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Owasso Real Estate We are up to 84 likes and over a hundred and twenty four views in the video and just one day with property mouth very exciting. What we’re bringing to the owasso area, how we’re going to be able to help the people there in owasso sell that real estate. Soon property bounce is a licensed broker in oklahoma based out of broken arrow, but we sell list, buy and rent real estate in the great state of oklahoma. If you were looking at a friend’s looking got a family member, mom sister cousin, once removed cousin, we don’t mind you’re a proper to bounce. We love referrals. If you refer someone into us we’re going to hook you up on your side of the commission scratch that part. If you refer someone to us, is the most flattering compliment we could ask for when looking to buy real estate in the area, we’re looking to sell real estate in the owasso area, search through property bounce, we have a great go on there. Owasso Real Estate Not only show everyone sound so whichever home or whichever realtor someone is chose to go with we’re still going to show your student be able to see it right there on that website. So, if you’re in the market for a home there in owasso in the owasso area, if you’re looking for any type of real estate, please check out property bounces website get on there. Do some quick searches, bill help you find what you need to get in touch with one of our agents would be glad to show you anything you find it doesn’t matter. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be able to use all of those all of the different parameters that we have to dial that down and deliver exactly, hopefully, exactly what you were, your wife might look into it so was buying real estate in owasso. It’s very important to know what company you’re using you not to be able to trust what company you’re using in the property in trust, property. Bounces trust we’re here trying to make a better, actually we’re here, essentially to it to make it a better home selling process to make it easier to traditionally I know when I would have to go. Look it up. You know I listed for sale by owner property bounce. Is it going to be there for you in the owasso area, they’re going to be there to sell real estate? I can said not only in the wausau area within the collinsville area, tulsa area, broken, arrow area, jenks area, south tulsa, whichever going up there so many different places that we can sell real estate, essential in any city in the great state of oklahoma, so just get with one of our agents. Owasso Real Estate What is no kind of the criteria of what fits the build of your perfect house and, let’s see if we can’t find that save thousands, we would love to represent you and be your buyer’s agent to negotiate on behalf of you to help you facilitate to help you with the entire transaction. We are still works one day, the right there in owasso they facilitate the closing of closings of real estate transactions in owosso. We use them type titles when I’m, when we used to you know but like I said, but with jen, is going to open up to you and allow you to really hone in on exactly what you’re looking for. We got everybody there like i, said for the support. So it’s just one stop. You know you go to one place so much easier to be able to use property mounts and not have to call this person or call that person, and you got the closing here. You’ve got the real estate deal over here. You can do it all in one spot, especially if you’re looking right there in the owasso. Very. We want to make sure that you understand that we are here to represent you. We here at property bounce. We want to save you, thousands, the difference between anybody done it. Owasso Real Estate Would you want to give away your money? I? Guess, that’s the only answer. I have charging 3% to list of what marketing they truly doing. I! Guess! That’s! A question you have to ask yourself:what are you doing for me:is it in molasses, is zillow and trulia. So if I had a $300,000 to do it versus $150,000 home I only pay. You $4,500. Why sis much? Are you marketing twice as hard on my house, it’s twice as expensive or you just making twice as much money and basically having a traditional realtor answer that question. It makes it tough and you know myself a commission-based listing steve and and but when you look at it, and then you see it, it’s pretty simple. I mean why, if I’m going to do the same amount of work on your name on your charge, you twice as much money. It just really doesn’t make sense to me. That’s it! That’s why we come up with the flat fee. Real estate broker. That way, you know what you’re paying it’s if it’s still a large percentage of that amount. So with the thing about having that flat feet, as you know, you can plug it in there and you’re going to know how much it’s going to cost you. We don’t want to have to there’s no reason we feel to have to base it off of both sides if that buyer’s agent of the person driving people around showing them helping put that together, helping so that um, you that’s where that commissions going to go to the 3%, but, like i, said paying 895 + 3% nope I have to do the math, but I think you would have your home would have to be less and worth less than 30000.¬†Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate For us, we cannot be able to save money with robert emails and their reason we come up with. That is not necessarily because of that I’m. Now, that’s that’s where you know we can ford hire the right amount of people to help make sure that your transaction is done properly and property bounce we’re here, for you we’re going to save you money where to sell your home or he would help facilitate the transaction. Your next anything. Looking at the owasso area, owasso real estate is booming. Owasso real estate has been looking lately, so why don’t you pick up the phone? Owasso Real Estate The next time you thinking about that real estate and give us a call, it 1 800, actually scratch that it’s 1833 p bounce and we will spend the time with you on the phone to listen to your needs, to listen to your wants, to put and then match you with the correct property bounce agent. That will immediately go to work sorting through the thousands of listings that are currently out there right now and narrow it down to what you’re looking for to make this easier for you. Owasso Real Estate And what are we going to charge you to do that when I charge you anything? If you looking to buy another house, guess what the seller is going to pay our commission? So it’s not going to cost a penny for you to use our services as a buyer’s agent, and we don’t want to charge. If there’s really no sent. You know, I don’t need to get paid for the work I’m doing. If I’m trying to find you a home until I’m, successful i, don’t feel that you should just be stuck and not have to go anywhere. But the nice thing, like i, said using proper bounce not going to have the professional help and assistance of of the property about agent and all of the suite of tools in combined experience that they have back in the office. We have broker brokers on staff. We have agents on staff, we’ve always got someone they’re ready to pick up the phone and answer. Whatever questions you might have real estate is not wouldn’t say real estate. Is that I don’t know if you use the word complicated? It just seems that you know there’s a there’s, obviously a different nomenclature and just I think having someone there that you can call that can explain those things to you and those questions are on your mind. Just it just gives you peace of mind, so using property mounts as a buyer’s agent when you’re looking for a home near owasso. Is it certainly must do so? If you looking for real estate and the owasso area, the greater tulsa area, either side, tulsa, county, side, rodger, county side in any school district property mount. Let us know how we can help you today¬†Owasso Real Estate