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So here we go again headed out of the neighborhood headed out of water, stone just turned left on south harvard headed westbound exiting the neighborhood waiting for the gate to open. It was a great day it says here. You know, gate opens inward for stop here. What a great day, it’s been a great night I’m about to come to you and talk to you a little bit about property, bounce and they’re flat fee listing service. They happened to sell real estate in owosso. I’ve only got 12 miles to emptyskinny teeth, man just really no reason to run at this low i. Just to be honest with you at the gas station, Owasso Real Estate I mean I’m up I’m super stoked about owasso I’m super stoked about the real estate there in owasso and I’m everything that the agents have the offer. You know and like I said, if you’re looking for an agent, maybe you looking to buy a home you looking to sell it. I want to tell you Something:i’m telling you right, meow right now that if you’re looking for a home in a while, so then you really need to search no further than property bounce.

Owasso Real Estate You talking about thousands of dollars to be saved, hundreds of people to be helped. This is something that we have been working on for years and years and years here at property bounce, and we will it be able to your equity back and what I’m saying is why in the world, would you want to mess with not having or giving away all of your home equity? What I’m trying to say here if you happen to own your own home, and you happen to have equity in that home-that’s yours, and if you were to use property, bounce you’re, going to keep 3% more of that equity, of course, minus the 895. And what I mean by that is the traditional that realtor most of your realtors out there. You see him there Owasso Real Estate traveling around in fiji on the island’s I mean if you’re a good network listing realtor you’re, making the I’m telling you if you are network you’re going to make 3%. So you list a few homes a month, just sit back and wait for everybody else to sell them, and that’s what I want to try that talk to you about your property bounces. You know if you have a home in owasso, are you looking for on there in a while, so we’re going to save you, 3% -, 895 initial cost to list that so like I said whether you are looking for a home, whether you’re looking to sell a home or buy a home if you’re going to buy all that stuff out here at the come and go and I can’t help, but to see it over there. Owasso Real Estate They got budweiser 18 packs for 1799 i, wonder if they have those in a while so I’m sitting here on time to pumping some gas and they have xtreme diesel performance in protection. I wonder what that is next to something I guess to help sell a little bit. They call it a biodiesel plants, is it between 5 and 20%? That’s crazy, I’ve! Never even heard of such a thing as having that at just every store. I guess that if you have a decent little run off of the bio diesel in it doesn’t affect that I did i, didn’t really even realize that so I wonder how much money that’s actually saving a person to be able to do that if you’re running off of 20% last-minute, who knows how much that’s going to say something else? That’s going to save you some money and not only save you some money, but let you keep your money. Owasso Real Estate If you happen to be a real estate, owner happened to be in the market for some real estate. I wish I would encourage you to reach out to this company called property bounce.

They are a flat fee listing service that happens to do list your home for $895 and, with all of the video I mean come on in the world. Are you going to be able to do a matter for video that there are limitations on it? You know the square footage obviously will $895 to sell that home versus your Owasso Real Estate traditional realtor, which charges 3%. So if you’re looking for attics you looking for a charity, probably masses the right place, we’re not here to try to make noodles of dollars off of you were not here to try to take all of your equity. We are here at property bounce to help, see you through the transaction to help facilitate the possible. We definitely want to make sure that you have your solo cup sugar, styrofoam cups, your trees, your poles, any of that. But the thing is:if you’re buying some property in owasso, you know there’s brahms there in owasso and I mean if you have a problem, then what else do you need? To be honest? That’s my question, for you is, if your and you don’t, if you love brahms and why not live in a while, so I mean, if you don’t love braum’s in, why not steal in owasso like you can use a property bounce agent and they will show you that home for free that will help you do all that work for free and what I mean by that is it. The seller is going to pay that 3% know. If your listing at home, probably bounce is going to charge you the 895 blocks and then you will pay. Whoever sells your home is the buyer rights to contract up since it over to us and pay them 3%. Owasso Real Estate So you know, 6% is pretty standard number that I’ve seen over the years. It’s not exactly what he’s! So you know. If you have a calculator, you can do the math and what it’s going to save you or what it’s going to cost you and I would definitely definitely definitely recommend and see through the facilitation of selling.

Your note and, like i, said their property bouncy. If you’re looking to sell your home, I really need to look, no further property balance has been working in the oklahoma area. Let me change that. Leave agents with property down have been working in the oklahoma area for years, I mean years and years and years of combined experience is just out of this world and we were talking over a hundred years of combined experience with a property bounce agents. So, if you’re looking for that right team member, Owasso Real Estate if you’re looking for that right person to be able to help seeing you through the transaction, save you money on real estate and not know that when I say save you money, just keep your money, I mean goodness gracious I mean how much money do you truly want to give away your home equity? Is your home equity you’re, the one that’s been, making those principal payments you’re the one that’s been, making no going to work paying that principle down. You know you if you kept your credit together, where you can make things happen and I’m proud of that I’m happy to know and happy to see that you can see through see things through here at property bounce. We have been you showing homes for quite some time. Owasso Real Estate We’ve been listing homes for quite some times and we do it for an $895 fee. It’s a flat rate so, like i, said, if it’s something that you are interested in, if you have a home there in owasso that you would like to sell, have some real estate in a while. So maybe you have some vacant land I’ve. Had a guy ask me the other day. Why would you only list home I’ll man? We don’t know if it has title to it. If it has a real estate, weather has a dilapidated home, a brand new home. Maybe it’s vacant land. You know that works too. So if you got vacant land you got whatever it may be. I’m telling you that you can save thousands upon thousands of dollars, property bounce.

You know you’re going from 3% to 895. So, let’s just take a $200,000 home, for instance, you pay a 3% listing fee, that’s $6,000 with a property bounce realtor think about that you’re only paying 895 so that $200,000 you paid 6000 of it with the regular traditional realtor. You only paid 95. Owasso Real Estate So that’s going to save you! $5,105 I mean that’s a lot of money. 50 100 bucks I mean, if you’re looking to save money on real estate and keep your equity when I hate that word save money because we’re save your equity I will it’s necessarily I got to save money that I don’t like, because it’s your money, it’s not like it’s already there! So don’t give it away. If you, if you see what’s out there, you want to find a property bounce agent, then I would like I said, encourage you just give us a call, will put you with one of our agents. If you don’t like them will find another one I’m telling you there’s plenty plenty plenty of people out there that are willing to show you home willing to help you out and going to make sure that you get the right deal for the right price. I mean it’s $895 versus 3% I mean there is absolutely no way I’ve, never even heard of such a thing as someone being able to say that kind of money. Owasso Real Estate So if you haven’t been there in a while, so that you would like to sell or you looking to buy on there I want so please don’t hesitate anymore pick up the phone. 1866 p bounce at 1866, p, bounce and I’ll be out to help you facilitate the sale or the buy of that owasso home