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I’m trying to push through these is I’m, not sure when I’m going to have this much windshield time again, you don’t have jujitsu tomorrow, after jujitsu tuesday I have addison tomorrow, I have addison and wine tuesday I’m, so excited i. Just look forward to my time with my kids. They are just amazing. Little dudes and I am very happy that we can be a part of this team and we can be there too help see things through, be there to help with the competition that might be out there. You got a lot of equity in your home. You’ve worked hard to buy that piece of real estate there in owasso, and you know you’ve worked hard to pay that equity down. So when working like that, when moving like that, when paying and talking about getting rid of a home and selling that real estate, why not use property bounce? Why not pay the flat fee rather than a commission-based feet? I, don’t know you tell me, but I tell you one thing:i do love is out here on the turnpike. Owasso Real Estate

We have got great. It’s I tell you that it’s starting to turn green I’m so excited when it turns green spring comes around things start happening, it’s really fun. It’s really need and to be able to be a part of it may be able to be there and help you on that owasso home to be able to help you through the entire system. So, if you’re like me and you like green green grass, green money, whatever it is-call property, bounce and the green machine team-and we will give you the tools that are needed for a flat fee $895 and we’re going to give you the support or going to give you a local person, local support, that’s going to be able to help you help you through this and help. You grow this to the potential of where it could be, and I’ll tell you that, like these guys have helped so many people grow. So many businesses that is just unbelievable. How how much, how much these people have pushed and what they’ve been able to do like if you’re there in owasso, and you want to make it work you want to make it happen, then, why not reach out to proper nouns and see what they can do for you I’m telling you their property bounce? We have got a wonderful program, an absolutely wonderful program that is based off of non-commissioned, but based off of what it cost us to do her job and that’s the difference. That is a big difference. Owasso Real Estate

You know being able to have what we have and do what we do. Your property balance, I’m super excited and ecstatic about. What’s been going on how we’ve been able to push through and make things happen. There’s, some really unique people. Won’t you step back and look around. There’s some really really need people in this business. There’s some unique people that I have friends and I’m proud to know that they’re going to be able to help me sell homes going to be able to help us buy homes, and you know, especially in the owasso .. So, if that’s something something that might interest you, if it’s something that you think you might be able to use, we would encourage you to please reach out to us here at property balance and tell us what you’d like to do. Tell us how much you would like to how much you like to sell your house for we’d be happy to run a free, comparative market analysis for you and tell you what we think your homes worth and tell you what we think we can do for you. So I encourage you if you want to reach out to probably bounce going to reach out to us, please do so and ask is how much we could save you, and just just let us interview for the job to make sure that that you hire the right agent that you get with the right agent. Like I said we got numerous agents that we work with and work for us. Owasso Real Estate

So if don’t hesitate to ask or to say, hey, i, don’t like this person, i, don’t like that person I think I’ll get along better. With this, when I mean that’s one thing:we’re going to do that’s why I want to talk to you the first as the broker, so I can see what you need in and see kind of how it’s going to best fit your personality. I’m I’m super stoked super excited about where this is going to lead and where it’s going to go and how we’re going to be able to grow this into a multi-million-dollar organization and oh wow, saving people millions of dollars. So how? How can it not be a win-win situation on both sides of the equation? I i, don’t know so if you have a home in a while, so would you like for us to take a look at it? Please give us a call we’ll come out, we’ll take a look at it will look around. It will bring her maintenance guys out and I will give you an additional assessment, will give you some recommendations as to what you know we think might might help sell it, and then you make a decision from there will also. You know we have a host of vendors that allow you to save money, allow you to keep your home equity, keep morgan home equity and make sure that it stays in your pocket. Owasso Real Estate Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to push through on this we’re here to help you get through this, and we want to make sure that you, as a person I’m here in this country, great state of america, has the options and the tools just as the rest of us too. Owasso Real Estate

We want to be able to help you want to be able to push through and make sure that your home is pushed out on the zillow.Com going to be on realtor.Com I mean you’re, going to get the exposure that you need you going to get the flyers going to get a key box you’re going to get a sign, you’re going to get all of that to be able to effectively market your home. So if you have a home there a while, so you have some real estate there in a while. Owasso Real Estate So then please reach out to a see what we can do for you. We have realtors in the area that we know we would love to bill help you out. So if you’d, like i, said once again, if you know you’ve been looking at selling your home, you’ve been looking to buy a home I would encourage you to reach out to property bounce and see what we might be able to do for you. We have been in the market in the real estate industry. You know our people, for you know. Over 20 years we have combined experience of lord knows how many years it’s hard for me to even believe I just want you to know that you’re in safe hands would probably balance. The hands of people that care about you and we’re proud and to be able to push it along and be able to help out. However, we may be need it. So you know the difference between property bounce in your traditional real estate agent is that we are going to charge a flat fee when I’m going to charge a commission-based. So if you got say a $300,000 home and you want to pay 3% to a listing of traditional listing broker than you would be paying $9,000 I without you only going to pay a hundred ninety-five, so I encourage you. If you got an owasso home or you know, even if at home is not to want to have the courage to reach out to us and see how we might be able to help that we are here for you, we are going to be here for the long, haul and I can assure you that property bounce are real estate. Team is here to help you sell that home in owasso, and here to help you do the right thing. Owasso Real Estate

So I asked you right, I say to encourage you to reach out to us and see what we can do for you. If you’re looking to buy a home, maybe you’re currently renting you’re looking to buy real estate in owasso once again property bounce going to help you it’s going to be a little bit different of a process in the way I’ve explain because we’re not going to charge you $895 we’re actually going to do all that work and let the seller pay the commission so we’re going to be working on your behalf and be getting paid by them. So it’s a really unique program, and if you have any questions, you have any concerns. I know that there’s a lot of people out there that maybe don’t know how to do this or how to do that or you’re scared of this or scared of that will encourage you to reach out to property down, to see how we can help you see what we can do for you. We are going to put our entire sweet of tools to work for you we’re going to make sure that you have what it takes and what is needed to sell that owasso home. So, like I said, if you’ve got some real estate that you want to sale, you’ve got some real estate that you’d like to even see what it’s worth. We will. We offer free comparative market analysis on all real estate in owasso when it comes to residential real estate. Let me rephrase that residential real estate, but if you got a home that you want to sale, if you got a homie just want to know what it’s worth. Maybe you want to see where you sit with your value with your equity and with your net worth, and you know, let’s face it, a lot of, if you like me or you’re, like most americans, a lot of our net worth is tied up in her homes, so unlock sim that equity keep more of that equity by using property bounce to list your home, like i, said it’s going to be a flat fee of $894, not 3%, so I encourage you to reach out to us.

Owasso Real Estate If there’s any way, we can help you please reach out to his. Let us know what we can do for you. Let us know how we can help you sell that home, like I said, if you are in the market for a new home you’re in the market for a new construction home, we also work with builder zero property down and we’re going to it’s going to be the same way. We’re not going to charge you that $895 fee, we are going to help negotiate the home for you and let that seller pay that commission. So let us know if there’s any way we can help. We would love to take a look at your real estate there in owasso and basically line you up with one of the agents are several of our agents. You can pick from the who you think you would get along with best the personality that you think would best fit. You I would have courage. You, like i, said to reach out to property mount and see how we can help you today. We want to be your real estate partner of choice here at property mount, so I got that owasso home you’re. Even thinking about it, look up there on the contact form and shoot us an email over and we’ll be glad to reach out to you Owasso Real Estate