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Let’s go back to owasso high school, they have a huge, a very accommodating and competitive baseball team. Also, as I mentioned earlier, have a very competitive football team which is attractive to possibly recruited to colleges outside of high school baseball and Owasso Real Estate football which is understandable if you’re going to be looking at graduating and going on 2 out of state anywhere, you want to be at a high school that it’s highly recruited after and owosso is one of those schools. What does a great great option? They have great facilities, I’ve personally seen them, it’s very impressive.

Owasso Real Estate Who else is growing, but it has that small-town feel which I really love, because I’m from a very small town in louisiana and I prefer small towns. However, I don’t live in a small town now, but I like small towns like owasso, because of all the variety all the scenery. You see cows everywhere, you see open land, beautiful trees, all kinds of things, but you’re still close to the wonderful amenities of Owasso Real Estate living in a city like I mentioned earlier target, which is a must in my world I love, target I’m, also, restaurants, they have chick-fil-a.

Does not love chick-fil-a i? Do my children do even though it’s not open on sundays, because that’s the day of rest, we like chick-fil-a and owasso, has chick-fil-a, which is very important for the real estate community in owasso. You don’t have chick-fil-a going to be hard time getting people to move to your city, but they have it. They have it people they also have taco bueno, which is very important in my world. Owasso Real Estate

I don’t get it often, but when I get it I truly enjoy it and I think I’ve sold my kids on it now, which is amazing. Maybe that’s what we’ll have for dinner tonight on valentine’s day, let’s see what other restaurants do we have? They have mcdonald’s, they have chili’s red lobster. They have a new place called the garage, which is very good. I might mention and I believe it’s owned by a local, a wasp’s, owosso owosso. One person was not really sure the appropriate name for that, but someone from owasso I believe they also have very large banks. They have very large churches, they have baylor medical, which is their hospital, and it may be called something different. Owasso Real Estate

Now they have a place called the market. Where has different vendors that sell different things such as clothes? They have. They sell home, decor furniture antiques, the nice little nook place to go. If you want something different, that’s across from alaska one of the wausau schools, I think the high school. Actually they have great great homes, they have new bills, they have old bill. Quite a variety check out a while, so I think you’ll be impressed Owasso Real Estate