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Here we are headed over here to bbd it’s my thursday morning. That’s my excited because he has gray breakfast I’m, probably going to get me a scramble. Definitely some home fries I bet, I’ve earned them if I put about five six hours in the gym this week and I learned a lot of good stuff when some good escapes and I said looking forward to continuing my jiu-jitsu game. So with that said, I’m going to get in here to dvd it’s here at the shops at harvard park and see what we can find here that gracie jiu-jitsu right across the way. It was super exciting and then, let’s just say, he’s in creamery there’s another one I haven’t even heard of it. I sure hope they don’t go out of businessbut, like I said. If you were out, if you there in a while, so they don’t have a bb either, Owasso Real Estate but they do they do have property bounce, and if you want to save some money and I would encourage you to reach out to probably bouncing and have them hook you up with an agent. That’s going to be able to see you through the process of selling or buying your looking to acquire your new home in a while, so it probably bounce. We are flat fee listing service. We equity, because that equity is your equity. If you live in forest creek down here in south also, you can still use probably bounce or flat fee listing service that flat fee listing service that will list your home for $895. So, regardless of where you are right now in life and whether you live in owosso or maybe you live in tulsa or jenks, Owasso Real Estate a broken arrow or bixby you’re. Basically, in the greater tulsa area that happens to offer, you don’t happen to have a real property, you can utilize the services of property bounce to save you money and what’s crazy about it, is how much you can actually save I mean we’re talking thousands upon thousands of dollars, I mean a $500,000 homes going to save you. 14105 bucks I mean that is a pretty substantial savings. If you ask me something, I would certainly want to listen to it and you might ask yourself: Owasso Real Estate where are they cutting corners? How can they do it so cheap? Well, I’ll tell you it’s it’s no secret that the internet has changed things and has sped things up, so yeah we’re just basically catching up with the times the internet has made it so much easier. Give me a list of home and not have to worry about it tonight after you know where you’re going to get you, those flyers are going to push it out there we’re going to let people in and make sure that people see your home and we want to get. You know everybody interested in the property bounce away in the property bounce real estate, and you know being able to be a Owasso Real Estate player in that game being able to you know, sell these homes. This is something that we’ve always wanted to do, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to just charge a flat fee. Like I said it doesn’t matter. If you work at home depot doesn’t matter if you work at our vassar, the sinclair station you’re going to get that flat fee.

Owasso Real Estate Just like everyone else. Is it so you know it’s it’s high time the politics have been taken out of real estate. You know you don’t have to know somebody now to keep your equity. All you’ve got to do is call property manage these guys have been on top of it for years. They’ve been working for years in this program to be able to save you, money and I would really encourage you to reach out to him just to see how much you can save I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. When you see the amount of commission that’s paid in on that type of loan loan amount of commission is paid I’m that type of a sale, especially 3%. You know so you had a million dollar home in 1 million dollar home is going to cost you $30,000 tell city pay 3%. If you call property bounce guess what it’s going to cost you 895, so I encourage you to reach out to us to reach out to whoever you know you might want to. But please consider us, you don’t give us a shot and see what we have to offer see if there’s something that we can do for you. I’m here, property bounsweet, Owasso Real Estate like i, said charge a flat fee listing fee of $895 versus at 3%, so you’ll smitty’s garage it’s a great place to eat. If you guys haven’t been, there have great fears another place. One of my faves is my favorite is red rock canyon grill in king’s landing, it’s a great place to eat great place to network and hopefully sell some real estate like i, said we’re a flat fee listing service a non commissioned based, and you know we want to throw it out there to you that it’s it’s that cheap. It’s only $895 to be able to sell your home and I’m. So I’m super excited I’m super stoked about where this might lead us and what to do for us and we’ll see where it leads. Do we want to be able to save everyone, money and I really feel that we could kick-start the entire process, the entire real estate industry, by opening up the equity for these people, and you know giving their equity back. You know. So my thing is rather than going with the traditional realtor, you know reach out to see. If there’s something we could help you with, we would love to be there, for you would love to be able to help you out, and you don’t tell us what we might be able to help you with your property bounce.

Owasso Real Estate We list homes in owosso. We also show homes are actually most of them are in the owasso public school district, which is a great school absolute grade school. Have some great baseball players ever come out of their several that have turned professional, so real estate? You looking to you i, say that commission, you know we’re going to put it on his halo, going to put it on realtor.Com. We get you a key box where to get you a sign, we can get you set up to where you, for you know what you’re. Looking for you know, what’s up happening and we want to be able to save you money, regardless of where you are and who you are and how much you have. We want to be there for you and we want to be able to save you, thousands. So please, if you’re real estate owner, are you looking to be real estate investor, not an investor. You know just looking for your first home, please reach out to us your property, bounce and toast. We might be able to help you please let us know what we can do for you. We’ve been through the hard times of into the good times and the bad times, and we want to. We know you have as well. Owasso Real Estate So please encourage you to reach out to us. Were non-traditional agency, it’s going to charge you a flat fee going to save you, thousands, so if you’re in there in a while, so if you’re, not in owasso, you want to be in a while. So you know I would encourage you to reach out to him and see what we can do for you to see how much money we might be able to save.

You are definitely a team player. We’ve been there through thick and thin and we want to keep it that way. It would certainly want to be there for you, I’m in now, every week and whatever way, whatever capacity of your property bounce, you know, if you looking to see what your house is worth, give us a call when I’m going to charge you anything to run that compared to market analysis when I charge you anything to eat at home. If you are interested in getting into the real estate game out, I would encourage you also I mean to reach out to us we’re currently looking for ages for property bounce, and you know we like to talk to you. You know we can help you get through that course. Owasso Real Estate If you get through the pass that test and and get you on the way to earning your own income, to bring what needs to be sheridan, I am super, excited and super pumped and stoked about everything out there and everything they were going to be able to get going for you. So if you’re an agent and like some help, if you’re an agent and you’re, not maybe you’re, not an agent, and you would like to know what still in that helping hand to share experience-and you know see if we can’t work together collectively as a team to help save you money, whether you’d be buying a new home or selling your current home.

Owasso Real Estate We want to work with you and see, see you through that process. Make sure that you know you feel, like you have someone there, that you can count on. Not someone, that’s just there for a paycheck. So please reach out to us. Give us a call see what we can do for you, I’m here, probably bounce. We are, on top of things, 100% willing to make sure that when we get your home listed there in owasso that it immediately goes in the multi listing service and then on, trulia zillow, realtor.Com you’re welcome to homes.Com. We certainly want to be able to market your real estate in a way that it gets out to everyone that might be interested in. Maybe you know there, people there are other people that aren’t, and you know we want to be there for you. We want to help you through these times and no basically be able to see you through the process, help you through the process, and we want to make sure that you feel, like you, have a player on your team player on your side and someone that’s going to get you through the tough times, get you to the easy times and I’m heading to be there with you that whole step of the way I mean if you were acting weird like for you to keep it i, know I’m sure you’d like to keep it so reach out to property man’s you know will come take a look at your home there in owasso you real estate, you know whatever it is we’re going to put you with your agent on my property bounce. If you don’t like him the age of your with numerous other agent, so you don’t. Let us know interview us, we’re applying for a job