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Back to owasso did I leave my home in the middle of nowhere. It’s located a mini horse farm, which is very cute, I love to look out my back window and see the little mini horses that huge difference and the farmer of the mini horse farm gets offended if you call them so nice and she’s I rather cranky lady. So we do not want to call them, but I was thinking. I bet. Owasso Real Estate There are many horse farms in owasso, somewhere or possibly pony farms. You just never know. I know there are towels and standard size, horses, I’ve seen those for sure and probably pigs i. Just think it’s a great place if you want to have a farm, I think owasso the land of opportunity, but I think we should go back to had a great topic to talk about the great one and it just slipped my mind. The earlier we were talking about. Different churches has a face. If you don’t have a face and you want to find a face, I think owosso is a great place to find a face, find a great church to be a part of i. Know, there’s a life church out there and secrete. If you don’t have a background and what about ground in the christian faith, I think black churches good start have one of those am I so check it out.

They also have other churches mature important. If you would like to attend one hotels, if you want to come and visit owasso, so you can shop for real estate through property bounce in owosso, they have quite a selection of hotel. Then they are listed. It reasonably priced rates per night to check those out to. Maybe you could check out of church at the same time. I don’t know thanks. I have a lot of things to choose from that’s your usual I know they have a massive one and I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s big, it’s impressive, looking I would probably think there if I lived in owasso or if I move to a lawsuit start, farm I will use that big, bank i. Think farming is a great industry to be in especially these times. I think it’s the time to start learning how to grow your own food dell also has a ton of land to grow. Owasso Real Estate Your own fruits and vegetables have a few pics, maybe some goats, maybe some cows for you and some for dairy cows. I have a friend that is purchasing six kobe beef. Is it going to be raising them not know also, but I have told him about owosso and all the real estate out there, so he could raise his kobe beef he’s going to be selling his beef to restaurants, local restaurants, here in tulsa and possibly owasso, which I think is amazing and i.

Owasso Real Estate Think I might half of a kobe beef for my my house, my feed, my children, but if you had a farm in a while, so you can have your own kobe beef, just the land of opportunity. Owasso is your children could run 4 miles and never see soul to great it’s a safe, city doesn’t have the gang problems like tulsa. Does that’s for sure you don’t have to have it police gang unit just for a while, so or just for games like you did tulsa advantage to live in owasso tulsa can get a little get to though, but also does have his own police force and I think they’ll make you feel very safe. They also have oklahoma highway patrol. She will keep your highways very safe in owasso, 169, safe travels with ohp all the way owosso is close to the airport, guys you know where I live in broken arrow takes me a good on how fast I drive, which is usually fairly fast. If you drive speed limit it takes about 25 minutes to get to the airport from my house, guys can get to the airport and less time than that from owasso. Probably you might have to break the speed limit at times, but not much, not much, not like i. Do that’s a huge bonus. Tulsa international airport is awesome.

Owasso Real Estate Property bounce can help. You find your next home in owosso or if you already live in owasso, you are a lucky person. We could sell your home and help you find your next owasso, though I mean it’s just so easy I can help you in a second, have it up on mls, zillow and no time to get your pictures taken out there in a while. So the matterport works great in owasso to it’s a virtual tour corset, and maybe you want to buy lots of land like i, do and have a farm I just think it’s the way to go. Farming is the way to go in owosso course. Property bounce is the way to go in owasso. Absolutely one hundred thousand million trillion way to go. The grass is greener in owasso. I believe is a true fact. I did not make that up. Kolossos the land of opportunity, I think everyone should just check it out at least go eat at bricktown brewery in owasso go to the target there. What a fun day trip that would be berry and christmas tree farm. Who else in oklahoma has a very end christmas tree farm in november they usually open the first weekend of november. You can go and pick out your christmas tree. That has not yet been cut down, it is a family tradition. Absolutely one of mine and my children’s favorite traditions. We drive out to not sure what exit you take, I think it’s the 96th street north I’m, usually not driving parker car out there. We walk. We like to get exercise. We need exercise so that after we pick out a christmas tree, we can go.

The bricktown brewery have zero to eat some lunch, and then we don’t blow up like little guinea pigs or they have at the christmas tree and farm in owasso has what are they called? They have tractors. They have hayrides sucks, they’re called hayrides that will take you down around the whole christmas tree farm to the different flats of trees, so they had different trees. Guy type of spruce or but they have different kinds of farming-is the way to go, but just christmas trees and it’s springtime whatever the heck. You want that’s right there in owasso. It’s amazing. It’s just such a great place¬†Owasso Real Estate