Owasso Real Estate | Weekend Fun

I’m going to try to get to i-37 I’m, not going to try and definitely get to 37, because I think that is where paul paul said. The record was so we’re going to definitely get 37 this week and hopefully not having the kiddos this weekend. I’ll have some more time to do a few more of these podcasting and income be able to tell you got some stuff that you know they would like to. I would like for you to know pier property bounce. We have you wouldn’t believe how much service and the value that you’re going to get for $895, weave, weave, definitely rewritten the way real estate worth we rewritten the business model and it’s a complete new business really is weave weave transformed it to what it is today and Owasso Real Estate I’m super excited about the amount of money that were saving people. I mean there in a while. So so you got a $200,000 home I want to save you, 5105 bucks, that’s crazy, I mean we’ve got also like i, don’t know if you’ve heard a pro overhead door they’re over by the frisco warehouse there off of 61st street in broken arrow, they work in broken arrow as well. I’m. Sorry they working bigsby as well and they work in owasso.

Owasso Real Estate You know so that we can get you a door put on there and we’ve got winnelson wholesale plumbing distribution, there, a great company to work with they work there in owasso, and you know where will sell you plumbing supplies to use on your home in owasso, so with property, bounce rittz non-traditional, it’s very straightforward, $895 fee versus that 3%. You really going to see a lot of savings. You really going to see a lot of people wanting to go to work, the property bounce. We already have agents calling. We have lots of agent calling that are just want to show homes when they really really want to see. Owasso Real Estate What’s happened, it’s crazy! You know the amount of money, we’re saving people I’ll, tell you it’s a it’s astronomical! We’ve got that were located off of the broken arrow expressway in broken arrow commercial building there to 3101 north hemlock circle on which is where property bounce is located at I would love to show your address. We love to show you our homes would love to show your office, your conference center, anything that you might need. We want to help you out like their chris nikel collision. That’s it that’s a great place to get stuff done. I start I bought my jeep there great company, great guys over there, Owasso Real Estate I reach out to will freeman i. Think you still over there, but maybe not. If not you know you can reach out to prepaid. That’s his name he’s a he’s. A great dude got a lot on the ball and has been able to help me tremendously on numerous different occasions. I’m super excited to be able to you know, bring to you what we can bring to you now with property manager. So it’s been, it’s been a long ride, it’s been a crazy ride and we are. We are pumped and ecstatic to be able to bring 3% savings to everyone. You know you’re going to pay that 895 and you going to get rid of the commission-based realtor fees. If that’s you know the major thing that I’ve heard from playing about his is those fees. Anyone goes to the agents were making a better for the agent. Owasso Real Estate

Owasso Real Estate You don’t have to pay your office rent, there’s no office rent with property bounce. So are you asking? Are you asking what agents are switching a property bounce? Well because we’re put more money in their pocket to no fees higher commissions. You know-and it’s it’s not based off of how much you sell it’s based off of where the lead came from and it’s based off of the you know what you what you want to put into it. You know so I asked challenge if you want to. If you want to call one of the property bounce, one of the pba agents we’d be glad to look into it, for you I’ll be glad to get you going and I saving money on your property saving money on everything for that matter, hits we’re super stoked, be able to provide that to everyone. Owasso Real Estate This isn’t just in owasso property. This is the property that you can use. This is a listing service that can be used anywhere in the nation, so that in itself is something that you know. I just can’t believe that a person will have that kind of have that kind of money, and you know aunt and threw it away. I mean if you work so hard to get to where you are. Why in the world, do you want to just throw it all out the window and you don’t i, don’t think you do i, don’t think anyone does river did I think maybe it was just the only option you know, and so, if that is the case, and you know then now you have an option so reach out to us here pronounce and see. If we can get you with an agent, you know will let you interview him to see. If you want to talk to you and everybody, there is ready to go to work. Owasso Real Estate Your list, your home, or you going to save you money, especially when it comes down to thousands and thousands of dollars. I mean I really can’t see why a person would need or want to spend any extra money. I mean there’s just really no sense in it and I just i. Don’t know why a guy would even want to try or would think that he would need to spend extra money to sell. You know you know the payoff is a commission-based just to get his home, so you know there’s certainly no reason to have to give that commission away and that’s what you’re doing I mean it.

