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Owasso Real Estate You’re, a number 97 going to talk to you about your and some internal stuff and what we’re able to do here-property bounce and how were able to sell and list real estate there in owosso at a very affordable ray. So getting back to the internal self is by being around the right people I mean knowing if you can truly stay true to yourself and know that the what the decisions you’re making it for the right reasons, you let you know joe how do I get there? How do I master that kernel self, but that’s up to you, I mean it’s realizing that you know you’ve got what you believe is true, honestly like what, where you think you can go this truth now, I’m not talking. You know. This is hard when you get off on this subject to the point:emma watson, real estate, but it’s hard. You know you have to be able to distinguish between the in internal and external. What what is reality and what is in reality, and why am I doing this for the right reasons, then you know it’s truly from making yourself better, like it. I, don’t have it if I am not right, you know, for the longest time, I was doing everything I could to get my daughter used to get out of that info. I used external things, make me happy and then that’s in turn what I used to make my daughter happy and realizing. Owasso Real Estate That’s just not going to be there. So it’s like. If i, don’t keep my internal self right, then my daughter is not going to get the right that she’s not going to get the rock joe she’s not going to get the dad’s making the decision for the right reasons. So maintaining your internal self is key to anything live. So you know you ask well joe, how do you maintain your? How do I maintain my drunk self that is looking inside and looking at you and being able to be open-minded about it and it’s hard because it’s out there you know you’re always getting knocked off and you’ve always got someone. That’s going to tell you you’re not going to do this and you know tell you you can’t do that or tell you you shouldn’t do that and if I guess it’s really being able to distinguish between constructive criticism and constructive criticism. Owasso Real Estate So what is that? What you’re? The only person that knows and like I said if you will follow that turned himself, and you will keep your mindset I can guarantee you can go anywhere. Owasso Real Estate You want to go. You can do anything. You want to do. I! Prove that because I’m, not one that has been given everything I mean I’ve, been very fortunate. Guy and I had a great raising that I wasn’t given everything we’re going to cruise by baker hughes right now. Owasso Real Estate That’s a pretty neat place right here. We’re going to go on over to hemlock how do I get off of the internal self, because I really can’t get in my thoughts on it right now, but it’s something I want to look at morris and I want to look into more and see what we might be able to get done, but back to the owasso real estate. That’s one thing:i want you to understand. We are here to save you, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on listing your owasso real estate, which one turn get your owasso real estate, salt, so back to the real estate in owasso and what we’re going to be able to do for you I’m, very excited about selling real estate there in a while. So I just talked to a gentleman with the vineyard financial and he’s very excited about how we’re Owasso Real Estate able to run these businesses and make things happen and I can’t wait to be able to make things work and also be able to design this to where we’re going, to be able to save people thousands of dollars, but then also pay the agents better than they’ve ever been paid. So if you happen to be in the market for selling real estate in a while, so we’re buying real estate in a while, so I would encourage you to reach out to property bounce and see what we might be able to do for you and how much money we might be able to save you. He you know talking to him. There it was nuts the amount of money that I’m going to be able to save him just to get my license down there, so we’re looking at possibly joining them unless down there and seeing if we can help him sell his property. I am very excited and very ecstatic about what is going to happen and we’re going to go and would like to offer home ownership everyone out there. You know you going to get a piece of the pie, it’s going to be cut up and it’s going to be divided, but I think we could possibly offer ownership into the coffee to everyone that sells at home with us who buys on with this. Would that be so next time, you’re looking for a real estate in what you might be able to get and look, how you might be able to save these people, money I’m, telling you to be able to educate them and to be able to make things. Work is exactly what we’re looking for:we’re hoping to save people money in the door as we continue on I’m trying to push through I’m trying to get through, and that’s the thing that I’d like to tell you all of you out there. So I can that’s one of the things that we’ve got to maintain, hear properly bounce it pushing through have so many real estate agents. So many realtors out there they’re talking trash that don’t want us to get the good reviews. