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Here I know we are coming to you on the morning of the 23rd of february 2018. This is joseph. Hendren want to talk to you a little bit today about property bounce and everything they’ve been able to do for the people there in owasso they have saved people, thousands and thousands of dollars on selling their home equity in your home, because the equity in your home that equity is 300 is what is usually used to pay the realtor. Sometimes I’ve seen people have to bring money to the table just to sell their home, and you know that shouldn’t be the case. You kept it updated I meanif, you had a just that it shouldn’t be the case. If you can pedal help it so encourage you, if you’re there in owasso, to reach out to a property bounce agent and see what we can do for you. The way we work as we charge a flat fee of $895 for everything and then close the matter for video, and there are square footage, limited limits on that. But with that said $95, if you are interested in listing your home with property bounce, if you’re interested in selling your home there in owasso, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at anytime feel free to ask any questions you might have as to why we are doing what we’re doing and how were able to save people this much money they actually often times at how in the world. Are you doing this? It’s just seems too good to be true. It’s with advances. Inyou know the advances that we have. The advances that we’ve made in over the years will probably bounce. You know when the advance is that the real estate industry is made and honestly it’s those people out there that detect people that have come up with different things that come up with different systems and I’ll tell you. They are amazing systems, I mean i, truly work and they truly help people and and that’s what made it easier for us. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real EstateI mean start to finish back in the day years ago. It took hours and hours to take photos, and then you go print them out and then you had to go. You know you had to get them developed and then you go pick him up. Then you have to glue them on to the paper and then that papers got to. You know you make a flyer out of it and it’s like you, couldn’t mass produce these things. I mean it was on it. So I can you drove him around I mean so there was a lot more work in the listing at home years ago, but now with the internet, the way it is with trulia and zillow, and it’s a good market. Those websites are taken care of now. So why don’t you just do it yourself? Owasso Real Estate Why not for sale by owner? Why do I even need to pay you 895? If you’re telling me it’s a simple? Well, here’s! What’s not simple about it! Maybe for some people is when you come up with questions. When you come up with inspections, you know who you going to call to get the inspection. Who you going to call to get that fan fixed or you going to call when you have no a question about negotiations, that’s where the professionals come in at property bounce and that’s where our agents come in and got a matter for camera. If you haven’t seen it go check it out, it took cool 3d image software that actually allows you to go virtually inside someone’s home. Owasso Real Estate It is super super cool, super cool. What is virtual tours, does it cuts down on open houses and it cuts down on how much you have to let you know not only that and get all the tire kickers they’re running around just kind of want to see. What’s inside your house, you know i, don’t want you to like to have to you know we all love getting excited about someone looking at her home, but you don’t get excited and why mess with it? Owasso Real Estate If it’s not going to do any good, so my thing is:is it this matter for video really helps the cell does owasso homes? It helps to show, what’s inside those home and and and like I said it really cuts down on your foot traffic and makes it easier for you to make it easier for all of us to be able to sell your home and be able to be there for you when you need is some like I said:if you’ve got a home in owasso that you’d like to sell you like the list, please give us a call. If you got maybe at home, you want to buy in owasso. Please give us a call I guess we we don’t charge anything to go, buy at home. We should, we sure, don’t we we will, we will buy your home, will find your home and we will buy your home for free, which is that sounds good when I say that we’re not going to charge you anything to help. You find your home running by your home for you, but what we’re going to do here as we’re going to go out to owosso and we’re going to look for look for those homes. I want to let the seller pay for our work. So it’s going to cost you a dime, so you can get the service. Owasso Real Estate The great phenomenal solicit a property agent that you’re not going to find anywhere else and still get an affordable price. I mean we’re trying to give you more equity from every every turn. You know and that’s what really counts. You got to pinch those pennies, and so we have to ask you if you, if you’re a member of mls, then you know, then you obviously would need property bounce.

