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Owasso Real Estate Really not looking forward to driving all the way over here, but when I was driving the day, I drove through owosso and I noticed. Owasso Real Estate There was a lot of real estate for sale in owasso, so I thought you know what a great place for property bounce to be, what great things property bounce has to offer people there in owasso and-and you know it’s not on family after being at the show this weekend, women should I ran into a lot of walter’s i. Guess I’m going you’re, considering tradition, realtor, and you know that they didn’t stop. Much didn’t say much. This year walked right on by, but I brandon is also some people that knew some traditional realtors in you know they karna last said:well, we don’t pay any of the stars or they paid a small flat fee to so i. Guess what I’m saying out there is you don’t have to be family list of home the property bounce property about you can list your real estate there in law so anywhere for that matter, for right now for $895 across the board. So you looking for real estate or even like a you know, maybe this truck driver write your teeth pulled over right here by a while, so maybe he’s looking for some owasso real estate. I, don’t know he has a headlight out. So that’s probably not good, but you know I i, wonder if he lives in a while. So if you ever bought real estate in owosso or if you’d be interested buying real estate tomorrow, so you know because he can certainly is property bounce to sell that buy it. Then we could actually use our website just to look around. You know, I mean when he’s sitting there on the side of the road in his truck cab, I mean you can’t drive. Maybe you could spend some time looking for some real estate for you, no property bass. Guy, look at this truck driver. You know, then, if we got look at some real estate there in owasso, using property, bounce amazing website, I even see all these billboards way out here way out here in the rogers county. And, you don’t know if you realize it real estate in owasso can be in rogers county warrant honestly be just about anywhere. Owasso Real Estate Then I mean you know just like that. Guy driving, a ford truck I mean I bet. You could use some real estate in owasso and if you did, if I bet, if he has real estate in a while, so you think he would give away the commission. We can save you a really nice car for $6,500 on a $250,000 home in with the traditional realtor, you can make 7500 the list that home and with a real, regular realtor such as myself. Excuse me I was me why a person want to pay thousands more for a 04 wes, so I challenge you next time, you’re cruising around owosso to look and see, and if you can find any real estate there for sale that people have been taking advantage of property bounce. We got there’s a gentleman there in a dodge. He pulled into a house there in owasso, and the house was for sale there in owasso. So I was just wondering how much that seller I mean they didn’t list it proper to bounce. So everyone, the super genius-and this doesn’t seem like a no-brainer day-everybody I guess maybe they’re over there, pausing about it. I don’t know, maybe that maybe you know what maybe they have family that sells real estate there in owasso and they listed it for free. That could be it, but you just never really know I’m, not sure who it is or it might be. This guy has butt and I bet he wishes. He gets an offer on that thing, elizabeth property down, so we got banned so much, but neither here nor there if you’re, looking for some real estate in owosso or anywhere in oklahoma. For that matter, man I would ask that you would maybe reach out to one of our agents, your property bounce and see what kind, but we can find you any other, definitely I’ll be at home or a house for you something available for you to use yeah. There’s a lot of resources available and I can think of putting all these tools together and just you know letting you make the decisions, letting you see the real estate world. If you were home that you paid all those principal payments on or reductions and got them you’re the one that went to work and make sure the mortgage got paid. Owasso Real Estate So why should all of that equity go to someone else? I talk to a lady there at the show this weekend she had home there tulsa she didn’t, have any real estates in owasso, but she had a house in polson. She paid $100,000 for 3 years ago and she was so excited. It was neat but I guess it was neat when she figured out it was neat seeing what we can do for, and you know so when I gave her the what I thought it might bring. She was super excited because it was a hundred and five thousand. So then I said:okay, you know a hundred five thousand minus your 6% get all of the options and then she realized before and i, didn’t even explain any of those into the future face when she saw that she was netting choosing to have to come to the table just to sell it home. Yet it had pre increased in value around 6 bombing at 6%, so are y’all dropped and then I flipped it over. This lady was certainly relieved when she found out that if she used us, she would actually it’ll keep some of that money. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate We definitely made a believer out of her I’m, not sure, if she’ll be interested in real estate in a while, so after this or if she’s going to stick to polska. But this is certainly such a neat thing and I’m so happy to be able to bring this to everybody. You know putting the systems and processes in place to make sure you know everybody has what they need and I think it’s so it’ll be so great, be able to sell real estate in wausau to be selling to be able to sell them both. So many school districts are in wausau elementary schools, middle schools. You know your taxes are so much cheaper, rogers, county side, as so, when you think about that. Do you live on that rogers county side? You still get the advent of having those owasso school district for having the owasso school district and not having to pay the same amount of taxes. Owasso Real Estate If you live in the tulsa county side, so that’s a great advantage and that’s something that beard property bounce we want to be able to. I want to be able to show you so once again, if you’re interested in seeing some real estate in the tulsa area in the owasso area, sand springs, verdigris, rogers, county, tulsa, county, south, salsa, jenks, broken, arrow, bixby glenpool, be there in all this place is basically anywhere in the greater tulsa association of realtors, anywhere that their mls system stretches to you going to be able to use this I think it goes over in the claremore. But I know it’s in rogers county, falls, county, park, creek county. So if you’re interested in buying some property weather be in owosso or any other city for that matter, in the great state of oklahoma I’d, ask that you would reach out to property bounce and give us a shot that will come out and talk with. You spend some time with you and see. If we can’t get a few things going to help facilitate, sell your house make you some money and save you. Some money in the in the intro to super excited to be bringing property bounce to owosso to the owasso area and I sure hope that you can give us a call. If you ever have any real estate named weather, like i, said whether you’re selling or buying a home in owasso, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our property bounce agents or there to the brokerage 1833, proper noun starts at actually 833 p town talk to you soon. Owasso Real Estate