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Real Estate Owasso Had a great phone call last night I have a recommendation of a person looking for a home someone’s in tulsa. It wasn’t in the owasso area, but I was so excited to get our first referral we’re able to farm it out. The lady was contacted had listings in hand and narrow that evening within 60 minutes narrowed it down to six homes, which we show this sunday and then hopefully, they’ll be able to find a home out of those 6 ohms. The show the husband early next week and then we’ll be able to set up a closing . This is a true testament of how easy property bounces to use. If you’re looking to buy real estate, looking to be an agent or realtor in the owosso area, I would challenge you courage you to the reach out to property bounce and see how they might be able to help you. If we can find this lady at home and secure financing within 6 days, I really don’t know why a person would need to go anywhere else. Real Estate Owasso Certainly, we are going to work on it even sharpening that time down to a smaller time frame, it’s so amazing to be able to do this for the great people of wausau. So if you’re selling a residence you’re selling at home selling commercial property I would ask that you please once again reach out to property bounce and let us hook you up with one of our great agents and we’ll see what we can find research. Did the mls and found hundreds of how they were looking for a $400,000 home 350 to 400,000 is what the parameters for. Real Estate Owasso Can you imagine how much this person would have saved this person’s home that I’m getting ready to sell for them? I’m the one that brought the buyer to seller home, so I sold her home phone, whoever listed their home, they got 3% to so this person. Let’s just say we arrive at a $400,000 sales price. This person, the seller, is going to pay around $24,000 for fees. Have they use property bounce to sell this time it would have saved them $11,105, so it cost and 12895 bucks versus 24 grand, see where the disconnect is. That’s, where property bounce be able to list these homes and make a nominal profit and still be able to sleep at night. So, as I said, if you’re looking for a home in the tulsa area in the owasso area, reach out to the property on sage and see what we can do for you, we have many many homes for sale in the owasso area. In the claremore area, on both to tulsa and rogers county side, they’ve got storage. Centers there that got pawn shops I mean car, washes I mean just imagine what you could do without a extra $11,000 I wonder what they would be kicking themselves in the hiney in the rear end if they knew they could have another $11,000 in your pocket come closing time. So obviously, you can tell that I’m super excited to be able to help this person out and buy them at home, and then we’re going out doing some research for spending some gas money to take these people around, but guess what we’re getting paid for that we’re getting paid for that not by you we’re getting paid by the person that we’re selling their home. So I challenge you to look at real estate in a different way. Property bounce is here to change the real estate game in owasso, the change, the real estate game in oklahoma and across the nation. Quite frankly, we have lenders on standby, ready to lend money ready to make things happen in a title company eager to get the transaction closed. So if you’re, considering selling your home in owasso, don’t make a phone call until you talk to property bounce, don’t sign up form until you talk to property mass and see the difference in the savings see what a broker like property mounts for an agent with property mounts or agents with property bounce could do for you you’re guaranteed to save money over the conventional way of selling real estate auctions. People don’t or didn’t want auctions to be listed. Why I asked? Why? Would you not want to talk should be listed? Well, I’ll. Tell you why? Because you’re afraid of how the marketplace can be set, your afraid of how it can be changed? Well, property bounce isn’t waiting around property bounces come up and developed a way to extend the savings to the customer and let the consumer keep that hard-earned equity that they viewed paid off year after year after year after year, in the room pocket I find it so hard I mean i, found it impossible to justify charging a 3% listing price on an ordinary home and when I say ordinary, like kind I mean if you were selling a dome home underneath the ground that happens to be, you know, possibly a bunker home or some type of a unique property. Then yeah you’re a little more work, you’re going to need a little more than a conventional advertising that you will see with a conventional listing service, like I said when it’s a like-kind property when it’s something that’s in the mls system, something that fits in an mls system want to use property management. If you got to some type of a bunker home yeah, you may need to spend a little more money on marketing on outside marketing. You know why we’re here to do that. So if you have a bunker home in the owosso, where are you please give us a call reach out to us and let us know if we can help I know we can help. Let us know if you’d like for us to help we’re here, for you 24/7 we’re here for you every single day of the week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.┬áReal Estate Owasso

Real Estate Owasso If we don’t pick up the phone, we will get back to you. Asap just leave us a message. Tell us where you are tell us. What you need will be glad to get back with you and help you out. Townhomes in owasso is changing its changing rapidly and property. Balance is only going to speed up that process for you and put more money in your pocket. So if you’re looking for a home at home, that’s brand new home, it’s older, a home, it’s been remodeled home in foreclosure and short-sale I would challenge you once again to reach out to property bounce and you challenge those agents. Real Estate Owasso That’s what it is. I, encourage you to challenge directions to find you at home, cuz they’re, going to they’re not going to stop until they deliver the right thing to the right person. We’ll keep looking at homes as long as you want to, we can drive you around the county. If you need to, we will drive you around the entire city of owasso to help you find that dream home. This is a big decision. That’s why I don’t understand why people haven’t revolted in the past and demanded to keep more of their home equity. If you have home, equity need home, equity, equity property. Real Estate Owasso Bounce agents are here to help you find a ride home and, as I’ve said earlier, you make money when you buy not when you sell and what I mean by that yeah, you can make money when you know you’re going to say how do you say you don’t make money when you sell I bought a $50,000 house for $30,000 and I sold it for 99 a 10-gram? Well, technically, you did make that money, and you realized that game whenever you close on that property want to challenge you to think about is don’t think about when the game is realize. Real Estate Owasso Think about how you got to that game and that’s what I mean by you make money when you buy something using a property bounce agent with the vast knowledge and resources at their hand available at any time we can help you negotiate that better deal help you get that better deal, help you step into a home with more equity. Then, when you turn around and sell this home, hopefully you aren’t banking on an increase in the home’s value, just to get you out of the property. So you can pay that 6% total real estate. How much would property bounce paid at 895 upfront get a great job done on your house you’re going to have a full matterport video shot you’re going to get everything done that you need to do? Why not get it done at an affordable rate? Call us we be glad to come out. Look at your washer property glad to come out. Look at your collinsville property glad to come out and look at your vertigo glad like I said it doesn’t matter whatever school district you’d like to be in owasso. Just let us know, let us know what you’re looking for in owasso. What are the parameters? Is it just? You want to live inside the city limits of owasso, or would you rather live outside the city limits of that is up to you? We are here for you. Please tell us what you want. Tell us your dream home and we will work tirelessly define that home, for you┬áReal Estate Owasso