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On my way to 50 I’ve got 71 miles to go 7 to hammer out these three more and actually we’re going to hammer out three more and then we’re going to see where we end up at so we’re talking about real estate in owasso that guy right there, drugs an avalanche avalanche would love to have a piece of property in owasso. If he doesn’t, he needs one I’ve seen and talked and sit down and discussed property in owasso with numerous different people, some of them or landowners. Some of them are homeowner. Some of them are just wanting going on and you would be flabbergasted at the least to be able to see and know what these people have to offer. It’s insane the amount of dedication and drive that goes in to owning a home and paying down at equity and making sure that things operate right on your home you’re, not renting a house, you own your home, and this is something that’s up to you-to keep the upkeep, to keep up the maintenance and to maintain things if you’re, if you’re looking to own home, are you looking to sell a home or look into buying you to check out property boundary? If you haven’t heard, is a flat fee listing service for your real estate, so your traditional brokers going to charge around 3%. So so you have a $600,000 home. That’s going to cost you $18,000! To the first note list. You that’s going to cost you $18,000 to the person that sells your own with property bounce. Owasso Real Estate

It would cost you 895 to list at home and 16000 to the person that sold it. So you can save about $15,105. I know it’s like! Oh, my goodness, my phone’s not sick for 6. Owasso Real Estate Okay, we’re only going to save you $2,105! You know that is enough to pay for some closing cost and that’s my thing is:he just talked to ben and commercial properties in in the one thing about property:bounces, we’re not in the commercial properties. There’s a guy named jared into recent that a phenomenal guy that he’s least so many places in owasso weekly. So many places there in tulsa, county small parts, mechanic, big parts of the county, every city in the county and jared-has a piece of real estate listed air for commercial use. Owasso Real Estate The one thing I want you to know:it’s probably not commercial real estate company were more of a residential real estate company, but we still have the referrals. We saw the right thing and in regardless of where you might need that vendor I’ve already bounced has a friend that we’d like to introduce you too and I’m. Like I said you made the decision you and have to use them. You can use anyone you want to, but we pride ourselves here:property bounce in partnering with the people that have you know that have the same goals in line. You know to meet the mission vision goals and values of property about 7, so if you’re selling a home in a while. So when you want transparency, you want honesty. You want true integrity, then reach out to probably about 7. You know I’m driving by wagner and chouteau the highway 69 and I can’t help. But to think that these people over here could use our services, you know the issue with it is. Is we don’t want to get into that, but we’re not in rural areas right now or more in the urban areas? And you know, are our fees 895, we’re glad to know to list at home for 895 got the matterport 3d camera?

Owasso Real Estate If you haven’t seen it, please look it up. It is an amazing, an amazing system like it’s just such an amazing tool for us in the real estate industry. To have and I mean it’s going to cut down open houses. It’s going to cut down on all of them all of your neighbor want to see your house or not knowing. What’s here there that went through these homes and I truly feel like I’m. There I mean and it’s a lot of work I mean we’re putting in a lot of fashion. Of this I mean we want to sell your owasso home, and we realized that the matter forward to something and not only will help also help you in the end and not having to you, know clean up the house for your home. Owasso Real Estate They already have a pretty good idea if they, if you have a matter for if your home and someone comes into your home, they pretty much have a good idea of what’s going on inside there. So that’s my thing is you have no idea how much time and effort we are saving you on that? Are you can save that? Have that my report, video, and to be able to not worry about it and to be able to know that a person can go inside your home online and I’m? Owasso Real Estate Not talking live time like I’m talking like when we recorded it obviously were hiding behind walls, making sure we’re not in those pictures. So, if you’re looking for a to sell your home in a while, so if you’re looking did have that competitive advantage, the phenomenal price are so much savings over that traditional realtor fee of 3%. Owasso Real Estate That you’ll see for less in your home. We’re talking about a flat fee. 895 bucks is all you’re going to pay in the tulsa area. Now, like I said that can change depending on the demographics of it, and we’re not going to give away to secret sauce and tell you how we come up with that price. But I can assure you that 895 ft is being used to list your home. It’s been used to run. That matter, poured it’s being used on call for you to pick up the phone and say I need to know something about this.

Owasso Real Estate It’s not going to be that attorney. That’s going to charge you a course. They pick up the phone. Of course they answer your questions because they charge you. Well, guess what, if that real estate agent is a little too busy? That’s what I want to know if one of my property bounced agents don’t pick up that phone to answer your question, guess what we’re going to know about it because there’s one number you have to call and when you call it’s going to be connected to that person, it’s going to be connected to your agent, but if they don’t answer that phone and they don’t do their job, we want to know who want to make sure that you get your questions answered. Owasso Real Estate We want to get your real estate sold there in owasso, regardless, if you’re, wherever it is we’re here to help you facilitate the sale of your home. We want to speed that transaction. If you want to make it more efficient, we want to make sure I mean we have vendors across the board. If you have work that needs to be done on a piece of real estate reach out to a property bounce agent, they truly have they truly do and if they don’t the greatest thing is they have the same life line that you do and that’s that broker. That’s that experience broker with the time this there to answer those questions. Owasso Real Estate So, if you’re looking for a little while, so if you’re looking for something to do as far as selling that home you’re looking for a competitive advantage, and he don’t want to pay that 6% 6% traditional real estate fee search no further reach out to a property bounce agent property bounce agent see what they have to offer and and just make it happen. I mean. Let us know like I said:there’s no guarantee if you don’t appreciate her scratch that, if you don’t need our services, if you’ve decided to go a different direction, no-questions-asked we’re going to release your listing guaranteed no-questions-asked.

Owasso Real Estate Whenever you want we’re, not here, to try to steal your equity, we’re not here to try to hold you into a contract. We are here as property bounce agent to represent our clients. We are here to do what’s right for you at the end of the day, we are working for you, so why would we not do what’s in your best interest? There’s no reason unless we were not advacal, unless we were looking to align our pockets and that’s not it if we were, we would be charging more than $895 flat. Owasso Real Estate So if you’re, tired of those commissions, you’re sick of giving your equity away your hard-earned equity that you’ve worked here in dan day at weekend weekend out month and month, you and you’re out to pay down that principle. Don’t give it away that equity is yours, I know it’s not on your balance sheet is on your balance. She was in the day. I know you can open up a bank account and have that guarantee, but one thing I can guarantee. Owasso Real Estate Is it’s going to cost you a lot less sell them at home and you’re going to have a lot more money in your pocket at the end of the day, if you choose property bounce? So if you have home in a while, so you’re looking to buy a home looking to sell home, looking to lisa I’m looking to rent in the owasso area or anywhere in the greater tulsa area, that the greater tulsa association of realtors multi listing service represent, please reach out to that flat fee realtor that flat fee brokerage that flat fee real estate agency called property bounce that is going to help you priscilla tate, the sale of your home at an affordable price