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So is crazy. I was talking to these guys today that the mortgage industry and beth title industry and they brought up the new construction and all the relationships in the real estate investment procedures act and all that stuff and I told him I said you know guys. Think about us is we’re doing the same thing that the rest of the traditional agents are doing the traditional brokers, but what we’re doing is worth charging a flat fee other than a commission and i. Real Estate Owasso Think that’s why we were scares people cuz, they’re, so used to making so much money off of doing so little man, your ass v, so I think one of the things that we have to cover come if we’re going to sell real estate in owasso is the is to overcome that that too good to be true and in you know, I think once it gets out there and it’s I hate to use the word press, but press like it should be in marketing, and maybe that’s what it is then. Obviously there’s not going to be that way from the get-go is like if you’re looking for real estate in owasso like like, why not like we’ve already marketed it for you like, and we’re going to sing through percent. So then you’re going to save 9% on your $300,000 home to do is give all of that equity away that you know for me, but it seems I mean i, know:i, moved 5 times at this point and cheese you think about that. If I had, if I had if I had it probably bounce, was around here when I was selling my home’s in a while, so you think about that five times the money I mean the first time I sold was $90,000 home $65. Real Estate Owasso Only listen, we’re not pelosi I think it’s awesome. The second house, that’s what it was like 209,000 and it wasn’t in owasso. It wasn’t real estate in wausau, noise or the other was a realtor that listed it and that’s why it cost me so much money. So you think about that. That would have saved me 6000 soon as fast forward to the the home and we’re just talking about I said over 300,000, so yeah you you’ve already done the math in your head. That’s a I mean after paying 895. She is still an 8105 dollar savings. I! Guess it’s just it’s hard for me, and maybe it’s just because I’m a simple-minded guy i, don’t know, but it’s really hard for me to fathom wine. Anyone wouldn’t use it other than the fact are you? Maybe you do. Maybe you have a relative? Maybe you have a significant other? Maybe you have someone that you feel like you need to throw a little bone to. Where is my bill? If you’re going to feel about tickets, I come on, like I mean 3% of your equity, maybe I’m so far off, but the last home I sold in owasso, wasn’t I mean it was a little over the average medium price until the $250,000 and then holy smokes, it’s $7,500, even after you pay. Our fee is $6,605. I believe I may be wrong, but it’s damn close on a deal that bigger $6,000. Who can do that like these people at property, about sell this property in owasso words such a such a good deal, I’ll tell you why? Because they’re not looking out for themselves or not looking to exploit the other agents in their office like that works like weed comes into our office, the agent that is the most willing and eager to work today get some sleep. Where is the thing in our office that mean in it’s? It’s all about passion, i, don’t want to give away the secret sauce, but if you’re buying a home in a while, so I can guarantee you that you no talk this is we have a system in place. We know it works and we keep these people motivated. So my question to you is like:are you buying a home in owasso? If you’re? Not that’s fine! My next question:we are you selling them in a while. So if you’re, not in the next question, would be, are you renting a home in a while, so I mean there’s nothing wrong with finding the right apartment, complex, honestly, i? Should you leave it up to where you see when you stroll through town? Should you leave it up to what the magazine says about owasso apartments I mean I mean that’s your choice. I mean with me, there’s just so much more. That goes into making decisions the cabin and figuring out what the right I’ll sit in. What flabbergast me is like there’s just so much that goes into this and so much at stake. Yeah no one looks around no one challenges:the status quo. People have been paying 3% for years just to list their home and it’s a simple process that throws it a flat rate and then on top of shoot it every service. You wish you could have gotten with the traditional realtor and that’s what’s so hard as I pee, like a man, I saw my house in owasso last week, I got put it on realtor.Com, i, put it on zillow.Com i, put it on trulia.Com and i, see. You know what that’s awesome like if you’re, that will verse in the roof, state industry-and you can. What we’re here for is to do all of that and not charge you 3%, and the funny thing is, is once we explained it is like well geez, that’s not a bad idea. Shorty willowdale to is conventional life. If you have to look up seven different things to sell your home in owasso, obviously something needs to be changed. If you have to pay 3% of your equity to the realtor, you find and wants something needs to change.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso What needs to change his property. Property boundaries is a flat fee service company that is always looking out for the nice guys have went out and they’ve set up like anything connected to the real estate industry is like these guys have went out and and connected all the companies is a text and in other words, all of the companies that they might depend on i, don’t know how awesome is that to have someone like on the phone on the line that you call, so it was kind of no-brainer for me for my sister-in-law for everyone like you’re, buying real estate owasso, why not choose property bounce and then why not google mls? Why not see what’s happening? Call these guys see if you got a brown dog, a black dog with pink or red dog. It doesn’t matter as long as you give us a ride forevers and we find the right ass. You can have the biggest most obnoxious foreign looking dog in the world as long as no one’s calling you out as long as you’re staying in the program between the mayonnaise and mustard to love, her, who wouldn’t love a dog that loves owasso and that’s the thing like I need a mascot like we need at pvh and hanging out in the wausau. Just tearing up all these neighborhoods I’ll get back to you.┬áReal Estate Owasso