Owasso Real Estate Is your equity in and you’re giving it away. So why do that I mean I’m going to tell you want? Don’t it’s there’s no reason to it’s a certainly something that we we want to do for you. We want to save you some money I’m over here. Looking at this place, man, it is a mess, but I tell you what tv agents are still happy to be here for happy to help you. However, however, we may you know what, how are you may need help when it comes to real estate? If you want us to pull that to comparative market analysis, he wants to kind of see what your homes were. That’s great I will give you a give you an opportunity, give you a chance to to save some money, and you know I i, don’t know why person wouldn’t want to save some money, especially the amount were talking about. I mean $895 is always going to cost to list your home. That comes with a matter for a video that comes with everything that you’re going to need to get that home listed to get that home sold. So I am ecstatic about what we have, that we’re going to be able to bring to bring to the table and bringing to the table where I think I would ask him and how much are you paying for it and then ask him why it’s worth more I mean if you want to got those fees, and you want to you know:i mean I was just asking straight up:i mean why should I have to pay you an extra $79,000 on these guys can do it for 895 box and i. Owasso Real Estate Think you know the answer. That question is pretty simple but I’ll. Let them answer it I’ll. Let you figure out the answer. However, you like to do it now, I’m happy to be there for you I’m happy to give you any advice that I have I mean I’ve been in the real estate industry. I can’t even tell you the exact time. I guess I need to look that up but years and years of experience, I’ve had my broker’s license for a couple years and I’m really happy to be able to to use it to help people to use it to put more money in their pocket and to make things work. It’s a it’s certainly of a different program, different way to do things and we’re we’re going to make sure we’re to make sure it’s done right when you make sure your property is marketed by and you know things are, things are done properly for you reach out and see how much we can save you.

If one thing that you may not know is, if you’re looking to buy a home I’m going to charge you anything at the sellers out there, you are going to pay that condition for you. So that’s what makes me wonder you know and is why a person would really want to go anywhere else to me why they would mess with it. I like i, just don’t see if you live in an apartment, complex and you want to move to owasso reach out to property bounce, we’ll see what we can do for you. We love to sit you down with our lending partners and get you pre-approved for that home that beautiful owasso home and you may be looking for how she may be looking for a home and maybe a modular home. Some people call him trailers, but you know it may be vacant land you’re, looking for whatever it is whatever the case. I probably bounce were here to help you there for you and we want to make sure that we save you as much money as possible. You know so whatever it takes to make that happen. So please reach out to us:will let you know where there I think you’ll see we care and save you some money I can guarantee you that I can guarantee I’m going to save you. Some money-and you know like i, said, if sell your home for you, you know by all means just reach out to you to see what we can do for you. We have some doctors are really work at the oklahoma cancer specialists & research institute, those guys love to save money, especially you know when you’re you know, when you think of the size of most of the homes that doctors live in I mean I got you $12,000 list with a conventional allegiant 895 to list with us and that’s going to be ultimate saving to mean you’re, definitely going to see things progressed, you’re, definitely going to see things get better and you know I’m very excited to be able to make things work and to make it happen. We’re headed up to owasso now to check on a new home check on a new listing and see if we can’t get that and and moving in and sell that thing. We are super excited to be able to save some money and and help some friends. So if you want a piece of real estate, you’re always friend you’re always welcome property balance, and you know anything we can do for you. If you choose to go to traditional round I understand I mean i, can’t say that I understand why but I understand that your choice in the end, we don’t like i, said it’s:no, no catch no, frills. None of that we’re super pumped and stoked and excited to to be there for you and to hopefully be able to help facilitate the selfie