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You know I’m sitting here tonight, I sure hope, I don’t get pulled over. You know I’m, trying to make it to the track, fight, center and say great play strange request, rich kids, who they’ve got some your place up in owosso call clint, which is great jiu-jitsu gym as well. That’s the thing about the 918. What you know the tulsa area is the you know that you just said:community is really a helping community and obviously something that we want to use. You know to help. People in in in in in jiu-jitsu helps people mentally help. People physically have some in ways it can’t even really imagine and I can explain so I want I reach out to you thinking and pinch get sued, helping people you know you know it makes me realize that by helping a person in jiu-jitsu you know it it it it. Owasso Real Estate It extends on over. In the point of what I want to do and how I want to help people in owasso and what I’ve done and what we’re doing is is we are listing homes for a flat fee? Traditionally there in owasso and in other cities and most cities and towns, the traditional realtor or realty real estate agent is going to charge. You 3% of your home equity to sell your home is that that equates to a lot of money. It’s a tough pill to swallow. I mean 3% of your stuff. Even if you’re in a hundred thousand dollar home is 3 grand in a charge. 895, it’s going to save you. You know over 2,000 bucks, 21 or $5 or $200,000 home over 5 grand prix 4000 homesaver 11 granite. We got a lot of savings. We have a lot of lot of people that we’re going to be able to save oodles and oodles of money. I mean thousands of dollars, and so I’m super excited to be to be able to bring this to him. You’re going to know the next question. Ass Is:okay:i’ll lose my home in owasso, you listed for 895. Owasso Real Estate You, how can you do this am I ever going to hear from you? You know, there’s all kinds of horror stories from some flat fee listing services list it, and then you can’t get any information.

That’s not us! That’s we saw the need to have it at you know an actual full service real estate, we’re not just listing it on mls, for you will service means we’re taking care of you from the cradle to the grave, so to speak, taking care of that transaction in the cradle to grave and wear that starts at the moment. Owasso Real Estate We get to call you on cell or possibly by home, and that’s when we go into the fact-finding we going to figuring out where you are, where your house is, how it, how we’re going to be able to sell it, I’m going to be able to advertise it and bring this. You want to think about how easy it’s going to be to save money. I think that young people are just going to be going to be blown away when I see how much we’re doing for him and they see the actual sweet of tools and suites your things that we have to offer. You know your property bounce we’ve actually got. You know several agents that are working the owasso area actively listing homes-and you know that’s pretty neat that was a lady with jack wheels and cheese calling to I see if I want to be on an email list. Owasso Real Estate You know I didn’t but I wonder. If she has a moment owasso then I should have told her about probably bounce how much money would say. You probably meant such a want to make sure and let everybody know we want to get it answer. We want to get exposed and, yes, we can make certain. We are taking care of the people that need to be taken care of. We need to your property bounce. We were only charge a flat fee for truck charging at 3% commision charge of class. B means that you can truly sell at real estate for 895 bucks. That’s not going to cost you three grand $700,000 homes for sale. You looking to sell it. Owasso Real Estate You know where you looking to buy a home, we don’t charge you a dime. You know we’re going to let the seller pay for that, and you know where to go to work, for you would like to would like to see everything you know would like to come. Look at your house would like to come. Look at your home and see everything. You know that you have that your home has to offer and cutten and sit down and explain to you what we have to offer and kind of how we do our things. We have a. We have a hugely tools that some of which are zillow.Com trulia.Com realtor.Com, to tulsa the greater association of tulsa realtors, which is also known as eat. Owasso Real Estate Are we we have their tools as well the multi listing service with that. Is that puts it out there for every agent. It’s a member of their believe me. There’s thousands of them around here that are members of that in my lesson and it puts it out there for them. So they can, they can actually sell these home and then they can look on it like at any point they can go serves. They can actually set up parameters to send the people to help people selling your home to help people find you dope. Tell people find you know a new, a new home or I’m going to charge you anything. We just put those parameters into the system whatever they. Maybe they could be. Your price range that you’re built. Maybe you want to maybe want a gated community.

It’s really awesome. It’s really neat how that stuff works out, but we can also set it up on an automatic email. So you can get emails at new listings in new house is coming up. You call me aj. We want to go see this. You know what it doesn’t matter if you bought it for $10,000. I owe me about $100,000 home we’re not going to charge you a dime either way and it goes to the same thing on selling a home as far as the same rate, the same way like if you’re selling your home, we’re only going to charge you the $895. What are going to charge you that commission rate like you’re, used to paying with a traditional realtor, so that 3% rather than you know, getting out there and making those mistakes? You know i, challenge you and encourage you to reach out to us with 894 bugs and see what we can do for you to see how we can help you along and what we might be able to do for you, I’m here property bounce. We we don’t charge, you know we don’t charge you more to sell it home or not going to charge you 3% of 300 grant. You know if that’s $9,000, through perina way, probably about to go to 3 north, has more no more, no less than 394 box, and you know it’s going to save you a lot of money. So, if you’re looking to save money, if you’re looking to buy a home for looking to sell a home or rent a home there in the owasso area, we’d encourage you to reach out to us, and we remember, is like I said, of the greater tulsa association of realtors members of gtar, as it’s known as gta are, and you know we are members of the multi listing service which which helps helps you sell your property.

It helps us market, Owasso Real Estate your property, but sorry for that I’m going to charge you for the sign. One thing:it’s all together. So if you, if you got the time anchorage, is over providence, going to watch your video and then and see how much will save you see what it will do for you and see? You know you know calculator out. If you tell you how much money is going to save you too, it’s really really need to be able to modify the stuff and be able to take care of it. I’m super excited I’m super stoked to be where we are right now and we’re going to get an amazing. It’s been an amazing time, it’s been an amazing ride and we’re just now started we’re just now getting the rock it filled up. So please, if you get, if you have any questions, if you want to know you know what what you need to do, if you want to know, if you know anything about how the real estate transactions take place and how they work, you please reach out to us:don’t hesitate to give us a call, your property manager, and we want to open up to you. We want to share those things with you. Owasso Real Estate We want to make sure that that you understand the true dynamic, an understanding of what it takes to sell him home and then and I want you to understand that we know that and that we, you know, as a team, we collectively work to do not only list your home at the right price, but but to help you, you know with making a few changes if need be. You know a lot of people tell me that they were perfect special in awhile since I’ve seen a lot of, but there’s a lot of pride and ownership pride of ownership. Owasso Real Estate There’s a lot of people there that that really want to see you I really want to see the see you have an equity. Imagine what you could do with 3% of your equity. You know you can put it. You can go down there. Next time you can buy some furniture heck, you could buy another lot there in owosso or at least put a good half down payment on one. So maybe that extra 3% you save is your down payment for your investment property beyond nice.

Would it be to to develop some more net worth on its properties? And we don’t charge you would have to go, find a property. Owasso Real Estate We have some people there that can help manage him. We have two people there to help, take care of it and he don’t. Like I said we love, get you into a rental home and help you manage your help. You show you how and you know it gets an unrealized gain. The great thing about it is:when I’m going to charge you a dime for the advice wearing a charge, you anything we’re going to bring to make that sell it fast. So so I encourage you to have questions. Owasso Real Estate If you have concerns on reach out to your property mounts, you know, I would be glad to sit down with you and and and explain our process. To spell it all out, tell you how you know:we’ve would make things work better for all of us. I’m super excited about what we’re going to have to offer. You know and I want to encourage you if you let your home in a while. So if you want to buy it, so please reach out to your property bounce and see what we can do for you and I to help save you money