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Owasso Real Estate Headed to the quick trip to pick up the big man on 169 headed northbound coming past 81st street down we got some meal is over there to the right I believe that stonehaven villas they are located here in tulsa we are currently selling real estate in owasso so if you have a home you would like to list or you have a home you would like to sell then reach out to us and see how we might be able to help you so if you happen to be looking into buying real estate maybe you’re wanting something there in owasso maybe you’re wanting something that’s not there in a while so I would encourage you to reach out to property bounce agent and see what they might be able to do for you we have been able to help evil like you wouldn’t believe over the past couple of years saving money on not only home equity but a saving money on real estate fees we are able to give people a large some of their money back versus having to hold on to that money and try to make all that money ourselves we are not a commission-based real estate company we are a flat fee real estate Owasso Real Estate company that happens to be selling real estate in the greater tulsa area and the owasso area this really stinks as I’m stuck in traffic and having to go to 61st street to take garnett all the way up to the broken arrow expressway to try to get around some of this traffic so I can get to where I need to pick up my son on time I am super stressed out about being able to be there on time I do not like to be late I like to be able to be there but I’m supposed to be there but when traffic comes into play it’s hard and it’s complicated to be able to do anything about it there’s not much you can do when the traffic is what it is so I’m working as hard as I can and I’d like to make it all the way up to owosso to look at some real estate today but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen it appears that we are going to be stuck in traffic for quite some time hopefully this is a better move in staying on us 169 he just never know but we’re going to keep working and trying our Owasso Real Estate best to make as much time as we can and hopefully allow us to get to that area on time you know it doesn’t even look like I’m going to make it through this next green light so I don’t know that I’m going to be able to make it on time but I’m going to try my best to get up to 11th and 169 and be there on time but you know if I can’t like I said it’s neither here nor there I just got to do the best I can do and try to make it there as quick as I can I am currently also looking to sell homes in owasso and sell real estate in owasso so if you happen to be in the market for you happen to own owasso homer be looking for a loss at home then you know I Owasso Real Estate would encourage you to reach out to property bounce reach out to the people there you know the agent that we have the property bounce and see if possibly they can set you up on the right track to get you that hom-bot that you might be looking for we have been representing real estate with selling real estate and listing real estate through probably been up since 2017 I’ve been broke her for 7 years or several years and have been in the industry a lot longer than that 20-plus years so we definitely have the experience here probably bounce to be able to make things right to be able to make things happen and I would encourage all of you to be on the lookout for what we might be able to do for you and how we might be able to help you I have been working my tail off trying to make sure that we have the right combination of tools the right combination of people and right combination of whatever is needed to sell your home and to list your home and like I said what we’re going to do this is including but not limited to mls listing zillow.Com listing trulia.Com listing and realtor.Com listing we’re not only going to push it out to those listing websites were also going to let everyone know we’re going to blast out to all the agents that we know and notify them constantly are posting facebook ads and constantly making changes to make things better not only for you but for real estate is a whole we are here to try to help out and to try to save money Owasso Real Estate and to try to reach out to everyone out there that might be looking to sell or list it home we are excited to be working for you we are excited to be helping push through this industry and help change what we can change and allow you by using our sweet of tools to keep morgan on equity typical 3% commission on a traditional home to list it is going to be thousands more dollars for the average home specially the average home sold in tulsa which is around $175,000 to figure of 200,000 because that’s an easy number to figure out hub that would cost you $6,000 if you were selling with her listing with a traditional realtor if your listing with property bounce to charge you $895,000 in your pocket so I was just saying you know ask yourself what could you do with extra 5,000 what could you do with $5,105 that your zits after tax money that you’ve already paid for you already paid the taxes on you’ve already worked your fingers to the bone and by doing that is what has led you to have this equity and you know so I question why would you give that away why would you want to share directly with someone if you don’t have to so next time you’re at I would ask him what do you do for what I’m saying how much is this going to cost me $1 when I get what do you get and what does it cost which do you want do you want the same apple what if I told you both apples cost different price which one would you want I would take the apple that was a lot less you know but you tell me if they taste the same if they’re not the same but they are the same and honestly you’re getting better service you’re getting more value for the $895 and you’re getting for the 3% so I think that’s what you have to ask yourself is why am I paying that why isn’t that expensive and is it worth it is it worth the $895 and I have to pay to get not only 895 I can assure you that’s worth it it is it worth the 3% commission I’m have to pay to get a real estate broker to list if and you know I would challenge the status quo and say no it’s probably not in fact if you paying you $894 you’ll see you’re going to get your email list listing you’re going to get placement on trulia.Com¬†Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate placement on zillow.Com you need replacement on zillow realtor.Com and you’re going to get a host of services including but not limited to the free matterport 3d video it’s included in that 895 price you’re also going to get flyers you’re going to get a sign you going to get key box placement you’re going to get open houses you going to get the full contract support with all of this all that’s included in our suite of tools so this isn’t something that’s new this isn’t something that people haven’t been wanting this is just something that’s been done right and hear it proper to bounce we put it together for the right people would put it together for the right price and we are bringing real estate equity back to you so if you have a question you have a concern as to where this might lead you as to what it might be able to do for you I encourage you to ask property mounts to help you save your money so your home keep your money property bounce it’s an easy way it’s an easy structure and we are proud to be here for the long haul or proud to be here for you and we’re proud to be able to educate and pull back to come out on and truly show people what it’s about you know this is something then has been needed for quite some time this is something that we are proud to offer to all of our customers not necessarily just customers that are friends of family or that have a friend in the real estate business because I’ve so if you are currently looking for a home in owosso or you’re currently looking to sell your owosso home then please reach out to us give us a call see how much money we can save you I think you will be rather pleased with the amount of money that you can save working through property mounts were talking about a flat fee commission as non commission-based and will allow you to sell your home for a low fee of $895 it is a lot cheaper than that traditional feed and you’re going to get everything that you were going to get with a traditional realtor and then some now this is including but not limited to your so and of course things don’t ever work out they should and I’m not going to have anyone to watch addison and I don’t know where we’re going to go with any of this so just besides myself with what I can do but you know what are you doing you just push on and you make sure things happen and you make sure you do the best you can do whatever that may be I hope that you know I know I didn’t and it’ll work out so if you’re looking for that owasso home buttons that owasso real estate please reach out to us and see how we can help you test account to see if it was a real estate is in this article¬†Owasso Real Estate