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Like to come to you, I’m, coming to you actually from waterstone here, I’m leaving this neighborhood I’m, headed over to a friend of mine’s house named jake. This is on delaware avenue 115th, street cars, today, i, see I’m wondering if it’s a slick up there in owasso I heard they have some real estate for sale and there’s some vince and moving and shaking going on in the real estate industry. That’s why I want to bring up the Owasso Real Estate company called property. Math property balance is a flat fee listing service that is currently working in owasso, not only want, so they are working in the greater the working in the state of oklahoma, but currently members of the greater tulsa association of realtors multi listing service that service doesn’t only included, also extends all the way through, basically all the cities in the greater tulsa metropolis. So if, if you’re looking for a home, if you’re looking for an agent, will you have agents or peoplebut, you may know that are interested in buying a home selling at home, especially if it’s in the owasso area I would challenge you or encourage you to reach out to the property bounce team and see how they can help you to see what they can help you find and see, if maybe they might have the right fit for you with a flat fee listing service.

We’re going to save you, thousands. You know it’s kind of like the another for sale by owner people. You know you don’t have to pay that 3%. So you trying to say that extra 3 for grand will you can with us you’re only going to pay that 895 you going to get the full service in the videos we looked at it and we figured out what is it take me. What do you really need is one of the things I mean on a home to sell a home. Owasso Real Estate You really need that matter for and have that matter for video for free, a 3d virtual tour. Preferred you know when I say:freeze included in the listing price, so most of the agent said it ran across a charge at 3%my question to you and them is that not their job to sell your home and to give you know to use all the tools available to them to sell your home I would sure think so and I wouldn’t think it should cost any extra. So that’s why I’d like to say I’d like for you to know that man, if you’re, looking to sell or buy a home in owasso the reaching out to property bounce, something that is going to be a great decision. I mean it’s going to be super sweet to be able to sell that I mean I’m driving. There was a guy. I was talking to earlier name’s jared. He lives in about a 1.2 million dollar home to make this easier, let’s just say it sold for a million. It would save that guy enough money to buy a couple. Dodge journey I’m sure that’s what’s nuts about it is when you think about your getting better service for something and you’re paying$895. We were talking about a flat fee listing service for to sell your home 395 bucs versus 3%, which is what most of your traditional realtors charge. I’m not saying you know what that may be negotiable with him, but I’ll tell you what ours is it’s 895. It doesn’t matter what your house is worth.

It doesn’t matter what your home sales for it’s 895 box, it’s a it’s a crazy deal! I’m super excited to have it there I’m ecstatic about the you. Don’t everything that we have the offer and everything that probably bounce going to be able to do I mean they got salt trucks out. We’ve got marco’s pizza, proud to say that they’re still open up that jake orders marco’s pizza! Today’s got native juice company, the wine rack here on south sheridan tulsa and we currently do sell in tulsa. That’s what I want you to know:cuz you’re, not just selling homes in owosso or selling homes in the greater tulsa area and oklahoma for that matter. So if it, if there’s something that you have to sell it for something that you’re wanting to to buy or sell, the greater tulsa association of realtors is is a is a phenomenal organization that you can certainly use wood, hollow state on from 600 to 1 million, provided they charge 3% with property bounce that would be 895. You can friend of mine named jake. He drives a tahoe, he doesn’t own a home in owasso, but he doesn’t own at home here in south tulsa. You know, he’s got a nice house very great decorations, I’m super stoked and excited about him, and what he’s got going on? There’s looks like there’s some new construction going across here and that’s one thing:i want you to know even hear property, bounce sale, new construction homes we sell already constructed homes, we spell dilapidated homes. We sell vacant homes. What I’m getting at here as we don’t care, i, probably bounce. Owasso Real Estate If it needs to be listed on the mls service, we’re going to charge $895 and I challenge you and encourage you to use us and to see what we might be able to do for you. If you have someone that you might know that already has real estate for sale or maybe they already have a real estate license I mean, and you know, I would encourage them. You don’t reach out to property down there, something that we could do for you in the owasso ever you’re, not even in the owasso. There’s, something we could do for you in the greater tulsa area. In the greater tulsa area, association of realtors, we would love to help you out what we’re trying to do here:property down to save people, money for a flat fee, listing service that is currently listing homes in owasso listing homes all over the place.

So, if there’s something there, if there’s actually at home-or you know that you want to buy, may be home, you want to sell I would encourage you to reach out a property bounce and see how much money we can save you we’re not talking about a 3%. Deal, we’re talking about $895. That’s all! It’s going to cost you to list that home, really simple, quick! We’re going to give you everything that you would ever find with your traditional realtor and then we’re going to throw the matterport 3d video in there for all of that. Owasso Real Estate So I really don’t understand why you would want to pay that extra money if you’re selling at home-but you know that’s that’s up to You-i’ll, be soon as you’re, activating equity and that’s what we’re trying to say. That’s what we’re trying to talk to you about and trying to get across! You don’t have to give up all that equity to be able to sell your own, like you can get a full-service real estate company that is willing to. Not only do the flyers are going to put the sign out there they’re going to come out and do it. Owasso Real Estate You know icma, which is a a Owasso Real Estate comparative market analysis and we’re going to dale down into those homes and really look at him and and see what your home is worth. We want to make sure that you maintain and keep all of that equity that you’ve worked so hard to earn over the years that you’ve had your job, so we’re not going to charge your percentage, so it doesn’t matter if you’re comes with a million. Owasso Real Estate If your home is worth two million or $100,000 charge, you $895, like it’s that simple to be able to list your home to be able to get it out there and make it work. Owasso Real Estate So, like I said, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re interested in buying a piece of real estate, if you’re interested in selling peace real estate i, would encourage you to reach out to property bounce I’ve got daisy out here, she’s trying to run around. It’s got to be cold. Look at her she’s going to drink out of that pool. It’s so cold out here, I just it it just baffles me. You know that people, don’t you know people, especially in owasso, that own real estate that they would reach out to an agent and not be a property bounce agent like it. Owasso Real Estate If you need agents in your area, I would encourage you to reach out to probably about if we don’t have agents that we’re going to have them now and then I’m going to tell you right now anywhere in the greater tulsa association of realtors anywhere that mls covers.

We have agents there. Owasso Real Estate I just talked at two new people today that are taking their test and coming to work for probably about 30 people are so excited to be able to not have to screw their neighbors I mean it’s really cool, to be able to charge 895 to give them everything that they need and list their home. There’s really no reason to pay that 3% I know people want to ignore it. I know they don’t want to talk about it or it’s going to go to the wayside. Tell me:are people not going to show those homes? Oh guess what we’ve got an answer for that, so my thing is:is it’s going to happen? Owasso Real Estate I can assure you that homes are going to be showed it’s going to happen to if you have a home there in owasso, if you have something not in the wausau anywhere in the greater tulsa association of realtors mls geographic come see area I’m telling you if it’s jinx, if it’s south tulsa, if it’s bigsby, if it’s broken arrow fence, north tulsa, if it’s anywhere you can think of, is specially owasso, please reach out to us and see what we can save you like it’s 895 bites were going to give you all of the flyers. Owasso Real Estate You need we’re going to give you the sign. We’re going to put the key box on there were going to take the professional photos, we’re going to give you the contract, support and negotiations. Are there any recommendations? And, honestly we have so many approved vendors that work with us that you know we’re going to be able to take care of everything that you might need. You never know what there’s a really small things that might need to be fixed on your home there in owasso, but the guys at property, bouncy agents there, probably bounce you’re, going to be there to help you out and make sure that it works out for you Owasso Real Estate