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate So that’s the neat thing is that we know we’re going to put our agents around a lot of people looking for homes, rental agents out there, you know so, if you’re an agent or are you know, someone, that’s an agent, you want to become an agent reach out to properly balance will be glad to assist you and hold your hand to the processor speed. It’s a pretty simple process. You know most most people I know what I just did it online. They take your test and then she wants you to work under somebody. You get sponsored and you know then you’ll get out there in the real world. It’s it’s crazy. I guarantee you I do know, you know, jenna’s jen is going to get a real estate, license she’s going to get out there and get after it. You know she’s going to want to list property she’s going to want to you and I hope. You know, i, like I said it stinks cuz. Owasso Real Estate Why it’s going to be just drug around everywhere. That upsets me, but there’s not a whole lot. I can do about it. You know they’re they’re, north owasso. They actually have a collinsville address, but you know right there. On the north side of owasso, I was at home they’re on i, don’t know if you know what the price ranges of those homes in that area and where cuz that’s actually collinsville. So you know I’m focused more on the price range and the way the homes look there in a while. So I must got a lot of homes for sale at homes out there that tell you. No interest rates are are creeping up, but you know when you think about it. It’s at quarter of a point really doesn’t make that big of a deal. You know you know on your payment, $100,000 home quarter points and we going to cost you. What is that 250 so that $21 or so a month you know $100,000 home. So it’s not like I mean like a whole lot of money. You know, but one of the things you don’t want to get you know is a variable rate in end up paying. You know all these astronomical interest rates, which we could see you know I could see. You know that happening. You know, I hope, not i, sure hope not because the economy here needs to grow. It’s what we’ve been built off of you know hopefully hopefully didn’t get turned around crazy, and you know interest rates go up to 10:15 %. You know makes a lot harder. Owasso Real Estate You know, and that’s that’s when you’re going to need to save even more money and have even more equity in your home before you can sell so using a realtor like property, bounce or an agent that works for property. Bounceu it’ll save you all kinds of money, certainly save you that you know right off the bat. It’s going to save you that 3% commission, so you know 3 or $2,000 home I mean you have to pay the 895 going to be over $8,000 and $8,105 exact. So you know I know what could you do that to me? You can buy a car I mean that it’s just it’s crazy. Owasso Real Estate How much money is wasted and spent on. You know just commissions like that I mean. How much is that actually do you think is yours. You know flipping a house. How much do you expect to make I mean I expect it. You know certain to make more than the person that just happened to have the log into a website. You know I mean i, know it. I know it takes time, but you know it’s not. It doesn’t take that much time to be able to do it. Owasso Real Estate You know, but I can I hate to see if you know where it’s going to go or it’s going to lie to you know, but saving that money at 3% going to make it so much more manageable. When you go on your next home, like if you want to put that money down, I mean think about that. That’s a good downpayment I mean i. Know there a lot of programs out there that loan you 97% of the money, so my thing is-is I’m really giving you your down payment. You know that is not I’m, not give it to him. It’s not taking it from you, because I guess the difference. So if you, if you got a moment owasso and you want to keep that equity, then you don’t reach out to properly bounce and see what we could do for you I’m certain that we could save you some money in the long run Owasso Real Estate