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So here I am here this morning:4:51 in the morning, horse show can’t sleep very long, so I thought you know why not to get up and do a little podcast I was thinking to myself actually I’m dreaming to myself and then when I dreaming as I was sleeping and I woke up and I had to wausau. On my mind, I was thinking about owosso real estate and everything that needs to be done out there for those people in the flat fee services that the property bounce has and how that money is going to save people there in a while, so they don’t homes, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m super excited and just I mean basically ecstatic about the program we have going on on matterport camera, and it’s it’s going to be so amazing to be able to show these people. The insides of the homes show me how things work I’m, just ecstatic about having this type of equipment and being able to offer it to every single customer and set a new norm. So, what’s expected in the real estate industry, Real Estate Owasso let me tell you a little bit about the difference in what proper balance is in your traditional realty, traditional realtors, going to charge you 3% commission. Of course, your property bounce realtors going to charge you a flat fee that starts at 8925, and you know where that’s going to save you. Some money, give me some hints and say a $300,000 home sold your inner thigh that 3% that you would normally pay to the listing agent.

The listing brokers would be $9,000. He would probably about you on your date. Real Estate Owasso 95 with that is included. Contract negotiation. Mls listing placement on zillow has been on. Realtor.Com placement on trulia comes with some flyers going to get a sign in the yard, definitely have animal rescue lodge, which allows people to schedule an update you as it says that you could daily updates, or you know real time updates in emails of showings. So you know you’re kept in the loop here. You know it’s not that you’re not out in the dark, and you know trying to think of what else comes with that. Real Estate Owasso Essentially, you’re going to get everything you need to matterport video everything’s, going to find at the traditional agency. Just don’t have to pay as much is a 95 sterling to save you, some money and people ask you. Will you know where is it? Is it a different? You know my home’s, not that expensive, it’s not there in 1000 minutes and I’ll. Tell you where the threshold, so what we’re going to do, if you got home at 11:30, doesn’t know where to list it for just a $250 fee. That’s what we pay at a company that runs to the airport is doing 50 bucks, so you pay them, bring them out here them photos of package deal. Real Estate Owasso So if you get home, it’s $30,000 or less, that’s all you’re going to pay. So if you’re, if you’re living in a while, so you currently reside in owasso, you don’t decide. No more! So it said that doesn’t mean you can’t he’s probably about your property man. So you know we don’t care where we list. If you, if we remember the mls service, we love the listing for their we’re. Currently, members of the greater tulsa realtors association of greater tulsa association of realtors wichita, so a member of realtor.Com. So right now we can list anywhere in the greater tulsa area that would include, but not limited to owasso.

That would include call 7 include. Glenpool can include. Jeans can include south tulsa to include north tulsa in sand springs and quit owasso collinsville skiatook I’m in a lot of home, a lot of another neighborhood that were able to list in and we will save that money. Like I said it’s going to be 895, you don’t have to just been a while. So I had to take advantage of this 895. We have agents or realtors that work for us. I’m, here, probably announce that we are ghost a broker and those agents that work for us to show properties all across the great. The tulsa area. So, Real Estate Owasso like I said, we’ve got that we got great great ideas. We got great aspirations, for this will certainly want to be able to to explain it to you. So please. If you got any questions, we don’t hesitate to give us a call and I will bring the team out and that stanley for as long as little as needed and and show you what’s going on, I will be able to be able to save you some money, that’s that’s the things I could wear in sharjah. You don’t like i, said you’re only to pay that fee for you to help you out so i. Don’t know why you really have no reason to live with anybody else. Specially me, if you got real estate there in wausau, that’s something that you know. We’ve been we’ve been familiar with the owasso real estate or even selling real estate there for them. For years ever since I got my license and moved here. Back in 2001 tulsa said ever since I’ve had my license. I’ve been looking to sell real estate there in grape town great schools. You can leave on either the county or the rogers county side, which is great. If you live with her in the rogers county side, it saves you money in taxes for sure, and you may be wondering how much does it cost me? If you know what I mean I’m just want to buy a home? Well, I’ll tell you this. If you want to buy uncle was one of our agents and then we’re going to do all the research for you will get with you. Real Estate Owasso

Cuz of grandeur set study. Real Estate Owasso Those parameters will get some listings for you to look at. You know what kind of over the internet on the computer and then that that kind of helps is too narrow it down from there. So when the providence has never been easier, just pick up the phone and dial at 833 p bounce, and when we get back to you, it’s a flat fee listing service in and when I say the listing service is not a listing service anyway do list. How is it better to flat fee full service brokerage? That’s the difference. You’re! Certainly, a big difference in a flat fee listing service in owasso and a full-service listing service, i, say full service in your typical listing service. If you pay the $249 or the $500 of the $2,500 you’re going to get a listing, that’s thrown on there and then basically you’re selling yourself a lot of these companies that work there in a while, so that tuesday that advertise the flat level fee listing service, they don’t offer showing it basically passed that number on hue and you’ll have to sell the house. We already left to go. She ate the house on your own, the contract. Real Estate Owasso You have to deal with all the showings, all the people and, quite frankly, that stuff, so the difference between us when we list real estate during watch who you’re going to get that full service. If someone calls we’re going to be the one to show the home boy, we’re going to be the ones to call that we can help you with the contract negotiations. When you have questions about disclosures, what needs to be fixed but doesn’t need to be fixed, you need to be able to have a broker or an agent either we’re actually in house your property bounce in our office that you can call come by and sit down across. The desk have a cup of coffee with this and discuss these this is it a flat fee listing service that says, found it in another state and coming to oklahoma to try to you know, try to disrupt things now and we’re we’re a local Real Estate Owasso company that has been around the owasso every 4 months since 2000, the company has it, but I have and I’ve been in the tulsa area since 2000. So we’re definitely not me up. You know, after 17 years here, I certainly consider myself a native. It’s almost half my life crazy things could have been there, but I certainly enjoy living here in tulsa starting to enjoy the story. The people there in owasso and I’m super excited about the other amount of money.

We’re going to be able to say then warm and be able to do for them over there. Over the next to the time to come, so if your, if your listing home, if you’re selling it home, if you’re looking to buy a home-and it doesn’t matter if you live in apartment now-lily parents-you know whatever-maybe we can help you find that home, you don’t get out of that. Rent house interest rates are still super cheap. You know, there’s no sense in getting out there and you know, selling at home for a first super hyphy. Also we’re probably bounce. We will get you with one of the one of our license, approved agents here in probably foundations here in tulsa or want some and I will get that real estate showing like i, said we’re not going in the area and we love real estate, but I promise to love roofs. We love it. All you have to do is real estate. We want, we won’t be able to help you with it. So I encourage you to know if you’re thinking about selling or you’ve ever even thought about buying three checks probably found some people. I’ve had a guy says:well, you know, i, don’t have the income I’m self-employed and oh I only have this credit score may have no idea how they’ve changed it’s. It’s! It’s crazy, I’m out how lose a lot of the lending laws are. You know compared to years ago? So if you haven’t checked your credit, if you haven’t checked with a mortgage company, if you had to check with you know recently about being able to buy at home, I take another look at look at. It, see cuz that we’re seeing a lot of people get approved it that you know even as little as 90 days ago. Couldn’t so if you’re interested in please reach out to us, give us a holler I’ll, be glad to show you that home in owosso or wherever you might to where we might be able to help. You find your next dream home I needed to add something to this file and I’m going to say. Oh, why so realistic at 8