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I, never 6465 I got to school at 10:40 to make it work. We just just left home, they’re north tulsa turkey walks on there. It’s got a great roof on it. Just that wonderful, remodel, quick-serve did a great job with their vision on that house, and I really appreciate everything that they’re doing right now for the industry, simple phone call, property bounce is going to be able to save you, Owasso real Estate thousands if you’re currently, and see how we can help you I certainly want to make sure that everyone understands. We are here for the long haul we’re here to save you. Some money and I would charge $895 to sell a home, and that’s going to be. You know, a wonderful wonderful savings, Owasso real Estate I’m super super excited and super pumped and stoked about where this is going to take us and where we’re going to go is save you money. It’s a lot of money, I mean with the $895 listing fee, so much on your owasso, home and you’re going to get so much for it and that’s a great thing about it. Is this? Isn’t a separate service as full-service the Owasso real Estate hundred percent in doing the impossible is what property we are ready. We are. We’re excited we’re ecstatic about where we’re going with this and how big is going to be. You know we’re only going to charge you a flat fee there to list your home in owasso and you’re going to get all the services, and that includes a matterport video. Owasso real Estate If you don’t know what a matter for video is, that is a 3d video that actually allows a person in virtual to go inside your home and talk about anything. If you have seen it. If you don’t know what it is, I encourage you to go check it out there on. Owasso real Estate

If you can go to our website, probably bounce.Com, to be a link there, and you know what there is to go to matterport.Com and check out some of the videos with the listing there at 5:20, for you to come so phenomenal listing phenomenal video I’m really excited about how the hell that turned down some. Owasso real Estate So if, if, if you’re looking to sell a home in owasso, are you looking to buy a home there in a while? So please reach out to one of our property bounce agents? We we we work off of the flat fee to list your home, I mean and then on selling your home, we’re going to pay like i, said you’re going to get. You know, selling your home going to list it for 3%. If you, if you’re looking for hunger by you’re, not going to say anything, we will represent you for free and that’s the other sellers going to pay us that money. So you know it if you’re curious to how it works out and how it goes just give us a call. I’ll explain it to you glad to sit down with you to show you what we’re doing show you, how things work and where everything’s going. If you are a member of mls, if you’re, not a member of mls, you know, please give us a call. Owasso real Estate We are members of mls to the greater tulsa association of realtors multi listing service. Collinsville I mean you name it you list it it’s going. We are super pumped about where this can go super pumped about. What’s going to happen with property bounce and we’re going to go, we were only charging at 3%. We’ve got a deal now with the so 3% I mean that’s a lot. I mean it doesn’t matter. If you’re going to the gun, show or not. You know, please give us a call, and it will explain to you how that 895 going to help its people working in lines and proved you know they’re, danny myers, that’s a great car place same deductible, so you choose the best. That’s that’s! The thing is with property bounce, Owasso real Estate it’s the same price, so you can work with. We definitely want you to be comfortable with your real estate agent. We want you to be comfortable with your realtor. We want you to understand that if you are listing with us, we’re not just going to list it for what it was. Com we’re going to push it over to zillow.Com and when I put it on realtor.Com.

So it’s like all of those are included in the service that is allowing us to to sell you, the change, the game to sell your home in to change the game in real estate, as it has been done. Owasso real Estate That we work with you know is we’re selling homes you can kind of move in there and I get a discounted rate, will probably bounce all kinds of vendors that have signed up to work with us, and you know we are here to push through we’re here to make this work for you and make this work for all this work in it about real estate were passionate about saving you money and we’re passionate about doing things for the right reasons, and that is what I want to reiterate to you here. At property. Bounce is ethics and honesty, how we roll, if you’re an ethical person-and you won’t look thinking about the combination. Please reach out to give us a call and and tell me why you wouldn’t use this I mean we have been super static and super pump for so long so excited to get this launched in off the ground and make it happen. We are we’re getting things going. You know it’s accountability. That makes things work and cast list. We got all those, we got the accountability. You know we have people holding us accountable, which in turn helps us to hold her agents accountable, which gets you home so I’m going to get it done fast.

Owasso real Estate We work with only the winter’s that are adamant about getting things, clothes and doing things right. Yes, we do I’m telling you in, and we have lenders there in owasso. We have a title company there in a while. So we have everything it. If you don’t want to drive for your closing, and you know what will figure out a way to come to you. We have constantly save people money day in day out you’re in you’re out there in owasso and all over. Owasso real Estate For that matter, I mean we have been saving people money for decades. You know on helping it by real estate, so now why not help them sell we’re not going to charge you a penny? If you want to sell your, you want to buy a home. So if you want to buy a home there in a while, so it’s not going to cost you anything to sign up with us will get you with an agent that you work well with it matches with your personality and we’ll get you going we’re going to get you we can get that house found for you we’re going to get it.

You know in the system we’re going to put those are going to get something for you, I mean how things have been going and where they’re going, and we really want to. We really want you to know, and we really hope that you understand how awesome this website is and Owasso real Estate how awesome bing affiliated with property boundaries. I mean you’re, going to be able to save so much money. I think it’s just going to for you. I really do so. Please give us a call if you’ve got that’s all I can really tell you is. Owasso real Estate If you got up there in a while so give us a holler with love, run a comparative market analysis on it and see how much money we can take-and you just never know until you pull it out until you call so please I’d like to be able to explain this video to you as I am now and I’d like to think that everybody’s going to listen to this, but you know read this off the site mad, but you need to probably not so. My thing is:if you got a home in a while, so you know give us a call and see what we can do for you to see how much money we can say to you. I am we’re going to hopefully run some commercial soon to be able to explain this and get it out there to you make sure. Like I said the people are on the forefront I mean this thing is going to explode. Ladies and gentleman I’m telling you we’re going to put this back into the hands of the public. We want you to have that equity week. Want you to that’s your equity. Don’t give it away keep it I mean we are really here for you and we want to make sure that you understand how much cash is in your home, and you know we’re not going to take a percentage of that for doing that. We’re going to charge you a fee and affordable fee that that that works for everyone.

Owasso real Estate So please, if you’re looking to sell a home at all I mean let us know we would love to come out picture it up and, and quite frankly, you know be able to make you make it work for you and put money in your pocket. I know that seems almost too good to be true and it seems like it could be, but I’m telling you it’s not if you find it not be glad to if you’re looking for a home in a while. So please, let us know, what’s going on what you’re looking for and where my charger. Owasso real Estate We would love to get you that home found for free-and you know if you wanted to do it, just give us a call we’d love to show you that owasso home would love to sell you that owasso home and will put you with one of our agents. You know let you interview and make sure that you guys work well together and if you don’t we’ll put you with another one of our agents, our agents are trained to work for you. Owasso real Estate They understand that putting her clients versus going to put us first and it’s just a reciprocal relationship and we hope that you’ll see that the non traditional way of selling houses is going by the wayside, and so you know reach out to us here, probably bounce. If you’re currently living in an apartment-and maybe you want to go-maybe you want to list. Maybe you want to find a home there in jenks, maybe you won’t find it there do. You know reach out to let us know and we’ll be glad to you know. Look everything up and get you going and in a hurry and get your home in a timely manner.