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So I’m cruising along here almost to little kansas, run the south end of delaware county and said, and it’s great to see the cadillac hear what a great time is 8:42 in the morning. It’s a great time to be alive. If you know i, just I’m excited and there’s been a lot of trials tribulations and things going up and down in right and left and I’m super excited to be able to. You know to be working hard on this to have a great partner and sara lee she’s, a good friend of mine, close personal friend in and just an advocate of me and I’m certainly happened to her, and it really means a lot to me to have someone behind me and ask someone you know there supporting. So it’s great to have sarah on board with property bounce I mean she’s, helping me out on some things there in owasso with you know, trying to get some agents put together, get some listings put together and-and you don’t get things published out there on the you know after on the website, Real Estate Owasso it’s a you know we’re going to do. A lot of great things were saying a lot of people, a lot of money and we’re offering a great services for that. So we’re kind of reinventing the wheel. You know and reimagining real estate. It’s not just a flat fee. You knowlook on the website, but one of those is the main thing. Is amount of service you’re going to get you know we don’t have different packages. We don’t have different this different that we’re going to service you like a full-service real estate agency, like they should not saying that they do not saying that you can’t find one out there for this one that does but I’m saying that you can’t find one better than property, bounce and they’re not going to charge you less and probably about so. My thing is:is it kind of no-brainer for me if you’re looking for real estate there in owasso the reach out to one of the property, bounce agents would be glad to get you going and you know do everything we can for you try to get you into your house, one thing with more equity in your home and more than likely I mean that’s one of the things. Is you you work hard you up. You know you kept at the house, you taking care of it and I know you’ve gained that equity I mean in a lot of people here in america, I mean this is directly this. Is you know it’s your net worth your savings in and i. You know so.

Real Estate Owasso I hate to I really hate seeing people have to give all that money away, and one of the things is that I tell my people when we closes and how much could you have saved what property bounce off your listing? You repeat your piece of real estate, your house, there is worth $300,000, she say we listed wherever and it sells for. $300,000 include all your closing cost taxes. You might have to pay you no appraisal fees. You know that’s kind of locked in on what they call the hud. It’s it’s really hard to understand. Since I got i, don’t want to build a you, don’t want to divide it out to you. Real Estate Owasso There’s really. You know everybody’s getting a piece of your pie. It seems you know, you’ve got an appraiser which part of the mortgage transaction and then you’ve got the title work which part of the real estate transaction, but those are the people that are making sure you know that the person selling it to you has a legal right to and they also off of title insurance, which is you know. If something comes up and say they did the development wrong or something wasn’t filed or you bought at home from someone that may be was married at the time. I didn’t say it, and so they come back and have an interest in your state or your house just want to give title insurance that’s going to cover you for lenders. Insurance will it, which is what lenders always by, will cover their interest up to the amount of their interest in that property. The title insurance for the owner will cover it up to your purchase price of clean that cloud up on that tyler give you your money back. Real Estate Owasso You know I haven’t heard of many scenarios where they give the money back that usually able to negotiate clean up the title cleared up, so it’s kind of a rundown of how could some of that works, but on your hood, like the one of the things you’re going to see, is on that, so it doesn’t include northern episode. I was telling you about. This is just talking about the commission before you go to the closing table in the thing, is it’s going to i? Wouldn’t say it’s going to be the same, but you know it’s going to be out of the real estate agents. Control I mean to the rest of the fees that you’re going to see other than what I’m going to tell you or should be the same relatively close traditional. Real Estate Owasso It really has no bearing on whether you list with us were traditionally going to guess what I’m trying to say, but if you’re going to pay for the traditional rate, you’re going to be 3% to list it, + 9000 off so you’re 291 and then you’re going to pay another 3% to that you’re in pain or 3% of the person that sold your home that brought the bar. So that’s another $9,000 off of that original price that you sold it for $300,082 with a traditional age and you got $282,000 and then you’ve got to pay. Whatever your taxes are, if you agreed to pay any of the closing fees, if you know what an anna taxes is, it taxes are paid in the rear.

