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So now I’m headed over to bbd, to get some breakfast i, can’t believe those guys don’t open, til open up until 7, so I guess I’ll go ahead and talk a little more about some owasso real estate. What we’re going to do there in a while! So it’s it’s going to be really neat to be able to dominate that market to be able to just hammer it kill. It show us what’s up and I can’t wait to you know if you think about it, it’s not like we’re going to be able to save millions and millions and millions of dollars rate of 895 box that you know it hasn’t been done before it’s crazy that people have lived there in owasso. For you know over a hundred years and played you know, 3% commission to list it home, and you know now:it’s just you know:95 i, just I mean I’m just elated for the people there in a while so I’m elated for the news, real estate agents that are going to be able to show homes and have leads-and you do not have to tell these exorbitant fees to these. You know some brokers can have fancy houses and fancy offices. You know we’re playing company that that focuses on real estate. We don’t focus on necessarily how cool we are the location. You know it doesn’t have to be in the most prominent area of town property, bounce, we’re just here to help facilitate real estate transactions and help people buy, throwing you know honestly by not taking that real estate by keeping it real estate, keeping the money really hard to gain that money. You know time after time, you’ve made that payment month in months out, you struggled I know you struggled I know the struggle is real cuz I struggle, and it’s honestly, you know what kind of made me think of this is I had a home that you know it’s. Owasso Real Estate What I bought is an investment. I was going to kind of flip it and when I bought it I actually got into the house, and you not realize there was more wrong with it. Then what we originally thought so cost is a little bit more, so we were going to make as much profit will then turned out. I had to pay all 6% and I’ll be darned if I made about 3% on that home. Putting all kinds of effort worked, my tail off use, my money took all the risk and then the real estate agent that simply filled out the mls form and snap. Some pictures of my house got 3% to thought. You know why in the world is that I can do all of this and put all this effort and then I make less than she does, and you know it just didn’t make sense. Owasso Real Estate That’s what made me think, and you know of a property bounce and made me think of the idea that you don’t have to pay you commission, you know that you could pay a flat fee and people have gone nuts about it. I’ve got home owners all over owasso calling they want to know. When we’re going to be there, how quick? We can do it, how the system works, and it itches really a neat deal for that. You know all the residents of owasso. You know whether you have a home but house, a residence where you know where you live in a it, doesn’t really matter as long as it’s something that’s real that has a deed and we can offer for sale, probably bounces for you like it’s, not it doesn’t take too much to put the home on there. You know we’re going to do you know, that’s why we’re going to do extra. That’s why we got the matter for camera. That’s why we’re going to bring that I mean to I believe is, is aren’t showing your home, so I mean open house is going to be the first ones to get in there. Now, let’s face it, they just want to see inside your home. It’s your neighbors! Why not just go ahead and do the virtual tour that way a person can truly get inside your home without beating inside your house? Oh and another thing is it’s just:it allows people like i, said to be able to experience what it would be like to live there and that’s what I’m so happy and so proud to have this company to be able to save some people money, especially there in a while, so I mean it’s not going to be only owosso or real estate there in a while, so I mean it’s going to be, you know real estate all over the nation. For that matter, I mean it could be in big, bend texas. Eventually, I can sell anywhere in oklahoma. So if you have a home, don’t fick that. Why so is the only place? You know that you can get this great deal. Owasso Real Estate You can save we’re not prejudice at all. If you can save money anywhere for that matter, especially if you choose to use property bounce, you know that 3%, commission, 6% total. You know the difference with us is going to pay the 895. The three go to the agent that pussy offer in the professional negotiators on staff brokers in house that are that are going to be able to help, and you know we got the assistance they’re going to be able to run around you bill to make this deal work so I’m super excited super excited, bring it to owosso. I’m super excited to you know, bring it back, just bring it into tulsa. You know tulsa county, rogers county, if you, if you live there in verdigris, if you live in collinsville, live in skiatook jenks, sand, springs bixby, it can be anywhere, I mean you don’t like to eat breakfast bacon, i, don’t know what I’m going to get in here, probably an omelet, maybe I’ll, probably be in man. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate I’m telling you one thing about the the scrambles here or what I love here is the bacon man. The bacon here is unreal, and it’s funny these guys like it. When you really think that they’re going to open at 6:49, like that, it says 7, and just because it’s kind of sad for you guys to the cracks me up. I got to get in there and get that coffee. You know, I’ll tell you what, though, so, if it’s another thing when I get you know when I get in there is some caffeine project, diet coke or something maybe get the blood going to get the blood pump through the veins, so horrible for you woke up this morning and wasn’t able to work out, wouldn’t able to really do much. Owasso Real Estate So you know your bbd I mean there’s got to be someone here that that owns a home that owns real estate. Owasso Real Estate Hopefully there’s got to be also someone you know, maybe not maybe there’s someone that wants it on my wall, so so so, if you need the multi listing service, if you have a home for sale like he really need to I’d love to sit down with you and talk to you about the multi-list service, how that works, it’s with the greater tulsa association of realtors. We we love that association. What that does is that links us to you know that links your home to all the agents out there and also there’s a act was not in the cilia form. On there, but there’s a way you can click that it pushes it to the truly a destiny thing is like:if you list a property bounce, you know you wish you were home there in a while, so it probably bounce we’re going to have it on trulia rent. Have it on zillow rent to have it on realtor.Com. You know if we’re going to have a lot of a lot of great opportunities for you to not only chelsea mills david even buy some property foreclosure homes and we’d love to help you out, you know, I will bring a box of chocolate to the we’re, also going to give you a whole bunch of cash. Owasso Real Estate So you know how much did your agent you know give to you and that’s. Owasso Real Estate The thing is just crazy that you we need to take a 3% home equity equates to a lot I believe the average home prices around $175,200 an hour. How much $200,000 home at 3% is going to save you $6,000 when i, say 6000, you do if a date 95. So it’s really going to save you 5105 bucks in that’s a lot. I mean five grand goes a long ways mean think about it, but that would pay for all of your closing cost. Good amount of furniture, you know depends on where you shopping for my whole house, but if you’re looking for you, looking for real estate you’re looking to sell your real estate looking to buy real estate you’re looking to lease it, what are you looking to do like reach out to the property bounce agent, especially if you’re there in owasso anywhere in oklahoma, for that matter, just reach out to his see what we can be glad to help you out do everything that we can for you and you don’t get your home listed, get your home sold Owasso Real Estate