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate It don’t want us to be up. There will guess what you got to ask yourself:why? Because they don’t want their bread and butter taken away, and we here probably bounce of change things we taking it to where you know your bread-and-butter. Is your equity? That’s your equity! That’s your bread-and-butter! So why give your bread-and-butter away? That’s the whole thing. Is it what is it and why is it and what are they doing to help sell your property? In fact, I’ve had some realtor sable. Why would you even show your property bounce stuff, because you’re supposed to be working for your client and that’s what I want I want to ask you? Would you be able to really working for you over there working for that paycheck? You know, and at the end of the day, I guess we will have to look and I’ll have to admit that we’re all looking for a paycheck, but can’t we have a fair shake me shouldn’t. We be equitable and have some integrity about the way we do things i. Think so, and that’s why I come up with property bounce. It is to sell that owasso real estate and be able to offer real estate in owasso for sale at a at a nominal, affordable price to be able to list it to allow you to keep that. That’s why I encourage you? If you have owasso real estate or even thinking about getting, was a real estate to reach out to property bounce and see what we can do for you? We have been able to help hundreds of people save thousands of dollars. So why not you why? If what we’re doing is wrong and what we’re doing is there, then why do we have so many people talking so highly of it? Why are we doing things right? How in the world can you justify that? Well, I’ll. Tell you what it is:it’s probably the thirst illinois’s out there because they’re scared. They don’t want to lose their bread and butter. They don’t want to lose her honey hole and their honey hole is that they studied long enough to pass an exam going to tell you it’s not hard cuz. If I can pass it, anyone can believe me. So why not reach out to someone and see what we can? Do you don’t give us a chance to interview is, if you don’t like us, go back. If you don’t like it, you can listen, or else we’re not going to hold you to that listing we’re not going to hold your feet to the fire. If you want out of it, you can get out of it. You know where’s, obviously done some work, we’re going to do some work. You know on your owasso home, we’re going to help you with a condition assessment help you help yourself get that equity out of the real estate. So if you’ve worked so hard to get this done, why give it away you’re the one that is made the principal reductions you’re, the one that work, your fingers to the bone, to pay, that payment on that owasso home or that owasso real estate every single month and guess what, whenever it comes to it, whenever you get that owasso real estate paid and you go to sell it? Who should get to keep that equity dancer? Pretty simple? If you ask me whoever paid the payment, whoever? Whoever is that, what it is? It’s not ours, it’s yours so stop giving it away. 3% is way too much money for the work that you put into it on the listing side, I’m just telling you you have to do for the things you’ve got to do for there, since at 3% is way too much. $895 is more than enough to cover our fees, to cover our work and have a broker on staff be able to answer whatever questions you have. We are excited and ecstatic to be able to work for you to be able to be here for you and to be able to help facilitate the sale of your real estate there in a while. So without take all of your equity we’re talking about $894 to push this through, and that’s all it’s going to take we’re going to put it on zillow.Com and if you don’t, we’re going to put it on homes.Com and we’re going to put it on realtor.Com put it on the mls system, which is going to push it out and make it available to every single agent in the greater tulsa area that it’s subscribe to the service, which is thousands of agent. So if you want the team of people working out there for you screwing around trying to find people come less with us, a property bounce. We are absolutely more than happy to be able to push this thing through and be able to make things happen. We want to be there for you. We want to be able to help you help yourself and that’s what I’m trying to do that it wasn’t trying to give you all of these tools with got the resources for you or we can answer the questions for you and we won’t be able to help you get this through. It’s been long overdue to be revamped, so I’m telling you please, if you happen to be in the market, to make something work, call your property, bounce., no, look on that deal up there send an email over to the info property. Bounce.Com would be glad to get going and glad to make things work for you. I am excited and super ecstatic about what we can do for your owasso real estate, how much equity we can save you on your owasso real estate. So please, if you have any issues, you have any concerns. You have anything you’d like to talk to us about, please let us know what’s going on and please help yourself help us help. Owasso Real Estate

You help yourself help us help. You help yourself, sell your real estate in owosso, with property, bounce Owasso Real Estate