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Owasso Real Estate We had a great show at the home and garden show this week. It wasn’t home and garden show. We had a great show at the tulsa women’s show this weekend at the expo center metal lot of people interested in real estate real estate there in owosso they loved our flat fees. Owasso Real Estate We met a lot of other real estate agents that certainly didn’t like it. So I just makes me understand that we’re doing something right. You know, there’s there’s, obviously something to this, so got a lot of good feedback lot of positive feedback that several comparative market analysis method agent from there in owasso that was interested in property. Bounce very interesting property manage to talk like she might prefer. Some people to us would be great too, but if it was neat seeing people from all over the county, but a special owosso-and there were numerous people there interested in owasso real estate interested in buying their selling their raining there, so I put them in the we will put them in the drawing sarah had a great a great boost it up. It look really great, you know, had some pretty flowers from tony’s that smell great a lot of people coming around. We had some banners. Flyers obviously gave a lot of business cards, get a lot of business card, and you know a lot of people so I’m very excited about where this is going to take rockford property bouncing working to help probably about to get to yeah i. Think we got in front of at least a couple of thousand people got to talk about real estate got to share some information with him about their real estate and do some comparative market analysis. A good show and I really kind of gave us some ideas of what we might be missing for the next show and what we might need to know. I’m super excited to be able to have that going on you’re coming up here soon, I’ll be the home and garden show, so I can say I think the women show gave us. You know some ideas and some different things we can do with thought about. You know but $10,000 cash out there in a box, and then you know put 495 no. 895, but maybe maybe just that much and that’s about the maybe put if it was a $300,000 home would be 9,000 would be saving I was thinking, put 9000 cash in a little lock box type deal and say you know this is how much you could be giving away. What would you do and then maybe we have some crazy I think we could spin off this some crazy commercials of what people did with the realtor money. That is better than blowing it rather than throwing it totally. Some of those ideas will work for the home and garden show. Owasso Real Estate Maybe even a little better I actually have a better turnout at the home and garden show them to tulsa women show it certainly going to be people that are interested in real estate in the real estate. So having someone there to help talk about, even the refinancing options would be phenomenal, so that would be nice if we can get license before then then we can be up there talking about it. So that would be that’s a good thought. Maybe if we can have that done, pushing right over there to come to work with me in the same house with me. We love the owasso area. We love the real estate there in owasso and then, like i, said we, you know explained a lot of people have the property bounce was going to help bolster county work people in tulsa, broken arrow sand, springs sapulpa, but it’s also going to help the people there in the owasso area. Like I said it’s one place. I, don’t want to focus on today. Owasso Real Estate Talking about the wausau area real estate, real estate there in owasso, you know at 11 charging 3% listing fees forever. You know-and let me know if you know somebody-you know your mother-in-law or your sister-in-law. We heard a lot of people, so I don’t pay those fees either. I got a mother-in-law. Well, guess what you don’t have to be family to use property bounce I like to think that property bounces here for the comment here for everyone here for the little guy, like maybe just moved here, don’t have family in the stator, didn’t have a sister, laundryland state or sister in real estate or eric real estate property bounce. Anyone in Owasso Real Estate can save thousands simply by getting a better service, certainly a win-win for everyone, get better service or service. More for your money, I mean, like i, said it’s at the end of the day. This is your equity. This was your hard work taking years and years to save up and dino, make those principal payments every single month and to have to give up all that equity to someone. If you don’t have to quite frankly, I feel is ludacris. You know:what’s crazy, is driving through driving if 169 headed to jay this morning, I thought about going through a lot also and looking at some real estate, but anything is by using property bounce. So I can just jump on the laptop and I can pull up. All of that property are skews me. I can pull up all the property for sale in owasso all of the real estate for sale in owasso, not even half drive up there. I can save the gas that’s. Another Owasso Real Estate thing is like that are virtual tours that we’re doing on these listings that were offering it really allows a person to get inside your home and and and feel like they’re there. So we found over the years that it’s cut down on unwanted viewings of your house anymore people in there. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate So you could ask yourself what is your realtor, offering here’s, what you getting for 895 you’re, getting all of that and then some. So, if you’re looking for real estate in owasso, please reach out to property about consider saving thousands by not paying a commission-based realtor fee and only paying what you have to say, which would be that 895. Unless you end up buying some other suites of services that are $895, get your home on zillow. It gets it true that gets it on realtor.Com mls blast it out there. All of the real estate makes it available for all of the real estate. You know, quite frankly, you know who doesn’t shop on there. That’s another thing that I’d like to share with your property, been out shopping around and do a little research anything that we have your contracting. You no support on the back end and my question is exactly that. Why would a person all the times I know? At least you know several of my friends-was that you know they’re the ones that do all the research online and they narrow it down, and you know, then they call the realtor opens the door now. You know that’s that’s what I would like you to consider using property bounce on. You know you’re going to do the research anyway. If you want us to do the research you want to do the research either way we don’t charge you a penny to show you a home to buy you a home. So please, if you’re, if you’re looking for a home in the owosso area, we need a c reach out to us. You know we can help. You find that owasso real estate, one of our agents, will get you primed up hooked up with him and I see what they can find you. So, if you’re looking on trulia zillow realtor.Com, any of those I mean if it’s a home for sale in oklahoma, you know we can sell it to your property bounce. We can show it to you and then hopefully get you on your way to your dream home quicker than you ever imagined, certainly looking to so we ask that if you’re looking for real estate in the near future and the not so near future to consider property mount, if you know somebody, that’s looking for real estate, the owosso area considered property bounce. If you’d like to look at some real estate in the owasso area, considered property, even if you’d like to look at hello, 895 rate of flat fee mike said flat fee, you can get your home listed and not have to pay those exorbitant commission-based, realtor fees. We back to you again, hopefully soon talk a little more about some real estate there in owasso hope you have a blessed day Owasso Real Estate