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I was talking to my new friend I just met today about property bounce, and so naturally, I told him about property, bouncing how we facilitated so many transactions to offer real estate for sale in owasso and explain the property balance he loved it. I mean he had around a $300,000 home. Look at the numbers and I think I net to seller is going to put close to $8,000. Did. This guy, needless to say, has no qualms or no questions about you guessed it it’s probably about, and anything is crazy as a buzz going around there’s no, this guy to everyone, everyone you talk to you once he is property manager. What’s your own money and that’s what’s crazy? Is it’s coming up with something sewing with changes in technology? Obviously we know all know it’s that easy to find real estate in owasso. If you’re looking to buy real estate in owasso, you can find it on the internet, but why not use a plate, dedicated agency that work for you and not sell the property they have listed, so they can get that commission? Are agents aren’t driven by that our agents are driven by meeting your needs, your expectations and your desires. We don’t care whose house you buy, that’s your choice and that’s your money and that’s your equity, and this might spend a lot of people and you want to list with someone that is only going to show your house. You know what 100% I would absolutely recommend. Do not go property mouse, because we are about the customer, the consumer in that could be the buyer that could be the seller of real estate or about transparency and honesty. If you have something to offer for sale, it’s offer for sale. How should I use me? Why should I punish or why should anyone punish someone for their success? You’ve worked hard. You’ve got that million-dollar home. Owasso Real Estate You have all of that. App where you want should I get 3% of it. Why should I get 30000 of your dollars if you own a million-dollar home and only three thousand of it? If you own a hundred thousand or no, should your success dick take mine i, don’t think so! That’s why property bounce come about we’re here. For every single individual that needs help or assistance facilitating to sell the real estate, the buying of real estate or the written for the state property bounce is here to rent sale by lease real estate. We’re here to save you money, so the question I ask is why:why is that conventional realtor and pay that commission base price? When you know you can get the same service, ny claymore using property? That’s for less money! I know it sounds too good to be true. How in the world and I ask myself at times I’m so passionate about this and I talk about it when I think about real estate in owasso and I’m like how could someone do things so much more efficiently and cheaper? Owasso Real Estate The fact of the matter is is because we’ve stepped back and looked at the consumer with looked at the client and we realized how technology has changed the way, not only the way we do business, but it’s changed the way we make money and, to be honest, it’s made it so much easier and it’s made it so much less hands-on. So with that said, why not asked it on the consumer if, with the changes that the internet has made into the real estate industry, especially in the area, if why shouldn’t those changes be passed on and then savings be passed on the consumer? Why do they have to be absorbed by the broker by the traditional I’ll? Tell you you can make up your mind as to why they didn’t pass it profit on the absorbent I’ll. Let you make the switch the property mouse if you’re looking for real estate in owasso, you looking for real estate in tulsa, county, rogers county anywhere in oklahoma, for that matter of america property balance has what you need. If you want to pay that extra commission I understand you have that friend and you want to help them out and they’ve been working hard. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that and I understand. You want to help that person out, but if you’re looking out and concerned about the equity, the down payment you’re going to put down in the amount of money, that’s going to come out of your pocket, then I just say your property bounce. It look. I mean Owasso Real Estate Is ever-changing property bounce the new lion in town? We’re not here to take your money, we’re here to help you sell your property and we’re proving that by offering the first 50 people that list homes in owasso a free listing of free up front listing we’re still going to charge you the $895 base fee, we’re not going to charge you 3% and we’re not going to make you pay it upfront if your house doesn’t sell the what if we done for you, why should I take your $895 if I can’t sell your home? If you hired a plumber to come over and fix your toilet and you paid in that hundred dollars and it couldn’t fix it? Owasso Real Estate Would you expect to get that money back? Absolutely it’s a number. So my question is:is why are we forced to deal with that type of situation in a competitive market? That’s my question, for you is real estate in owasso truly a competitive market. It’s my property bounce is here real estate in owasso. Owasso Real Estate Now real estate everywhere in general, is about the commission. It’s about what you get paid gets paid and what we’re trying to do here, probably announce the save you money and concentrate the equity, the hard-r inequity that you put in the time and the effort to not only require but to maintain and build so why, for instance, if you bought in this home for 5-10 years, you’ve worked your tail off to not only have the money down to acquire this home, but to maintain this home, to update this home, to keep this home in pristine condition, dammit marketable and to sell it and make money.¬†Owasso Real Estate

Why should that equity go to the person that simply stroked a few keys on the keyboard and put it on the internet? ? It shouldn’t is your answer. Why would you pay that money to that person? That’s why I said earlier:don’t why would you reward them for passing the test? Ed, equity, shores, choose property bounce, sell your real estate in owasso, just property bound. Keep that equity in your own pocket in your bank account in your control to use for your family you’re, the one that is made sure those mortgage payments have been paid monthly you’re, the one that owns that equity. Why give it away property bounce is here to help you keep. That is not only help you keep it a clean but to market your property and get the most out of your property to get the most equity out of what you put in¬†Owasso Real Estate