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Man, this is crazy and I’m not worried about making that when I go and get it done tomorrow and hopefully be able to keep pushing through a lot of feel time, which is why I’m able to make the you know all of these and hit. It really helps me to stay focused and keep my mind off of other things. I’m super excited to be able to bring you a podcast number 76 for a couple weeks and homes for sale next week. So I encourage you to whenever you can and see what we might be able to do for you on the north side of jay here in the city limits and super excited about what we have to offer here, for you and I were going to be able to do for all of our customers, not Real Estate Owasso justcustomers in owasso.

But you know, honestly, you know our customers anywhere in the greater tulsa association realtors. If you’re, if you’re a member Real Estate Owasso of gtar, then I was in guitars, been around for quite some time and we’re going to be able to we’re definitely going to make a lot of cool moons and a lot of things at property. Bounce we’ve been like i, said in business since last year, but we’ve been in the real estate industry for long a lot longer than that. So if you have a question or you’d like to work with property, bounce agent, tulsa tulsa county have homes that we could lift over there or sell for you. So it’s rodger, county and having a while so address and then can also live in tulsa county is being there in rogers county. Is it saves you money on your taxes? We don’t have those the higher taxes, if you’re going to find it in tulsa county. So if you’re looking for a home, that’s why it’s important to reach out to experience or one of their agents and see what they can do for you I’m.

So if they can answer questions-and Real Estate Owasso they can do things that they want, but you know like I said either way:i want to be able to help you to be able to to be there for you, and you know that work I mean we are a listing service and i. Think you know if we could bring on those type of people and how can that work? I, don’t want to give all my secrets away so we’re going to have to stop here for a little bit until a little different story and make some notes somewhere else, because I think that could be it could be. A good business model out of leaves larger percentage am I can work a little harder if you could get the right mindset change the mindset. Real Estate Owasso That’s the main thing that were looking to do is change, because it is hard when you’re used to listen it and quit it and making at 3% commission. When someone else has your work for you, I mean it’s hard to realize it to earn. Those commissions are going to have to go out and do it on your own.

With that said, Real Estate Owasso why not reach out to us and see what we can do to see what it’s all about and I’d like to be able to directly in less than you thought her I’m skews me? We can go home and we can sell it for a lot less cost to reach out to us and see what we might be able to do for you. We are a flat fee, real estate, my flat fee standard listing service and everything that you asked for more I mean we’ve got lots of agents were members of the greater tulsa realtor, and we definitely want to help you get your home sold right here in the tulsa area, want to make sure that we’re doing things right we’ll be there every step of the way whatever that may be and make sure that we one thing we need to do it and I know that sounds bad, but that chicken is good.. Real Estate Owasso Just, said sale to 895 + 3% sales that sell and make sure that you’re able to make things happen, make sure that you’re able to save some money and principle. You didn’t know what was going on and I think we would like to would like to tell you that we got numerous things to offer out there. You got you got.

You got all kinds at realty connect, there’s different ones, better service. So let us know what we can take a look at your home for all the service and it’s certainly a lot better than fan at 3%. Commission like you at I’ve, had to do traditionally throughout the years in that right here, probably bounce we’ve got the time. We’ve got the effort and I’ve got the manpower and the backing be able to make it happen. Real Estate Owasso So please reach out to us and let us take a look at your washer. Also give you a condition report and we could recommend that would help sell your home, and you know that could definitely I’m super excited where we are and what we’re able to do. So, if you want to list at home with us, please give us a call and still interested, and we want to be able to ask questions and i. We want to answer those in that. You see fit and if that works for you, if they are certainly you know going to save you some money and let you to keep a lot more, that actually any 3% of a $600, an interview and excited this to you to be able to make this happen and said:we’ve had we got some people to do conventional loans, fha all over the board. So if you’re interested making things work and rest of meghan things happen, probably about as a realtor for you and you know, we can definitely make it works.