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Owasso Real Estate I was working in my store today and thinking about property bounce. Now there aren’t any stores like mine in owasso, I’m, probably about his name jay, so I wonder how good what am I store to do there? No more so because we’re selling real estate there in owasso, true property bounce. It’s a flat fee listing platform that now you can save thousands upon thousands of dollars. Just by listening with us over your traditional realtor realtor charge a commission we charge a flat fee. So if you’re looking for a while, so real estate real estate, owasso can be at home house residence, mobile home vacant land. Basically anything that is listed on mls you throughout property bounce website, probably bounce going to charge 895 at this point, and you usually get there around 3% commission with a nether realtor. So if you’re looking for a real estate agent or realtor for the owasso area, I would challenge you to check out property bounce research, realtor in owosso realtor in owosso and maybe they’ll be able to find our website. But if you search for probably about you be able to find as well, but if you’re selling real estate buying real estate redding real estate leasing, real estate in the Owasso Real Estate  area would like to reach out to one of our realtors near property mounts, and we are a member of the mls which makes us a member of the realtor. So all of your stuff will be on realtor.Com trulia.Com and it would also be on zillow.Com i. Think you could just do go. Excuse me, I think you can google zillow or google trulia for google, realtor and site will come up. Most of the time should be listed there, but you’ll certainly want to go to the property bounce website to see what we have for future homes. We certainly want to sell your home want to help. You facilitate the sale of your home weather, be in owasso weather, be in claremore weather in south, tulsa, jenks bixby, we’re here to help facilitate the sale of anybody’s property, real property, not personal property, but any real property home specializing in the owosso area. Now we also work in jenks, south, tulsa, collinsville, skiatook, sand springs, there’s numerous different places that we list houses in gladden explain that process to you. If you, if you’re interested in finding some real estate there in owosso owosso area than i, would certainly say, you know, give us a call, we’re going to be listing. Houses are in the wausau area for some time to come. Owning a home in owasso area has never been easier, easier. Buying a home. You can use a property mount real estate agent, get away from those mission base bees. Actually, our agent is working for you to help you buy it. It doesn’t cost me anything sellers going to pay the fees for the amount of work that we do for you. So I tell you so if you’re looking for a home and they’ll also area and the pulse area in rogers, county area broken arrow’s, another good spot, bigsby anytime, you’re searching for a realtor property bounce is going to be there for you, like i, said. If we are going to buy going to pay, the commission soho is going to save when you’re selling or buying a home there in owasso, if your leasing, a home or renting at home, to help you what’s. The real estate has remained unchanged for quite some time and it’s still and if you’re going to sell a home in a while, so you’re still going to have to consider calling property bounce and see if you’re going to sell your property and how much we can save you. $895 is going to save you, your $895 3000 and 18000 total commission how to traditional realtor if you’re looking for some like i, said they’re, really it’s if you want to buy. If you want to sale, if you want to lease, we’ve got it for you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out there at property. Bounce will be happy to get you at home. Are you at home, secure? We can help, get your financing secured. We can get the title work started and certainly be able to help facilitate your buying of at home or your cell at the selling of your phone there. In a while, so we’ve got like I said:collinsville, that’s kind of in that area. We also eating tulsa county schools and pay those cheaper taxes which talk about even bigger savings when you’re looking to buy a home as we’re going to be able to direct you to the right the right direction and show you the right way to bio on the right way to save money and then hopefully helpful and negotiate that perfect situation is the property bounce of cutting all that commission out. It’s easy to make a win-win situation because it would save you $105 if you had a $59,000, so I just want you to know that property bounce in real estate in owasso is for everyone, I mean we’ve got homes listed in five fingers. Veterinary, certainly not not sure what I would do and you know all the way up to the vacant land. There’s a lot of wausau area, special, ed, rogers, county side tells county side still going on. You’ve got the the patriot up, there. Of course. That is going to put you right there in the owasso schools, of course, and if I be in there in owosso at that you can live there. You looking for a home or a house there in owasso property bounce can certainly save you some dollars. So if you’re looking to save save save time, but if you’re one of those like me, that would rather know someone else get to work done. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate You know I’m all for it. So let us do all the dirty work. Let us search around tell us what your likes and dislikes are. What your printers are will help work with you and the mortgage company south to figure out how much you can purchase and watch your purchasing power. Is your purchasing power so hard? You know. If homeowner do you say these principal payments productions every month? Why give that money back or give that money to someone else? You know congratulating them for getting their license. I, just don’t see why you would really want to pay some of that kind of money. I mean flat. Fees are certainly going to save you, thousands and thousands of dollars over. What’s your have been paying the commission-based realtor fee so anywhere the greater tulsa association of realtors mls expanse to we would be glad to show you this rock Owasso Real Estate