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Taking off here on number 83 and number 83 is going to be a great recording. It’s going to be a great podcast. I’m excited we talkin about some owasso real estate and everything that owasso has the offer. We had been working on this project for quite some time, and you know we going to have some real estate for sale. We’ve already got some real estate for sale just listed one last week, and then this one got two more this week to do, and it’s going to be neat being able to show people what we can do and how we can help them, sell their home, I’m very excited and very ecstatic about what we can do and how we can do. Owasso Real Estate It were able to save people, lots of money and I’m talking mm mm when you have a commission-based real estate fee versus a flat fee. You know me and it’s super easymake, it work. So if you’re cruising down the cherokee turnpike, you know I’m about mile marker 26 right now. So please wave at me, especially if you’re headed to you, headed towards arkansas, we’re going to pass each other, and you know just let me know when you’re out there. If they can hey man here comes a guy right there buddy, how about it. You know it was funny. I was talking to one of my employees today over at the store, and they said no, they were so excited, they got the car lot and it was 2015 ford I’m, not sure exactly what it was, but the nice thing about it was. Is she paid last for this car, then I’m going to be able to save the guy that I’m listening is home next week, two of her cars, so you know that’s. My thing is like you know:why throw it away if your person that just has too much money, then you know, go for it when I can see him. It is your money, you do what you want with it, but I could see. I can see a lot of things turned out in a lot of different ways, but this is certainly a good way. This is a good way to you, know, meet some people. I meet the right people and I believe that I truly believe that we’re going to be able to save people are the whole lot more money than they ever imagined. You know, I mean be able to do this, to be able to show people what their worth and what the house is worth its just needing. Hey, there’s a guy right. There were cruising down the turnpike and headed up to the wausau to look at some homes. There’s a nice gmc, hey buddy! How are you man? That’s at the mile marker 24 here on the great turnpike. You know state of oklahoma what a deal you know. At least we have some nice roads on these turnpike’s I’ll tell you that and they’re a lot better taken care of the concrete I mean it’s so smooth riding me right now, I got pulling a boat and I bet. He really enjoys your other than the fact that he’s gotta pay for the dexter axle. Owasso Real Estate

It cost you quite a bit more I bet. He’s really enjoys the fact that he’s you know it’s easy to pool truck driver right there, hurricane truck lines and hurricane express. You know it just makes Owasso Real Estate you wonder how those guys get her done and what they’re doing to make it happen very excited that we can make things work. I hope that this world keeps to continue, and you know you got to stay on top. You got to constantly be trying to make things work, I’m constantly being a winner because being a loser, it’s just not going to work. It’s never going to happen, and you know you don’t want to be put in that torture. Camp I mean they’re north korea. That would be horrible, hey. What’s up walmart, that’s a that’s a nice! You know walmart’s based at arkansas. You know what a great deal that sam walton was able to do, and it just a great guy, great family man and you know I never got to meet him, but you know I got to work for him and how neat is that you know that I actually work for sam walton. So I tell people that you know that I will Owasso Real Estate and I work for sam walton back when I was younger and I work for mark simmons back when I was younger and i. You know how I was able to you know you really see what they did and follow their vision and and try and I just wanted. I thought you know what an in and, if you talk to you know, I’ve hurt. You know, you’ve heard I guarantee you sam and you’ve heard. You know. I, don’t know about mr. Simmons, but you heard him say that you know why he wasn’t anything spectacular and his humility is just always impressed me and how he was able to build that big of a franchise, and then you know turn it over to his children and look now. His children are still doing a great job of running it and making things happen. I am you know that opportunity for a lot of small business people as they have sam has a walmart store there in several walmart stores are in the owasso area. So if you’re I encourage, you know to to stop by the walmart I mean set, my property bounce see how we can help save you. Some money I mean that’s where I really feel like you know, like I said that I got my starter is going to working for mr. Walton really gave me the tools that I needed, and it showed me how accountability and redundancy cuts down on mistakes-and you know that’s what we have to have.

We got have checks and balances in place and you got to have the right people there and I’ll. Tell you I’m, crystal duffield is just an amazing worker for my store, and you know so, hopefully she’ll be able to stay there and she will stay there for a long time and help me run that store I’m. Owasso Real Estate A very excited to have her on my team and I’m super excited to be able to make her. You know make her the queen of of the y and be able to. You know, make sure that things are done right and make sure he knows she’s going to be. She can hold people accountable, she’s, a nice lady I think people can work for, especially after they get to know her. She has some really good family and i, like that. You know, I really wish that they would do something a little different. Maybe what we could do is get some wine store. Shirts I think that would be a good idea to get some wine store t-shirts and have the employees wear those and maybe get some new t-shirts made in your new design. So I need to kind of talk about that, but, while I’m here with you today we’re talking about owosso real estate and everything that it has to offer and it’s it’s really a neat program. Owasso Real Estate Property balance is, and you know it-and you know why not start there. When looking for real estate I mean you can definitely make things happen. You know you know if you’d like to, but if you can get all of those services and more, why not hey and 895 fee vs. At 3% I guarantee you paying that 895 fee is going to save you.

Owasso Real Estate Thousands I mean especially like the look at $300,000 8105 bucks that it’s going to save you I’m I’m, very, very pumped I’m, happy to be a part of this team and I wonder if that guy right there. If you know, if you had a pikepass, how much happier he would be, that’s a really good, looking car to be driving right there, but, like i, said when I go through here and I’m, going to look at this cattle trailer and I go through and look at the toyota and everything it has to offer. I mean,, I’m, very excited and humbled by what we’re going to be able to do here and I want to stay that way. You know when I think that’s being around the right people and in making the right decisions. You know I mean my children are everything to me and you know I just want to be there for them and be there to help them and be there. Then you know be there. Owasso Real Estate Coach I want to be the coach I want to you’ll, make sure that things are done right. I feel that, in the end, we’re going to always be able to make things work the right way and for the right reasons, I am a firm believer in in in change,, firm believer in embracing change and i. Think that you’ll see as an american you’ll see as an american homeowner that saving money on real estate is never been easier. It’s very affordable. It’s super easy to get things done and, like I said I would I would love for you to reach out to us. If you have any questions about your owasso real estate, do you have any questions about probably bounce it?

Owasso Real Estate Maybe how it’s working I’ll be glad to explain it to you and let you know what we can do if you, if you’d like to be a property bounce agent or you’d like to get probably bounce partner, then why not reach out to us and see how we can help you? We want to be there for you. We want to make sure that things are done right and doing things right as what we do here, property we are on top of it. We are not going to be pushed down when I going to be pushed back, we’re going to keep pushing through and make this work going to be able to make it happen and you’ll build a company and work. I really do I really feel like we can build this company up and we can make things happen and be able to explode all across the way, and not only that you know you’re passing right now by rose leach exit, which is a highway 412, just off the turnpike here in delaware, county and I’m very excited for what what we done for you know the I’m excited to see where we are and how things are going to work. We’ve we’ve been able to save a lot of people a lot of money, especially there in owasso, and you know so I’d like to hear Owasso Real Estate from you I’d like to know what your thoughts are. If you enjoy the podcast, if you don’t well, it really doesn’t matter because I have to do it anyway. So, like I said, if you want to you know, you want to be a friend, go over there to a google review, radisson google review. If you would go there and like us on facebook and see how we can help you sell your home