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Owasso Real Estate Coming to you today on number 90 I’m cruising in the jeep kind of fun headed over to headed over to in the raw to have a lunch meeting with my partner sarah to talk about property bounce and everything that they have done offer I’m driving to this neighborhood right here waterstone down in south tulsa in the average price of a home down here is something like that you know over 500,000 I probably around 600 so you know man it would save I just got to  Owasso Real Estate thinking about that patient would save about save over 17,000 average home down here I can guarantee you these people would enjoy that but neither here nor there I would certainly love to see you get this deal closed I’d love to see you sell your home and if you’re looking for a home or some real estate in owasso I would encourage you to reach out to property bounce and see how we might be able to save you some money we have been working in the tulsa area for quite some time now and we certainly want to be able to extend what we’ve learned and enlighten most of the people out there and show them how easy it’s it really is as far as the Owasso Real Estate listing process is concerned but we’re going to see if that works out we’re going to see if that helps I would really like to know what everyone wants to do and I am very excited about what we’re doing here and how we’re doing it and we’re definitely going to be able to save some people some money specially there on real estate in owasso so if you’re looking to buy you looking to sell your looking to lease or any of your currently raining now please reach out to us and see how we might be able to help I’m headed northbound on south delaware right now and headed over to get something to eat it’s going to be a great day I’m super ecstatic about the word today is going to lead and everything that we’ve got going on it’s going to be a fun trip fun day and fun time being able to spend the time today with sarah there eating lunch at in the raw and talking about business I enjoy talking business I do enjoy talking shop Owasso Real Estate so to speak and that’s something that we’re going to we’re going to talk about that how we can save people money maybe how we can move certain things and what we can do certain things will see where everything works out and how everything goes is definitely big time for all of us here at property bounce if you happened to be looking for a home or some real estate in owasso I have a few agents that are working in that area we have several agents and I’d like to have the chance in the opportunity to talk to those agents in to see if we can get done and how we are going to be able to help you help yourself and not only that be able to help you save money and with property bounce certainly going to be a good time certainly going to be some big savings for a lot of people so we’ve got a lot of great things coming up that we’re looking forward to and we were excited to be able to bring this to everyone out there you don’t have to know somebody you don’t have to have somebody that’s going to do a favor for you it like here at property bounce in here in tulsa we’re going to be able to close those loans and help you close your property help you sell your property in owasso and keep the majority of Owasso Real Estate your equity so if you’re looking for real estate in owasso you really have found the spot you found the right place and to go in the right place to make things happen I am super excited and ecstatic about everything that you’ve done for me and everything that you’re you know able to do for me it’s been big savings for people and you know it’s been a long time coming we’ve been working on this for a while and we’re going to reimagine and redefine the way real estate works I’m very excited to be able to make that happen for you and I’m just very excited to be able to be one of the people that’s actually able to help out on this deal on the forefront and maybe be able to make this work I’m telling you that we have a very excited about our program and what we have the offer and everything that we can do we’ve got some great people that are going to be able to help out and help everyone out to be honest with you there at the property value go and if you are going to be in tulsa for the home and garden show I would encourage you to come out chicken or boots we’re going to have something to show you and things to give away and I will be giving away free comparative market analysis telling you what your home is worth like I said how we can help you and what we can do for you on there with your real estate in a lot so it looks so please reach out to us and give us a call and see what we might be able to do to you right now I’m headed westbound on the creek pike creek turnpike headed towards the yale avenue exit it’s crazy I used to control this highway and you know back then it was just two lanes so it was a little easier it’s there’s a lot more traffic on it today than there was 10 15 years ago when I was wearing that uniform and I’m glad to be out of it I’m glad for what they did for me, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the without the strength and the discipline and the character that they help me to develop left on yellow head north on yale towards 91st street they were going to cruise right Owasso Real Estate through 91st street on up to 81st which is where we’re going to be able to see where at addison goes to school she goes to school there around 81st and yale I’ll be picking her up just a short couple hours and I’m so very excited to be picking her up and you know she’s she’s my baby girl and she has always talked about real estate she loves real estate you know she actually when I say that she that she’s my baby girl she’s 9 so she’s not so much a baby anymore but she loves real estate she loves to talk about it she loves to go with me on open houses and take pictures and she really loves that matter for camera and that’s something that you know I would like for you to ask your agent you know when you’re interviewing agent what am I getting any what are you paying for and what is it costing so that’s the question I have for you and the question I would have for them is to see you know where where can that lead what can that that what can that do for me are you getting that matter for video and if so how much am I paying for it is that on top of my 3% or is that just included because here at property bounce we’re going to be able to do a 3d video of your real estate in owasso for free and when I say for free it’s included in that 895 in the course or square footage of limitations on that but there’s some I think you’re going to find her some pretty high square footage limitations definitely take some time and we’re going to be able to make sure that we get your home marketed correctly which is what you’re looking for is to be able to market your home and sell it decent time at a decent price and you know when I say a decent time a decent time frame you know we don’t want to take forever to sell your home and I don’t think you do either so if you have a note home for sale in owosso or just around a while so it doesn’t even have to be there in a while so it could be anywhere around owosso or and know that we anywhere that we are members and able to list things for you which would be anywhere in the greater tulsa association of realtors multi listing service area we are able to and excited to be able to lift these homes were going to push him out to trulia for you were going to put them on zillow.Com Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate then we’re going to put it on realtor.Com do we have a host of services they were able to blast out thousands of agent the kind of just give him a reminder. Owasso Real Estate And that would be glad for you to come up and see what we have going on so if you are looking to sell a home in owasso are you looking to buy a home in a while so I would encourage you to reach out to see what you can do and see what we can do for you is the question interview us ask the question you know why are we were yeah that’s what I would asking with them and with that said I’ll tell you why were worth $895 worth a lot more than that but that right there is what we found where we could be profitable and still offer the best service that you’re never going to find anywhere this is real estate reimagine we are a totally different group of people there’s one person you’re going to talk to you and be able to lift those homes be able to take care of those homes and be able to sell those sounds I’m telling you we are going to be able to help you out more and be able to be there with you through this thing till the end so if you currently be lifted your current home currently is listed obviously with property bounce go home or you’re looking to buy in owasso you looking to find some real estate then look no further than property bounce we do sell real estate in owasso and we are happy to be able to show you what we can do what we can’t do and what were willing to do for that small flat fee of $895 so please reach out to us if there’s anything you can do for us or I’m just use me if there’s anything that we can do for you then please reach out ask if those questions and we’d be glad to sit down with you run by your house you can come by our office whatever works have a cup of coffee maybe a pancake and sit down talk to you about everything that we have to offer for real estate there in owasso so please once again you got a question click on that link up there send you some info over inquiry and we’ll get right back with you Owasso Real Estate