So Real Estate Owasso if you sell june 30th, that means you would have 6 months. You pay half the taxes and then they are going to collect a front for the other half of the taxes for the seller to make sure those paid at the end of year, so you’re 282 with them and then you’re going to deduct all the other fees. Let’s just say those fees are 4000 and you can end up $278,000 in your pocket provided by the northeast, with the property bounce agent you’re going to pay that buyer’s agent 3% of that top tv. To 91. Real Estate Owasso And let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s just say, let’s just found out:there’s closing cost. Unless you say unit 282 before you pay your closing cost. With a traditional realtor bounce you going to pay that 9 grand, you can be done with what is at 291 and then you going to paid 95, so you’re going to walk away with $290,000. Let me make sure it’s right:9000 -, 291 290105 bucks, so she start tonight and what were you with them to 82 serena? Save you over $8,000 on that home is pretty simple. You know you want to divide that got $150,000 divided that half we should be saving you around 4. So anytime we get to do the math on the hundred fifty. But you know it is basically you’re going to pay the 895, the property balance on your home, whether it’s in owosso or someone else in the new year tradition, going to pay 3% with any other realtor that you lived with. So we like i, said we probably bounce that you know we’re going to save you money out of the gate, we’re also going to let you know give you a lot of services. I mean matterport. Is a guaranteed guaranteed with your going to get that upfront you’re going to get your flowers up front you’re going to get a listing on not only the mls site which blast every rules around here. Basically, every rose around your hands access. Another thing is:if someone else to set up to look at a house in that price range for the area, it’s going to send it out to him as soon as we list it. Real Estate Owasso Another thing that we do is we push those all the way to trulia, zillow and trulia and zillow, and so it pushes straight over there and then, when we did that once it goes straight today or then you got that ass, that’s what’s that cost you nothing! So you for sale by owner, guys out there they’re 10% successful.

Why not give us a shot? Real Estate Owasso You know where the property bounce page and you have someone to build those calls. You got someone to show this property when it comes down to contract negotiation. You know what you need to check your. It can cost you a lot of money. If you don’t know what you’re doing, for instance, on disclosures, for instance, on the amount of money paid for repairs they might be. Do you know, that’s still take transit. You’re a real estate transaction and it seemed make it a seamless process. It probably bounce u lives with us. You list your wausau home, we’re going to get it sold for you, I bored. You know we’re going to put it out there and, like I said this, isn’t just a 6-month listing I know some of our competitors 6 months now. If you pay the money we’re going to list it, you know if we need to pull it off whatever you need to do. Is there a fee for that? Real Estate Owasso If you want some updated stuff, but you know until it sells, I mean we’re not down here and keep making your money or try to save you money. So $895 is what I mean even i. Just talk to you later, the $5,000 that somewhere we have agents up there that could sell if you’ve got no I want sorry, whether it’s you working with an agent you working with several agents, we’ve got you covered. We can always take care of the things you might need I’m here to help you. You know, I’m selling, your real estate leasing, your real estate buying real estate. You know whatever it is.

If you want to buy someone else’s home, Real Estate Owasso that’s great. We can show you that owasso, home and I’m always got to do is get on a centralized showing station and set that up set it up with the guys and it’s really great communication and I love to you, know:i love to get people’s expressions and kind of reed. What’s going on it, so yeah I think it’s a lost our time. So you hear it proper to bounce were going to be here, for you were going to be here for you to help you out so you’re home and want to list your home in owasso release your home in owasso it if it doesn’t matter if there’s something that we can help you with in owasso, and we want to be there for you, the greater association greater tulsa association of realtors is the mls listing service that we remember us and they it’s not just a while. So they list homes in less time to claremore, tulsa jeans, verdigris i, think bartlesville is even what I might have to look at that. We know for sure, but I know collinsville I know south tulsa, north, tulsa jeans, broken, arrow bixby, you name it. If it’s around this area, claremore I believe that the tulsa as well so if you’re interested in selling your home weather, be in owosso or not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to probably bounce give us a call and see how one of our agents can help. You