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Real Estate Owasso I was talking with john today this morning got to love, john and men. John loves property. Bounce john I’ll tell you that john flat fee real estate, john heitz, the commission-based real estate, so explain to john’s foreign concept to property mounts obviously and john is very excited. John used to work in the appraisal industry and is looking to make a switch into the real estate and the mortgage industry, so I’m very sad about john and he is excited about property bounce, hoping he’ll come by this weekend and maybe turn into an agent and that’s I guess my focus is my next focus is fining agents in a while. So how do you find agent eddie find new agents will with this we are trying to sell real estate in owasso by changing the system and change the system? How do we do that? How do we make this? Sexy I really feel like if real estate is going to be sexy and I’m, not saying sexy in headshot I’m saying having it lower so for owosso real estate to sell it needs to have an allure so probably about to sail to those agents to sell people used to having lower and I feel the title or for owosso real estate. Is it’s going to be the money I mean you know. Real Estate Owasso Only the money, but it’s also I mean you know that’s. What we have to provide is is his efficiency. You know is in you know the money i, couldn’t it’s the savings for the owasso real estate and in that area, but it’s not only the black with that said, it has to be done correctly. I’m I’m lost for the for the right word there for the owasso real estate or for the person looking for a job as an agent at property bounce to sell real estate in owasso to get them on board I’m saying to get them on board to sell real estate in owasso to make them want to be an agent for us. I think the main thing the section is, the allure has to be the money. There’s several parts that with to get them to i, think it’s the, upfront money, it’s the cost of not having to take the test. I mean if we recruit the right people, I mean we need the cream of the crop, and if we do that, then I think we need to invest in them and invest in them. And that’s the same thing that you know our mission needs to be investing in. Real Estate Owasso Not only our agents are vision, I guess would be the best thing in our agents, but also investing in our clients, so I feel like we do need to put some skin in the game and not charging that whole upfront fee, but possibly turn up for a while so real estate. If you want to self in owasso, maybe not charging at all up front, but that we have some skin in the game. And so are you kind of like an insurance deductible, so to speak of you know, you’re not going to have to pay the whole 1250 or 1500 or whatever the fee is due use property bounce to buy real estate and maybe 895 of the base, and who knows what we might do for a builder that has real estate in owasso to sell, but we need it has to be done right. It has to be buttoned-up so to speak. I guess that was the word. I was looking for. I, don’t bounce around here a lot but I’m just kind of thinking of what it’s going to take for a person buying real estate in owasso do want to use property bouncer to want to be an agent for property, bounce and i. Think that is no more money. I! Think transparency is the thing I thank god, you know and and trust. We’re going to do. You know as far as buying real estate in owasso, you can trust property. Bounce I mean we so having the cream of the crop. Real Estate Owasso Your property bounce. It’s going to allow us so back to buying real estate. In owasso, when buying real estate in owasso property, bounce is going to be. The right choice is going to be the right choice, also not only in owasso but in all of tulsa and all of america. For that matter, in every state that property bounce, will jim be licensed end. We want that be something that the agents you are looking for a job you want to apply for a job that they see property bounce out. First, that we are getting the cream of the crop and they were paying for their fees and i. Think that’s what it’s going to take is so these people with looking at it and it maybe they can pay for their own fees than they’ve got some skin in the game, but we’re giving them free lead. So I think it would be great. Maybe we could look at putting on a real estate class. That’s really her look at the cost of that, but you know what a real estate agent is going to want to work for property bounce. You know anywhere because you know they’re going to get the leads for free, why, pay $12, to $15 to $20. What are you looking to buy real estate in owosso. I looked on this wave with you have the changing, realistic industry. So, if you’re looking for someone to work for your looking for a place to hang your license, property bounce would be a place. You would want to apply. What are you going to get the free leads of the houses that have the motivated sellers? I mean if your I don’t know about you and me. If I wanted to leave and I want to go somewhere, I mean? Maybe it’s not.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso You know what you choose, what you do with the equity mean. Sometimes, if there’s a better deal out there, I mean timing. Is everything you make money when you buy when you sell? Maybe you need to get rid of your house, so you can take that money invested in something else. You know you had a $300,000 home or say you had $1000000. We don’t have a cap on the listing price I mean so this could work anywhere. I mean whatever size home you have, and then we just have to market it better than any real estate agent out there and by marketing this and your property better than any real estate agent out there we’re going to be able to get your stuff sold. Real Estate Owasso So why would you pay anymore? Why would you use anyone else if you wanted to buy real estate in owosso or any state? Why would you use anyone besides property bounce? If you’re an agent i, don’t see why anyone would want to use anything other than property bounce I mean why not when you’re getting free listings, why go out there and pay it? Why work for someone else and make them money? You know you make yourself money working for property bounce. You don’t have when you’re on it team that teams not taking a large cut of your commission or taking none of it. If you sell that house that commission is yours, property bounce compensate its managers. Real Estate Owasso So if you’re looking for real estate in owasso, look no further than property bounce, they have residential home listings, they have commercial home listings. They have anything that you might need in the real estate game. Property bounce is going to be there for you. So once again, if you’re an agent, it’s looking to hang your license somewhere in a look at the property about, we have leaves out there. We have homes out there. Real Estate Owasso We have been sending plans for listings and we actively market you. We actively market the properties, that’s not coming out of your pocket. You want to list the house, you get to use the whole sweet but tools that property bounce has to offer for my matterport video. Does it cost you anything looking at getting a drone to use for telling real estate in owosso? So if you needed drone footage video footage, photography, professional photography in photos is obviously offered with property down to anyone that would want to buy a home in owasso would be foolish to not use property. Bounce I mean if you got a $300,000 home and I know that I’m not paying that extra 3%. That’s not grand, so yeah. When down in the negotiation table, it’s pretty easy to come up with an extra $500,000 to get that home sold. So that’s another thing that helps you know:property bounce. We help get things closed. You know you’re going to have a knot on your manager, but you can have a broker in an open door policy that you can talk to is not going to be here and broke. Her. That’s play back in the pool or add-on feature as vacation home, all you’re, the one having to look for all the answers to your questions. I mean you’re, going to have a guy there that you can go. Ask the property bounce. So that’s why our agents are great to use if you have real estate needs in owasso and that could be listing by sailing renting property bounce agents. Are there to help you so that facilitate whatever transaction you might have with real estate in the owasso area.┬áReal Estate Owasso