You can list homes on your own, but if it’s something that you need, why not use proper zillow.Com and it’s really going to help so I can sit on your. So if you want to save some of that good, if you want to keep doing that hard on equity that you work so long to to build up, why? Why would you not want to you know cheap that you’re, the one that’s worked hard to pay for you’re, the one:that’s what your fingers to the bone to continue making those payments which reduces that principle, Owasso Real Estate pays the interest and keeps the lender today. You know you’re the one. That’s done, that is your equity. Why are you going to give that back? Why give it back and let you know my thing is-is there’s no reason to and I think the question is it’s not that people wouldn’t can we make it work? We trust you and wine, and you know we got the experience.

Owasso Real Estate You should read what I said and we’ll be glad to show you if you know what we can do to show you how we can help and we’re we’re we’re willing to what all were willing to do to the show your home, like i, said there’s plenty of them, equity that you work your tail off to pay for and i. Let you know don’t give it away. I mean a typical $300,000 home. You know just 9%. If use a professional realtor in where to pay 3% listing commission, that’s $9,000, say you’re ready, so you going to property bounce, you know. How much is that going to cost you $895 so yeah, it’s going to save you about $8,105. Just by using property bounce to list your home, like i, said buyer’s. Owasso Real Estate Agent is the greens at 8 that buyer in you want. They are going to 39 few that 3%. You know it’s that 3% going to go to the gym junker did reach out to properly balance. If it’s something that we can do for you, if something, you know how I feel and I know that we can save everyone money across the board, thousands and thousands of dollars there in owasso and even not in owasso. So please reach out to us. If there’s anything that we can do for you and you know, come have come, have a cup of coffee with a sit-down, you don’t have a pancake, whatever you’d like and I will drive up to owosso to see your home and I would like to check it out, see what all what all you have to offer. What all you know, what all you had to offer to self and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you’re going to find in the in that area and I know:you’ll, be pleasantly surprised when you find out how much money is to say it. I mean it’s truly a win-win situation for everybody, Owasso Real Estate so we encourage you to reach out to us to see what we can do for you, like I said we are a.

We are a Owasso Real Estate full-service real estate broker non-traditional. That means that we don’t we’re not charging 3%, we’re, not charging a percentage to bless your home or charging a flat fee and, like i, said joe hager, 94 bucks, we’re going to be here for the long haul to be here to help you out, and we just want to make sure that whatever it is that you might need whatever it is that service you might need want to make sure that you’re comfortable, that probably bounce of providing that and I am comfortable. Knowing that probably about this, providing that I just want you to feel comfortable so reach out to his home in owasso. That you would like for us to show would be happy to come. Let your property would be happy to come help you buy property there in owosso or wherever it may be. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Tell us how we were doing you know. Let us know if there’s any way that we can help you, and we certainly want to be able to save everybody money. This is you know, we’re really bringing real estate back. You know bringing your equity back to, please don’t hesitate to call us, don’t hesitate to reach out and then just find out how much money you can save I mean boo. Do a free comparative market analysis which what that is. Is it says it’s where we go in? We find lifetime properties that are comparable to yours, and you know how to make some adjustments, and you know if one’s nicer than yours and I’ll just leave yours might bring a little ass of yours is nicer than the other than yours might bring a little more. So then we use that to us mega analysis. Essentially the market there. You go competitive market analysis, comparative market analysis, and we take that info and we would bring it to you and-and we give you that so then that way, you know exactly what you’re up against you know. You know give me an idea of what you’re bringing so then from there. You can just take 3% of that value and value their in owasso. Then that’s what you would pay a tradition realtor then, if you would just take 895, that’s what you’re going to pay my property bounce agent, pocketmine city 95. So it’s pretty easy to calculate your savings. If you got any questions or any concerns and please you know, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know what we might be able to do for you certainly be glad to I show you show you everything that we have and you’ll be able to help. You sell your home in owasso, help you list your home in owasso and keep all your equity