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I’m going to try to hammer out a quick podcast here, it’s been a long day. Let’s make a great saturday, you know after you look at it and look at the positive and think about everything has been going on and how we got to try the matterport out today and do something else know how it’s going to help move along and I really feel it’s going to help telephones faster there in a while, so I’m soare you looking sale, man check out property bounce. We are flat fee, real estate, listing service charges, 895 unlock the commission-based realtors that you see out there. Now everything you see everything you give it a tradition, realtree going to get this and then some, including that matter for a video and that’s kind of what I was going to talk about things so needed that talk about scaring the living but jesus at everybody. When it goes off the person in there it’s a little scary to be completely honest and get to offer on all of our homes. Real Estate Owasso I mean how needed that so I think we’re going to really save you a lot of time. You don’t have in that matter, port on everyyou know. So if you have, if you never seem to matter for time, to go check it out, several agents-or you know just a realtor from property bounce come out which would be an agent oliver agents are realtors will be glad it didn’t matter before you be glad to get that owasso home on the market, rated self, we got great neighborhoods turn owasso. You know, they’re scattered all over the place to be. Whole construction, new construction, you got still left his house is vacant land in all kinds of different opportunities to be able to make feeling like a deal check it out.

There all excited all my daughters friends come over and that I stayed at my son’s real around so i, don’t know if I’m going to be able to finish this 10 minute deal right here. I may have to finish it a little later, but he’s been napping for almost an hour and a half it’s been really awesome. Real Estate Owasso I was telling him about the medical cameron. He loves it too. He thinks he thinks it’s nice when I go spinning around and around panda scares me times, I’m on, like i, said i, don’t i, don’t know if it’s always going to be used there and watch them. In fact, it’s not so I’m super excited to be able to bring this to the people there to wausau, and not only that I’m excited to bring it to the rest of the day’s, not at the greater tulsa association of realtors service, which would be like jinx, bigsby, south, tulsa, north, tulsa, glenpool, owasso, collinsville, claremore, anything about owasso. If you didn’t know that it goes the school district work on both sides, so you can be in rogers county or you can get in tulsa county and you can still go to use the schools there in owasso. Anything is if you’re in the rogers county side around the rogers county’s, how your taxes going to be a lot cheaper being in the girl scouts. Real Estate Owasso Had your taxes are definitely higher. That’s something we want to keep you from having to deal with. So that’s kind of why I know using property balance. Real Estate Owasso We are always focused and forward-looking I’m in everyone. Look out for you or trying to do what’s best, for you were trying to make sure that we facilitate the easiest transaction, and you know the matterport is what brings a lot of that in you know what I would like you to ask your current agent is:how much does it cost me to get a matter for pretty simple and see what they say, no matter for something that probably bounce offers on every single transaction regardless of price, regardless of whether you pay the front, regardless of whether you paid the 805 and we’re certainly not going to charge you 3% commission or do $5,300 for someone else to do it.

So Real Estate Owasso you know I hope that you’ll be able to see what’s up. What’s the matter, court will have to offer what is really not a whole lot of people I’m glad I’m able to bring proper amount to everybody, be able to bring the flat fee and affordable real estate sales that portable transactions that helps you close the deal. You know, there’s never been better time to save money, then all the time until I ask you. If you know, if you’re the one that has paid all the money, you’re the one supposed to burn slow down, you’re the one that made the principal reduction pay for the interest, you no work, your tail off paid your taxes. You know why do you want to give all that way? You know I can’t see anyone or can’t see why anyone would say that they would want to. You know, I think what people would say is if they’ve had no other option, I guess what you what you been looking for it’s! Finally, here, especially if you want these people is going to move like me, I’m trying to think from the time I bought my first home when I was 21, admit one 2 3 4, two three four five Times:i’ve moved 5 times and I’m 39 18 year so for years, so I’m so for 90,000. Real Estate Owasso The second home sold for about 2 10 + call that 300 total answered prayer home sale for 300 at 600. That I said I moved into was actually supposed to say it 600. Then, when I say, let’s round you figure the commission that I would have paid. You know it’s not using probably bounce to selma next time, which obviously, why wouldn’t I it’s a no-brainer in 1.3

million dollars? That’s a $39,000 in commission that I could have saved having problems. Real Estate Owasso So it is nuts I mean that’s the thing. How much could you save over your lifetime? I mean? How many times have you already moved, how much more equity, how much more equity would you have the proper amount of been here 20 years ago? He probably bounce have been here when you first bought your home, how much money would it save you so I know i, keep preaching about this in the past and I was buying real estate in wausau. If you have something for sale in owasso, if there’s somewhere else that you want to go, maybe to claremore, maybe at all, so it doesn’t really matter regardless of where you are we’re here. To save you, some money or the flat fee service, like i, said, if you’re going to let something, let us know we want to be your realtor. Real Estate Owasso We want to be your agent, we want to be your agents. We got a great team over here if you’re not happy with the first person to. Let me know what to make sure that you’re being taken care of make sure everybody you know. So that’s the main thing that we want to have it in a while. Real Estate Owasso So we want to make certain that we take care of our people. We want to make sure that we got the checks and balances in place, unlike some of the other organizations that work for him work with, we have checks and balances the managers, not a broker, that you see when you sign up and when you get your check. You know this is a broker. The 10 house everyday 40 hours a week, plus that these agent can reach out to that. You can reach out to the client. You a question and you don’t think you’re getting right service answer. If you don’t like that or we’ll get back with you like what I’m saying is I want to make sure that you are confident that you were getting the best service, you’re, confident in the integrity and the trust probably bounce has to offer. We are not here. Prince george, property balance is going nowhere for $895.

You can list your home in oklahoma. Real Estate Owasso Those fees might address as we move in different prices, and the thing is that far you have to drive the harder it is for us, so the listing prices will adjust for territory. People say it’s brilliant I think it is I mean. How can you do something more efficient pay people more money but get charged people less money. Our clients keep warm at their money, are agents make more and we closed transactions faster? We’re able to do this because we know what we have such good relationships with each of the vendors that we work with, so we’re going with property bounce. We can close your home. The sale of your home there in owasso a lot quicker than a credit. Real Estate Owasso Your most of your traditional agents are going to be able to do so. If you live there in owosso or if you’re looking for real estate in owasso, looking for an agent agents or realtor in owasso search, no further than property bounce, you found us I’d like to say that flat fee real estate listing service is here to stay and I’m going to tell you it is here to stay. Probably bounce is going nowhere. Everyone in owasso loves property, bounce i, know the people there in owasso love saving money. So there’s no way or no reason. Real Estate Owasso We shouldn’t be able to save everyone in that area. In the immediate area of owasso tons and tons and tons of money on their home they’re going to be able to say the equity, keep the equity keep all of those mortgage payments. You’ve made on your house there in a while, so he’s going to be able to keep all of that, not just some of it, but all of it when I say all of it. You’re going to have to pay the obviously that 3% to the other realtor out there and then on top of that you’re going to pay rate 95 feet. Real Estate Owasso But it’s still going to save you. 3% – 895 on your home there in owasso. This one too so hear me out of wasco real estate