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Got three more to go, starting on 77 I’m, hoping I’m going to get this done before we get to go cuz I’m telling you there’s a white tahoe! There’s a ford explorer! There’s a chevy right there for about 1500! There’s a ford f-150 right over there on the side of the road, with a nice little fence post, there’s a camaro black camaros, certainly on the chevy, which is what’s faster by there’s a nice little of metal building a metal building a brand new nissan nissan again in the court, always been a hustler till I got a hold of itand, see if I could reach out to them and and help them out. It’s a it’s nuts. Real Estate Owasso Driving by here. You see these telephone poles and wonder. What’s going on I cracked, there’s a chevy, minivan I mean i, wonder! What’s going on with them right over here we got a ford ranger in the pontiac sunfire. There’s a nice little dealer sand in a mercedes, benz I’m telling you mercedes-benz. It’s not that easy, lock delaware county special, but it was an older model. So you never know if you got an older model home in owosso or in a while. So we reach out to this and I see what would not be able to do for you, they’re, probably bounce we weave, but I’ve been saving people. Thousands for for a long, timeanother great place is dj’s rv center dj’s is that they’ve got good and really good.

That rvs and you know great great place to make it home if you’re, looking for the city homes anywhere there in tulsa members of the greater tulsa association of realtors, which allows them access to their multi listing service, Real Estate Owasso which then also helps get your stuff out on trulia.Com. There’s all kinds of places out there realtor.Com we could market your property will get you some flyers to put things together that got some picture framing in for a ride. There I’ll tell you that, certainly a nice place to do to do some work and then there’s snyder’s camp over at the cloud gallery southwest I’m, hoping to get some more work done next week and tomorrow tonight and in the morning I’m going to take tonight off after I get over here to brian’s to relax, don’t work the whole way over there, and if we can I bet, I can get a good tan in tomorrow. Real Estate Owasso Cuz I can get three and on the way back and then probably 7. So that would be nice. I would put me over that 50 mark, which is what I’m looking for to the neck. We coming we get to 5125 I’m, so I’m very excited to be up to up to that I want to get to 200 and see what we can get done. I’m, not a guy. That really needs help. Coaching I just need to know where to go, I need it before it in the right direction and I’ll get there. But you know sometimes I have a problem with direction in life and i. Don’t want that! I! Don’t want to be that guy i, don’t want to be that person. I want to be able to be able to help people and that’s why we got a team, probably bounce people in check, especially if you’re looking for a home there in a while. So you know you want to make sure things are followed up on. You want to make sure the paperwork’s not drop, and things get done and I encourage. You, like i, said to reach out to someone there a property down for whatever you down to see what they can do, for you is a very tough industry. It’s an ever-evolving changing industry and something that that I enjoy is a is working. There, like i, said for property downstairs either in owosso or not in owasso. There’s a state, trooper, number, 797, i, sure hope I don’t run into him.

Real Estate Owasso Maybe that’s the same guy. You know that’s just how that stuff happens, and you know you got to deal with it in life and go on I mean believe me, it’s not going to get any easier and I always I name, my first. Always something and you know what I’ve been through. So many things and I keep getting myself into stuff here in so proud of you. If it’s something you think you can reach out to someone and see what they can do for you there in owasso, not only a great group of guys had a great group of people and willing to get after it and make things happen. We built it up what you see this today and we’re going to be able to hopefully not absorb if your property bounce real estate season of esther, maybe or maybe you’re, not as easy as you can pick their brain. Ask questions, get a comparative market analysis. You know, they’ll sit down with you and help you out and it’ll make things happen on some things. So that’s okay, I’m still in a good spot where I am and I’m glad to have had it this way and make it work. Real Estate Owasso We’re definitely going to be you make things work we’re going to be able to see things through till the end and be able to make sure that we understand what’s going on if you’re a person, that’s looking for some real estate, especially during the owasso area. I, would encourage you to reach out to one of our agents, hear property bounce and see how we might be able to help you, because in the end, saving your money over here for letting you keep your equity is why we’re here for you! $895 is a lot better deal 10% if you’re to challenge the status quo and see what we mean. Girls, we’re just passing through.

There’s a nice little daycare right there. Real Estate Owasso That’s another profitable business before I would not want to mess with that I’m having kids and different things is a kind of tough business, but anyway, there’s a sobriety escape from that was super crazy when that happened, but neither here nor there I’m very excited that everybody’s fine-and you know everything worked out if you’re looking for a home, i, don’t know if I told you, but we are at currently listing homes in owasso for $895 other than that you’re going to pay 3% would most be so. You know ii, challenge, challenge yourself and challenge the people out there that are charging at 3% asking her. What are they saying it’s wrong? What are they saying? What are they doing and how’s it different in? What’s wrong, you know and I feel that opportunity you know obviously list these homes, for the good thing is is was having so many other businesses out there that are doing it. Real Estate Owasso People going to have to change so we’ve got to push. We got to push hard. We’ve got to go pick. We got to go hard and hopefully, by going to take and going hard, then you know we’re going to be able to make some money and that’s what joe does I go. Big and I go hard and I go long and you know that’s what we need to do to make things were to be able to save money and stay the course have a disciplined. Have the work ethic to make it happen, and you know hopefully be able to save you.

Some money, save you, some equity amanda not having anywhere to go cuz, there’s not a lot to go going on here in delaware county, but got a good buddy of mine brian and has a place to put on grand lakes we’re going to go up and see him and be able to get in there in grand lake and see if we can save some people’s I’m proud to be where I am proud to be doing what I’m doing. Real Estate Owasso And you don’t need to realize that if people make you feel a certain way to just get away from you and not worry about it, which is exactly what I’m going to do. So if you would have some real estate in owasso, and you would like to sell it or you’d like to talk about selling and please reach out to us, see what we can do, everything that you might need to make things happen and we’re going to be able to stay the course we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. I can assure you, people are going to try it out and then they’re going to know they’re going to come back to us and they’re going to see. You know where we are, how we are and how we do things. I mean right here in jay, oklahoma make sure we’re going to make sure that things are working out, we’re going to make sure that people out there have a good idea of where we’re going and how we’re going to be able to do things. You know:there’s three rivers, church i, don’t know if they have a three rivers church in wausau, but they certainly have one here and grove. So if you’re, if you’re looking to sell your real estate, looking for an agent in owasso i, encourage you to I reach out to property bounce and see what may not be able to